Wrong kind of defiance

I do not own any defiance characters or places metioned in this story!!!

You know the story of defiance right? Wrong, Because what if Nolan and Irisa never lived on earth, What if aliens did? And the aliens never took over, The human race did? What if the irathient's wanted to kill every single human being and the humans along with the help of irisa, The little wolf, who will potentially wipe out a whole population of her own kind just for Nolan? This is the story of when Irisa and Nolan go on the biggest mission yet, To save and conquer earth. Forever.


8. Going down.

Chapter 8

Nolan moved swiftly over to the men as they continued to laugh at him. Nolan became ever closer to the men and quickly removed the gun from the holster and aimed it at the men. "Don't move or else i will shoot." Nolan shouted just loud enough for them too hear but not loud enough to wake Irisa. One of the drunks sneered and nudged the man next to him. "Look over there, papa over here thinks he can take us," then the man faced Nolan, "we beat your daughter, and now were going to beat you." The man said as his little buddies decided they all wanted to smile at this. "Bring it." Nolan simply said and then the men charged clumsily over to Nolan. Nolan aimed his blaster at the nearest man and shot.

One down, ten to go.

The next man was waving a blood stained knife around and Nolan ran, kicked the man down, and shot.

Two down, nine to go.

Two men decided they wanted to try and jump onto Nolan, so Nolan ran and dived when he knew he would get away, rolled up to his knees, turned and shot them both in the back.

Four down, seven to go.

Nolan had given up with showing off and shot two of them whilst they were charging hopelessly. They really had no chance whilst Nolan was in such a bad mood as he no longer had a limit to how much hate he would throw at them.

Six down, five to go.

He noticed that three of the men had taken the distraction of the other men and attempted to once again drown Irisa, But Nolan wouldn't allow that. So he took a very careful aim as too not put a bullet in his own daughter and fired. Once, twice, three times and the three attackers who wanted to kill Irisa were no longer a threat.

Nine down, two to go.

Nolan looked around but couldn't see the last two men anywhere. Then a sound of branches cracking in the nearby woods gave them away. Nolan silently crept over to the woods and squinted his eyes for better sight. He eventually saw one move and Aimed his gun at him. The shot was a silent one and Nolan was very thankful for that, as that now meant Nolan hadn't scared off the remaining attacker and Hadn't woken up Irisa.

Ten down, one to go.

Nolan once again fell silent as he attempted to listen for any signs as to the mans location in the deserted woods. Then he heard a faint squabble coming from the trees and a loud cracking sound. Nolan silently pounced into the woods and then he saw the final man sprawled across the dead floor. Nolan saw a pool of red slowly seeping out of the mans shirt and he realized the man had been trying to climb the tree but as he was heavily drunk his co-ordination was off by a mile. So the man had missed his footing and fell onto the ground killing himself instantly. Don't drink and climb, Nolan thought as he smirked at the fact this man who tried to get away hadn't succeeded in the slightest.

Eleven down, none to go.

Nolan rubbed his head in victory and shoved his gun back into its holster as he slowly made his way back to Irisa. He decided he didn't want to have multiple corpses lying around when he moved his daughter so he dragged each one into the woods. When he was satisfied that they were all completely dead he made his way back to his daughters side. She was lying down n the sand with her eyes open and tears on her face. "Whats up kiddo?" Nolan asked slowly as he carefully wiped the tears away. "My whole body is broke Nolan... I cant move without being pained.." she said with pain and torment visible in her eyes for all to see. "Its OK, we will get you to the roller and get you patched up." Nolan said as he thought about how he was going to pick up his daughter but limit the pain for her. He slowly slid a hand under her ribs and she cried out in pain. "Shhhh calm down... Its OK Irisa..." he said soothingly as he made his other hand gently pick up her legs, which also got a cry in pain. Nolan kept eye contact with her the whole time and then he lifted and stood up with her in his arms. She was crying again in the pain and Nolan couldn't stop the tears from falling. "Sorry kiddo, but it may hurt until we get you to the roller." He winced as he saw his daughter trying to nod her head but stopped half way through in sheer pain. He carefully started walking back to the roller as Irisa started to cry once more...

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