My Schools bad boy! ( Harry styles fanfiction)

"Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.


4. Chapter 4

Delilah's POV 


Well there goes the bell for 7th period. Time to make my way to detention! I'm really scared I hope there is a bunch of people there so harry can't bother me! 

I walked into the detention room and saw nobody... I just hope Harry doesn't show up. WHOPS spoke to soon!

"Hey babe. Looks like its just you and me all alone for an hour and a half!" He said while placing his arm around my back. 

" Nice try Harry from what I have heard about detention I know there is always a teacher in the room!" I said clearly knowing all of the facts. 

" Teachers never stay in the class room during detention. No need to worry about them coming in on us when we're in the middle of us having fun" harry said with a wink while locking the class room door. I gulped loudly. Harry heard. 

"Don't be nervous ill take it easy!" Harry started walking closer to me blocking me in a corner. I quickly grabbed the fire alarm and pulled it. Luckily Harry didn't notice. YES! 


"Shit" harry mumbled under his breath.

 He quickly scooped me up bridal style. Well I wasn't expecting that. We quickly ran out of the class room and into the hall way! WAIT! WHAT THE HELL?? The school is actually on fire! There was smoke every where all in the hall ways! He sped up his pace and tried to find his way to the door then suddenly 


"Ouch oh god that hurt" I looked through the smoke and saw someone left there locker door open and I slammed my head into it! 

Harry looked down at me he had worry in his eyes. WHAT THE HELL? He actually cares 
" Are you ok" 
"Yeah I'm fine" when I said that I couldn't take my eyes off of him he looked so beautiful. I think I might actually like him! 

We made it out of the school safely. Thank god. 

"Wait Harry my bag I have to go get!" I said while stomping back into the school! 

" NO IM NOT LETTING YOU GO IN THERE YOU WILL GET HURT!" Harry yelled at me and yanking me back.

" I don't care I'm going back to get it I don't care what you say even if the school is burning  down I will do anything to get my bag back!" I said trying to sound calm. 


"I DON'T CARE!!" I said back raising my voice! 

"FINE ILL GO GET IT FOR YOU" Harry said while running into the school. Why is he doing this. A few minutes went by and I didn't see Harry I was becoming really worried. I just waited. Another 4 minutes passed by still nothing! He has been in there for about 6 minutes. Suddenly I heard fire trucks. I quickly rush up to them and told them that a curly haired boy was in room 207. I suddenly cared more about Harry and his safety more than the contents in that bag... Kinda 


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