Lost In My Bully's Eyes (COMPLETED)

Tina and Emma go to school together, and they get the exciting news that One Direction will be attending their same school. Emma loves One Direction, but Tina not so much. When One Direction comes Zayn decided Tina would be the perfect target to kill emotionally. So Zayn starts bullying Tina, but it's not long until for some stupid reason Tina starts falling for Zayn. Will Zayn start falling for her too?


7. I'm Falling For Him

The nurse bandaged my head and I went back into math. We only had five minutes left, and Louis and Zayn stared at me deeply as I walked in.

"Tina, hello," my teacher said. "where were you?"

"The nurse," I mumbled.

"All right then, take a seat," my teacher ordered.

"Um, you guys switched seats, where is my seat?" I asked looking around.

"Oh right next to Louis," my teacher answered.

I looked at Louis and walked over to him as I sat down.

"Aye you doin' all right?" Louis asked.

"No," I spat.

"What happened?" Louis whispered.

"Your best friend Zayn pushed me against a wall, and I hit my head and blood went everywhere," I replied angrily.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Louis apologized.

"You shouldn't be the one apologizing," I told him.

The bell rang and class was over, I walked over to social studies leaving Louis behind. I turned to see what Louis was doing and he was walking with Zayn, then I crashed into someone.

"Shit, sorry," I said looking down.

The person had their hand on my chin as they lifted it up, and I met eyes with Jacob.

"Jacob," I breathed.

"How are you?" he asked.

"Better, they bandaged me. And about your pants, I'm so sorry," I couldn't help but to giggle.

"They are ugly, but whatever. You went through worse," he smiled lightly at me.

I can't fall for him now too. I thought I was falling for Zayn, but now I just hate Zayn, I hate him.

"Let's hang out tonight," Jacob said.

"Okay," I smiled.

"Wait let me get your number," he said as he got his phone out. "all right hit me."

I gave him my number as he saved me in his contacts.

"I'll shoot you a text and we can hang okay?" Jacob told me, as I saw Zayn walk by us looking at us deeply and listening intently.

I wanted to see Zayn get mad a little bit, so I threw myself at Jacob for a hug, which startled him at first but he hugged back rather quickly. I looked at Zayn as my arms were still wrapped around Jacob's neck.

Zayn looked very pissed off, as he stormed off with Louis. I smirked to myself as I let go of Jacob.

"What was that about?" Jacob chuckled.

"Sorry, I uh," I stammered.

"Wanted to make Zayn jealous? Well it worked," Jacob half smiled.

"Sorry," I sighed.

"No, it's fine, the douche deserves it," Jacob told me.

I chuckled as I didn't know what to say next.

"What class you going to?" he asked me.

Shit, I was going to be late to class.

"Social studies," I answered.

"Oh hey my classroom is right next to there, I'll walk you," he said brightly.

I nodded as we walked to our classrooms. I really think I'm falling for this guy. His bright hazel eyes, and his brown hair perfectly sticking out of his beanie, and his nerdy glasses make him so much cuter. He was taller than me, but not by too much.

"I'm sorry about Zayn being so mean to you," Jacob sighed.

"It's fine, I mean there's nothing I can do about it. And thanks for helping me," I thanked him.

"No problem," he said, as we made it in front of our classrooms.

"Well I'll see you tonight kay?" Jacob said.

I nodded and the bell rang so we jumped into our classrooms as I rushed to my seat. The teacher started teaching and I completely zoned out. I was too focused on Jacob, he was so hot, and so nice to me. Maybe he has feelings for me too? I really hope so. I felt Louis' eyes on me, I don't know why he is always staring at me. But I didn't care, even though today was a long day, I was happy and disappointed.


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