Wrong kind of defiance

I do not own any defiance characters or places metioned in this story!!!

You know the story of defiance right? Wrong, Because what if Nolan and Irisa never lived on earth, What if aliens did? And the aliens never took over, The human race did? What if the irathient's wanted to kill every single human being and the humans along with the help of irisa, The little wolf, who will potentially wipe out a whole population of her own kind just for Nolan? This is the story of when Irisa and Nolan go on the biggest mission yet, To save and conquer earth. Forever.


4. Fighting to the death.

Chapter 4

Back in the tavern the angry drunk gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as Irisa begrudgingly stood. Granted she was smaller, But height had never been a limit for Irisa. She had always outmatched everyone who stepped up to challenge her, She had more intelligence than the tiny human brain could even possibly handle on a daily basis. Her muscles flexed, She cracked her neck and fists and kicked the table over. She moved forward and grabbed the drunks wrists, Turned and pulled. He clumsily stumbled forward onto a chair and in return the chair knocked over. He kicked and thrashed and caught Irisa in the leg, She hissed involuntarily as her knees buckled and she went flying into the floor. The drunk took this distraction as a time to summon back up, And ten big men came barreling over and jumped on Irisa. Irisa was trapped, So when they spun her on her back and tied her hands together there was nothing she could do but kick behind, But they soon caught on and tied her legs together. They did it way to tight and actually brought blood to Irisa's wrists as she was hoisted up and thrown over one mans shoulder. She couldn't even reach her pocket knifes as she struggled against his over powering strength. The man she had been beaten by now stood up and opened the door. All the men cheered as she was being carried out of the tavern into the broad day sunlight. "Where should we dump her?" Slurred the man who had her on his shoulder asked the group. One man pointed towards the tree and then the lake that stood about twenty foot away. They laughed and cheered as they slung her up to the tree and tied her to the branches as they got sticks and knifes and started to beat her up. Irisa froze. She couldn't move as she had another vision of her past. Her mind clouded with the time her parents tortured her and chained her up, And that was probably to blame for her hatred of chains especially when they would swing them off her and draw blood. If Nolan hadn't of come that day she probably wouldn't even be alive. Then the men got chains from a nearby post and started to whack them off her violently as she shook and screamed. She actually screamed. They laughed and couldn't stop beating her. So when they removed her from the tree blackness was seeping into her vision. She couldn't care anymore. They threw punches into her sides and broke ribs and bones that came into there way of the fists. She couldn't help the tears that sprung into her eyes and dropped down. Her body was battered and bruised and all she wanted was Nolan. Nolan could hug her like only a father could. They said something but Irisa couldn't understand due to the fact she was trying to stop the steady stream of blood that was pouring out of her frail body. They swung her once, Twice. And then she was in the air hurtling towards water. She bounced off the ground and now all of her bones had to be broken. She started to roll down the hill and then the water swallowed her. She had trouble breathing when they were beating her but this was unbearable. Her lungs would collapse. Any breath she tried to catch was snatched away by the white hot pain in her lungs. She was still tied up. And then she hit bottom of the lake as her eyes closed slowly...

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