Lost In My Bully's Eyes (COMPLETED)

Tina and Emma go to school together, and they get the exciting news that One Direction will be attending their same school. Emma loves One Direction, but Tina not so much. When One Direction comes Zayn decided Tina would be the perfect target to kill emotionally. So Zayn starts bullying Tina, but it's not long until for some stupid reason Tina starts falling for Zayn. Will Zayn start falling for her too?


18. Ending Things With Jacob

"Tina?" my mom's voice echoed through my room as she was knocking softly on the door.

"No, go away," I yelled still crying.

It was the next morning and I couldn't sleep all night. 

"Someone is here to visit you though sweetheart," my mom said still knocking on the door.

I rolled my eyes, and tried to wipe my tears as I looked at myself in the mirror. My makeup was all over the place. I looked absolutely atrocious. I heard the door open as I ran back to my bed and stuffed my face in my pillow again.

"Honey get your face out of your pillow," my mom ordered.

"No," I said back. I couldn't stop crying. 

I heard my mom's footsteps out the door, as she shut it closed behind her. 

I felt a hand on my back, as it startled me as I sat up right away. I looked at the person, and the person stared back at me with his bright hazel eyes.

"Jacob," I inhaled.

He always seems to come to see me.

"Tina, I know I seem kind of creepy following you everywhere but--" he started.

"Yeah you do," I cut him off. 

"I just wanted to let you know. I'm so sorry. I just miss you a lot," he said.

I sighed, as I looked down. I completely forgot Jacob was staring at my face which had black makeup all over it.

"Jacob. I'm sorry but it's over now," I said.

"Over?" he asked.

"There's nothing between us, and there never will be," I said as more tears were streaming down my face.

I just broke up with Jacob, even though there wasn't necessarily anything.

"All right then. If that's how you feel," Jacob said standing up.

"Wait," I said, as he was about to walk out the door.

He stopped and turned back at me.

"Can you kiss me?" I asked.

"What?" he asked with his eyes growing wide.

"I don't know. I just want you to kiss me," I said as it brought me back to the janitor's closet with Zayn and I.

"I don't like you. But for some strange reason I just want to kiss you," Zayn's voice was in my head.

Whenever I'm with Jacob I think of Zayn, but more than that whenever I'm with Zayn I think of Jacob. This is like Jacob and Edward in Twilight. And I'm that annoying bitch everyone hates, Bella.

"Okay," Jacob said coming towards me.

"Wait, I look like a total mess. Can we hang later?" I asked, before his lips touched mine.

Jacob nodded, as he started leaving my room again in utter silence.

"I'll shoot you a text," I said, right before he was fully out the door, hoping he'd say something back.

He gave me a small nod, and escaped out of my room.

That was the weirdest thing.

I went on Twitter on my iPhone as I saw a new tweet from @zaynmalik1D. 

hey guys(: we're at the airport leaving for england(: we're so pumped for this tour we hope you are too(: xx

He kind of types like a girl. I chuckled, but then got sad again. Zayn would be gone for good, and I just ended everything with Jacob. Why did I do that? I decided to text Jacob to tell him when to come.

hey wanna come in about two hours?

I pushed send, as I put my phone down and started removing my makeup which was all over the place. I heard my text tone, as I grabbed my iPhone and read it.


I sighed reading that. I think Jacob is actually really mad at me. Well I wouldn't blame him, I would be mad at me too.

After I fully removed my makeup, I decided to get ready. I put on a loose light blue tank top, with some white short shorts. I put on, as usual, my black and white converse high tops. I put on some makeup, that didn't look like a disaster, and I curled my hair in some loose curls. I heard my text tone go off again as I rushed to check my phone. It was Jacob.

where are we gonna go

He never texts like this, he must be very mad. I didn't know where he wanted to go, but I decided to think of somewhere.

Maybe this park literally 2 seconds from my house?

I pressed send, as I made my bed. Then I heard my text tone go off again, and I checked my phone. Instead of reading Jacob, it read Emma.

I need to tell u sumthing

Emma's text read. I got confused but I decided to respond.

What is it?

Then my text tone went off again.

It was Jacob.


He sure was enthusiastic. Emma replied as I read her text.

im with niall. im going on their tour.

What?!?!?! Did Niall invite her?! I decided not to even text Emma back, as I put my iPhone on the back pocket of my shorts. I plopped on my bed waiting for Jacob.

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