My Schools bad boy! ( Harry styles fanfiction)

"Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.


3. Chapter 3

Delilah's POV 

"Hey Delilah your coming on a date with me. Be at this address at 6:00 Friday night. You better be there!" Wow guess Harry's not a gentleman. Does he not know you pick a girl up on a date! 

I stood up from the lunch table "Such a gentleman you are. Look I've heard that your a player so I want NOTHING to do with you. I have heard all about your little 'game'. I'm not going and ps if you go on a date you pick the girl up!" I was really proud of myself for saying that. 

"I knew you wouldn't give me your address so I gave you mine." Harry said while grabbing my hands and coming 1 inch away from my face. I could feel his warm breathing. I could almost taste his mint toothpaste. He is so irresistible! But I would never admit that! 

"What was that you said" harry said grinning down at me. 

"I SAID. Such a gentl-" harry cut me off  still grinning. 

"No babe, what did you say after I said I knew you wouldn't give me your address." Still with that retarded grin plastered onto his face. 

"I-I  don't know what your talking about" I said and of corse STUTTERING! 

"You said something about me being irresistible!" Harry said while winking at me. 

" that's funny because I never said that." I said while laughing and looking down at Hadley. 

"Delilah you did say he was irresistible." Hadley said. Great I must have said that our loud! -.- I looked back up at harry still with that grin on his face. 

" look I didn't mean to say that. I don't know who I was talking about but trust me its not you" I lied. Just then Harry stepped closer to me and kissed me on the lips I quickly hit him up side the head as hard as a could! That's when he backed away from the Kiss placing his hands on my hips.

 "Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said 

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.

" look just be at my house this Friday at 6:00 or else" he said while handing me a slip of paper with an address and a phone number on it! 
"Your skipping detention with me today. OK!" Harry said rather loudly 

" I-I can't ill get in trouble" I said AGAIN stuttering! 

" Alright then I guess I'm going to detention today with you... Good girl" harry said with a wink and walked away!!


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