Wrong kind of defiance

I do not own any defiance characters or places metioned in this story!!!

You know the story of defiance right? Wrong, Because what if Nolan and Irisa never lived on earth, What if aliens did? And the aliens never took over, The human race did? What if the irathient's wanted to kill every single human being and the humans along with the help of irisa, The little wolf, who will potentially wipe out a whole population of her own kind just for Nolan? This is the story of when Irisa and Nolan go on the biggest mission yet, To save and conquer earth. Forever.


1. The start of the end

Chapter one

"PUSH THEM BACK!" screamed Nolan as he jumped off the bike he was on and charged at the enemy's fighting on his planet. He was the lawkeeper of Boulog, and every single Boulog citizen had to fight. They didn't have a choice. Every single Man, Women and child had been forced to fight against the Irathients that had plagued Boulog claiming that the planet was theirs, As Irisa Nyira had turned her back on the Irathients that lived on earth and moved to fight for the Humans. Nolan had then become the adopted father of Irisa as her father tried to kill her for seeing the future, She also became lawkeeper. Everyone was fighting what they believed in. Nolan looked around and the heaps of bodies and saw that they were fighting, And losing. Big time. Irathients had hijacked horses and valuable weapons and were using the dead body's of the fallen as shields. They were never going to win. Not now. Nolan shook his head and turned to see the great Irathient queen riding her horse over the battle field and approaching quickly to Irisa. "IRISA!" Nolan screamed as he jumped up and pushed her out of the way just as the horse barreled into Nolan. Irisa screamed. She dropped to the floor and clutched Nolan's body. Everyone had finished fighting. They were either dead or near death. Irisa had to get Nolan's body back to a freeze cap in order for him to start to breath again. She was going to get earth for him. She carefully pulled Nolan up so he was in her arms and she ran as fast as she could back to the survival base for the defiant few. There wasn't many granted, But it had enough raw materials and a freeze cap to get him through. She jumped over dead bodies and sprinted through empty waste lands and finally reached the base. She flung the door open and quickly put Nolan down on a bed. She ran to get the aid kit and found the mask. She had to put this on him and her as the air was actually quiet toxic, And was only going to support growth and brain activity whilst she transported him to earth. They were losing the war. Everyone may have died but the back up squad was coming, And Boulog only had a couple of willing soldiers left who were actually willing to die for the freedom. When the ship was in transport she was going to grab those soldiers and they were going to go on a air cruiser and fly to earth. Irisa knew that the reserve Irathients was the last, they had nearly wiped out the whole of earth just to claim some land they didn't even own. Irisa picked Nolan carefully but with urgency and put him in the freeze cap, she locked it shut. She took of her mask and walked out of the base. She looked back at Nolan's freezing body and walked out, Completely aware about what she was going to do. She had to move quickly and couldn't attract the attention of the mayor, Or else she would be put in prison for attempted theft, Murder and everyone else who was coming. She was quite aware that she had to actually shoot down a air cruiser that had the last of her race on, And that would mean she would be the last of her kind. She smiled despite herself, She liked the ring of being the last. She got on the motorbike and made her way up to the main city in search of soldiers and innocent people...

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