Wrong kind of defiance

I do not own any defiance characters or places metioned in this story!!!

You know the story of defiance right? Wrong, Because what if Nolan and Irisa never lived on earth, What if aliens did? And the aliens never took over, The human race did? What if the irathient's wanted to kill every single human being and the humans along with the help of irisa, The little wolf, who will potentially wipe out a whole population of her own kind just for Nolan? This is the story of when Irisa and Nolan go on the biggest mission yet, To save and conquer earth. Forever.


2. Help wanted.

Chapter two.

Irisa sped down the dirt tracks of Boulog with only one thing in mind, Save Nolan and get help. She knew, In her head, That no one would help for free. If they would even help at all. The Humans are an ignorant lifeforms, She thought, Much unlike the Irathients. Although the Irathients are half to blame for this whole problem of who will die first, She pondered but was quickly interrupted by the big looming city up ahead. She parked outside the large tavern like place, Turned of the ignition and swung her legs of the bike quickly but with power reinforcing her speed. She took a quick glance at her bike as she strode into the large building, And in return greeted by the smell of stale ale and drunks. This wasn't a pleasant experience as the tavern was a human only tavern, But Irisa has never cared for such trivial things as to what lifeforms were allowed where. She kept her gaze ahead and sat down on a table that was hid by the shadows, She was masked by the shadows and low lighting. What a place, She thought, Doesn't even have good lighting in this joint... But that thought was snatched away by a dirty drunk whacking his whiskey of the table. Irisa didn't even move as he started slurring away. "Hello...Irathient...Your not welcome here..." He slurred angrily. "Look! I don't know what your problem is. I'm here and so are you so get over yourself" she snarled and angrily shot him a glare as if to say back away now. He didn't. "Bring it on Irathient." As he stood up he bared his fists and gritted his teeth. Irisa wasn't looking for a fight. But he gave no choice..


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