My Schools bad boy! ( Harry styles fanfiction)

"Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.


5. Chapter 5

By now I was in tears. I hope he makes it out safely. I started pacing. Soon fire fighters came out of the school empty handed... I rush over to them. 

"W-Where is he" I said with tears streaming down my face. 

" No one was in there." The fire fighter said looking down " are you sure he even went in there" 

"Yes I'm positive what do you think I am crazy?" I said yelling in his face while grabbing his shirt in my fist forcing him I come eye level with me. I really need my bag back but the school is in flames there is no way of getting it back now. My life is in that bag.


It's now 10:30 at night my parents arnt home because they always work late or are always on business trips. Ugh. I have been thinking non stop about Harry I threw away the paper that had his phone number and address on it. So I can't check up on him. I want to know what happened to him! I heard a knock at the door it was probably my parents so I went to answer it with out looking to see who it was. It's HARRY!!!


Authors/Note: Hey sorry for the short chapter! I will update when I have  28 favorites ok! I already have 4 other chapters written! If I get 35 favorites ill post 2 chapters!! Also comment because I feel loved when you comment!! :) 

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