My Schools bad boy! ( Harry styles fanfiction)

"Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.


6. Chapter 6

Delilah's POV

"Hey babe." Harry said while walking into my house. I just rolled my eyes. 

" Where were you what happened are you ok?" I asked harry. He just smirked 

"I got you purse for you" he said holding up my purse. "You can have it back if you promise to go on the date with me this Friday." He said winking and smirking at the same time. Wtf is that even possible? 

" fine ill go please give me my purse it basically has my life in it!" I said looking through it making sure everything was ok. It didn't look out if place. Thank god! 

" what's in that purse that's so important?" Harry asked my walking towards me. 

"None of your business" I said back. It's really NONE of his business. 

"Wait Harry how did you find my house? How did you get my purse? How did you get out of the fire?"I asked freakish out! 

" I followed you to your house. I went in the school and got your purse but I went out a different door than I did coming in. I stood behind you watching you freak out about me." He said smiling walking towards me some more trapping me in the corner. Crap I remember what happened last time I got trapped in a corner! " I didn't know you cared that much about me. That really turns me on" 

"Anything tur-" I got cut off my harry kissing me -.- I wish he would stop I haven't even known him for 24 hours! I didn't kiss back. 

" kiss back he mumbled" I won't do it. " what did I say last time you rejected me KISS BACK!" Harry said yelling at me. I won't let him win I'm not kissing back. He started to tug at my shirt be I pulled it back down. He just pushed it up again. 

" please stop!" I said begging for him to stop. 

"NO next time don't reject me" he said scaring me. 


" Harry my parents are home!" He pulled off his jacket and threw it in the couch next to me and with out me noticing he pulled off my shirt and ran upstairs. Just then my mom and dad walked in. Crap I'm shirtless and a guys jacket is on my couch. Great my parents caught on to everything! Stupid Harry! 

" DELILAH WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE???" My dad yelled. Clearly pissed at me. 

" I -I-It's not what it seems I promise let me explain." 

"Go on" my mom said giving me that mom look while tapping her foot on the ground. 
" I took off my shirt because.. Umm well you see I got it snagged on the end table and it ripped so I  threw it away and was about to walk up stairs then you came in. 

"AND WHAT ABOUT THIS JACKET" my dad Said yelling at me 

"I got cold during class so this guy gave me his jacket so I won't be cold. He is really nice." I said hoping my parents would buy it. Then it hit me I'm in the middle of my living room in only my bra and jeans infront of my dad! 

" DAD!!" I said covering up my body and quickly running upstairs to my room. I heard laughing from down stairs. Ugh. I opened up my bedroom door to see...


AUTHORS NOTE: yay a cliffhanger next update is when I get 35 favorites :) 

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