My Schools bad boy! ( Harry styles fanfiction)

"Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.


8. Chapter 8

Delilah's POV 

So it's Friday night and I'm getting ready to go on my date with Harry. As much as I don't want to go I promised, and he has been bugging me about it all week. He told me to wear something sexy so I decided to do the opposite. I wore black skinny jeans and a mint green loose flow top and some regular sandals.  ( A/N that's what I'm wearing right now) 

Text with Harry 

Harry: Hey babe I will be there in 5 minutes. Don't keep me waiting. 

Me: whatever 

Harry: Fisty are we? I like it! ;) 

Harry pulled up to my house. I walked out of my house. Harry got out of his truck and opened the door for me. 

"Thank you" I mumbled before completely reaching his car. He heard and just smiled. Right when I was about to get in his truck he stepped infront of me and kissed me. I pulled him away but he just came back for more. I pulled him away again and when he came back he started kissing my neck. He was kissing right under my jaw while little moans came out of my mouth. He smiled against my skin. He was doing this for 2 minutes until he finally pulled away. My neck Hurt like crazy. 

"now your mine and every one will know it. Harry said smirking and looking at the new blemish on my skin. I knew what he was talking about. He finally stepped out of the way to let me get in the car. As I was getting into the car harry slapped my ass. 

" WHAT WAS THAT FOR" I said and gave Harry a death glare. 

"You've been a  bad girl . Getting 3 detentions in one week on your first week of school. 

"Well lets take a look at how I got them. The first one was because you were talking to me and I got caught. The second one was because you were eye rapping me in the hall way and I told you to stop and made it to class 10 minutes late. And the third time was because I dropped my phone and you told the teacher I was on my phone." I said angrily at him as we drove off down the street. 

"You know Delilah I like getting you in trouble." Harry said looking over at me. 

" Why is that?" 

"Because I have a reputation of being a bad boy. Now that your a bad girl we will get along just fine" 

"I'm not a bad girl." I said crossing my arms over my chest. Harry put his hand on my leg rubbing his hand up and down. He would ease closer to the top of my jeans. When he got to the top of my jeans he stared fiddling with the button. He pulled over on the side of the road. We were in a deserted road. Crap. Harry was still fiddling with my button. He then un buttoned my jeans and zipped by zipper down. I grabbed his hand and smacked it away. His green eyes turned black. I'm guessing he didn't like what I did. 

"H-H-Harrrryyy?" I said to him while shaking his shoulder. His eyes never changed. 

"GOD DAMN DELILAH WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT STUTTERING!"  he said while slapping me in the face. I stared to tear up. His eyes never changed. I was scared if him before now I'm terrified of him. I touched my cheek and winced in pain. I new he was capable of a lot... I just never thought he would be one to hit a girl!


AUTHORS NOTE: So when I was making chapters but not publishing them I saved them but some how they got up and ran away! So I had to retype it. :(   But OMG thank you I only asked for 35 favorites and I got like 42 and 146 reads!!! I think that's pretty good because I stared this like 2 days ago. I have been thinking about making a second book even tho I'm no were near done on this book! I can't wait to tell you guys about the second book I have a really good idea for it!!!!

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