Nerd Girl

Emiline Martin. She is smart, quiet and the biggest of all nerds. When she starts her own story about her own life and what she had always dreamed would have happened and it gets published she has a lot of readers, even from her bad boy crush. When he falls behind on his grades she will have to be there to tutor him. In the end will he finally discover that her story is actually about him? Or will she have to spell it out for him?

His name is Dylan, I really like him. The way he talks, the way he walks and the way he just is. But it would never work. He is popular. That's just how the world works I guess. Strong parents choose a strong mate so their offspring will have a better chance at survival. It just goes that way. I can't change it, only the world can. But don't get your hopes up. Hope breeds eternal misery.


3. Another tutoring session

*Emiline's POV*

When the teacher arrived, she started to take attendance. I sat in my seat patiently waiting for her to start class.

"Levi, and Hanna. Can you two come here for a moment."

We both walked up to her desk and waited for her to talk.

"Levi, you're failing this class."

"I know." He says.

"If you don't get your grade up you will not be playing football for a while. Now, Hanna. I want you to tutor him. Got it?"

"Got it." I say. Levi just nods.

I turn around smiling to myself on the inside and walk back to my seat.

Another day of school almost over, just lunch and two more classes.

I catch up to Fay and Kaitlin as we enter the lunch room and get our food then sit down.

"So I guess it's just going to be us in a group at prom?" I ask Fay. She smiles worriedly. I sigh. "Why aren't you going?" I ask.

"I am going, just...with Brandon." I sigh again.

"Thanks guys." I say in a sarcastic tone.

"You can still come and hang out with me and Danni." Kaitlin offers. I shake me head 'no'. "I don't want to be a third string...I just won't go." I say sadly. I stand up and go to dump my tray with my head down when I bump into someone.

"Sorry." I say looking up to see Dylan.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it." He smiles.

"Thanks." I finish dumping my tray and walk to the library.


When seventh period gets over, I start to walk out the door, but Dylan catches me in the hallway.

"So are we on again for tonight?" He asks. I give him a confused look. "For more tutoring?" He clarifies.

"Oh...yeah. See you later." I tell him. I stop at my locker.

"See ya." He half waves and continues down the hallway with his black backpack hanging from his shoulder.

And off to next class it is...


After school I don't see Dylan and I can't find him so I just start walking, thinking maybe he is getting a ride or something.

I walk past all of the passing by cars and stop at the corner to wait to cross. All of a sudden a black Suburban pulls up to the sidewalk right in front of me. It's Dylan.

"Hey, thought it would be easier to drive." He says smiling. I smile. "Come on."

I walk over and get into the passenger seat. He takes off again and I tell him the way.


When we pull up into my driveway I still don't see either of my parents cars. They said they were suppose to be home today.

We walk in and I drop my keys into the glass bowl again. We go up to my room and I grab another pair of clothes to change into.

I walk back into my room to see Dylan sitting on the end of my bed where he sat yesterday. That's a good sign, he feels comfortable around me. I smile to myself and throw my other clothes in the hamper.

As I walk to get my backpack, Dylan stares at me again. I walk over and sit down where I was sitting yesterday. He stares at me longer than ever today.

"What?" I ask laughing.

"I don't know." He shakes his head. "Every time I see you at your house you look so much different." I look at him confused. "You look really pretty." He says.

"So I look like crap at school?" I ask chuckling a little.

"No, no, not at all. You just look a different kind of pretty when your here."

I nod and smile. "Thanks."


We are going over the textbook page as I hear the front door open. Dylan looks up worried.

"Don't worry, it's just my parents. Their business trip got cut short." He nods.

Right as I look back down at the page, someone walks through the door. I continue to look at the page. I hear an attention cough and look up to see my dad still in his suit.

Dylan jumps up off of the bed.

"And you are?" He asks Dylan.

"Dylan, sir."

"Dad. It's okay, I am just tutoring him."

"Why don't you continue in the living room so we can all get to know each other?" He says as Dylan starts to pack up and walk out the door.

My dad smiles at me like 'you better hurry up'. I stand up, grab my stuff and head down the stairs.

Me and Dylan sit down next to each other on the couch. My mom and dad sit across from us on the love seat.

"So, Dylan?" My dad says. "You're a football player huh?" He asks from looking at his blue letterman jacket.

"Yeah, I'm the Quarterback."

He smiles and nods. I know what he's thinking. 'Great, my daughter likes the quarterback of the football team, this can't be good.'

I stand up. "Does anyone want a drink?" I ask.

They all shake their head 'no'. I walk out to the kitchen and pour myself some tea. I add some sugar and listen to their conversation.

"So you two are...?" My dad waits for Dylan to add to his sentence.

"Just friends. I am behind in my class and she is tutoring me." Great, he only thinks of me as a friend.

"And her?" My dad asks.

It get's silent between the two. I wonder why my mom isn't talking.

After a silence I hear Dylan talk again.

He laughs a little. "Kinda...yeah." My jaw drops at what he just said. I walk back out and sit down like I didn't hear anything and wasn't listening in.


I gave Dylan a little quiz, as he took it, I took out my book and started the next chapter.

He looks up from his quiz. "What's that?" He asks.

"Nothing, it's just a story I'm writing."

He nods. "Cool. Maybe I can read it sometime." I nod.

It goes quiet. "Why...did you look so sad at lunch today?" He asks.

I look up from my book and look at him and shrug.

"You can tell me."

"I...My friends and I aren't going in a group to the prom and now I have to stay home."

He nods. "I'm sure someone will ask you."

I smile and shake my head. "I don't think so."

"I'll call you." He says.

I nod. "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow."

He left and I ran upstairs. I jumped up and down.

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