My Schools bad boy! ( Harry styles fanfiction)

"Come on, Delilah I know you can't resist me" He said

"Don't expect every girl to fall into your little game, Harry!" I yelled.


13. Chapter 11

Delilah's POV 

I found Hadley after school. I had so much to tell her. We have only known each other for little over a week and I already know that we have so much in common it's like she could be my sister. When I pulled up to my house we got out and walked up to the front door. I unlocked the door and I showed her the way up to my bed room. When we got in there I shut the door and we sat on my bed. 

"So are you gonna tell me what happened now?" Hadley questioned me. 
"So on Friday night when he picked me up he marked me." I said and moved my hair away from my right shoulder. " that's not all of the bad that happens, actually it was all bad what happened. Anyways so when he was driving us to where ever he started to touch me in ways I don't like to be touched." I stopped and took a quick breath "He started messing with my buttons so I slapped his hand away and then his eyes turn a scary shade of black. He didn't have green eyes any more they were black. I think when his eyes are black he has no control over his body. Because he..." I stopped for a second and looked down and softly said " He slapped me" 

"HE DID WHAT??" Hadley asked me jumping off my bed and throwing her hands on the air. 

"I'm not done after he slapped me" Hadley took a seat in her previous spot on the bed. " I hugged him and his eyes went back to normal. Then he looked at my cheek and saw that there was a hand print. So he hovered his hand over my face to see if it matched and it did. He asked if his eyes were dark and I said yes. I'm thinking that he knows he does something bad when his eyes turn black." I explained to Hadley. "But he started crying like he didn't mean to. I could tell he felt truly sorry. Like he couldn't believe what he just did. He drove me back home and he was quite the whole way. Do you think I should forgive him?"

" No he slapped you!! Why would you forgive him. That was totally wrong and uncalled for. He gonna be in deep shit when I tell mom what happened!" Hadley looked down at her phone typing something. 

"Wait.. What do you mean mom? Are you brother and sister?" 

"No you must have heard me wrong. My uh my mom she uh is umm friends with uh Harry's mom!" Hadley looked all over my room " I have to get going nice chatting with you. I can't be late getting home. Text me ok." Hadley opened my door and shut it. I when down stairs with her. 

"Wait Hadley don't you need a ride I drove you here?" I asked grabbing my keys out of my pocket while catching her at the front door. 

"Yeah I guess I do?" 


It was a quite ride. Hadley pointed out how to get to her house. There was not one peep. Why is she being so quite? I pulled up to Hadley's drive way and saw a strangely familiar car. I couldn't put my finger on it to who it belonged to. Hadley got out of my car and walked In side still not saying a word. I say in my car and thought for a moment. Where have I seen this car before. Then it hit me after a few minutes. It's Harry's car. What is he doing here? Does he live here? Is harry and Hadley related? I thought for a little while longer... If harry was here it might be a better time than any to go talk to him. I got out of my car and double clicked my car keys locking the door. I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. I stood there waiting for the door to open hopefully by harry but instead a very beautiful woman with dark brown hair stood in the door way. She looked a lot like harry. 

"Hi can I help you with something?" She said in a very polite voice and giving me a smile. 

"Uh yeah is harry here?" I asked her while returning the smile.

" oh Now I know why your here." She said with a smirk. "You must be Delilah." She said while making room for me to come in. "My name is Anne I'm Harry's mom" 

"Nice to meet you" I said while giving her a hug. "How did you know my name?" 

"Harry talks about you all the time. I knew you were the girl he's been talking about non stop for the past week because I noticed the beautiful brown eyes and the long blonde hair. I couldn't miss detail like that for the world!"

"Thank you. I didn't know he talked about me. Or cared to remember detail like that." I said smiling at Anne. " could I please talk to harry? It's kinda important!" Anne led me up stairs and down the hall way to Harry's room she knocked on the door until harry swung it furiously open. He gave his mother a death glair then his smiled softened when he saw me. I smiled up at harry. He wrap me in a tight bear hug. I could see from the corner of my eye that Anne was smiling and had her hand over her heart. Harry let me go from the hug signaling at his mom to got down stairs. She noticed and walked down stairs with a smile on her face. Harry pulled me into his messy room. He shut the door and looked at me. 

"So your following me now eh?" Harry said with a smirk. " I thought that was my job!"


AUTHORS NOTE: about time I updated. Sorry I didn't update for like a week. I made it up to y'all by posting a long chapter! Honestly I never thought many people would like this. Please leave nice comments not just update. HAVE A LOVLEY DAY! 

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