Lost In My Bully's Eyes (COMPLETED)

Tina and Emma go to school together, and they get the exciting news that One Direction will be attending their same school. Emma loves One Direction, but Tina not so much. When One Direction comes Zayn decided Tina would be the perfect target to kill emotionally. So Zayn starts bullying Tina, but it's not long until for some stupid reason Tina starts falling for Zayn. Will Zayn start falling for her too?


14. Didn't Send a Word

"Man girls love me," Zayn said with his eyes fixed on his phone screen.

We were at my house for the first day working on our science project.

"Shut up and work will you?" I scoffed.

"No," Zayn responded blankly.

"You better damn work otherwise I swear," I started, but Zayn cut me off.

"What do you want me to do princess?"

I decided not to make a big deal of him calling ME princess so I started explaining.

"Get the clay and make a model of the Earth."

Zayn slowly got out a clump of clay has he started rolling it into a ball, I looked away as I was painting Saturn. So far we only got one planet done, as I was painting it.

"Here," Zayn said handing me a clay ball.

"You know you have to actually give a shit," I barked.

I've been really mean to him lately because I felt stronger when I stood up to him and he hasn't been bullying me since.

Zayn rolled his eyes and moaned, as he took back his clay ball and started working on it.

After a few minutes, I saw in the corner of my eye Zayn looked up and stared at me. I pretended as I didn't notice, as I kept painting.

"Damn," Zayn said with his eyes still on me.

"What?" I asked sharply, as I turned to look at him.

"You're beautiful,"  Zayn said.

That absolutely shocked me. I felt my cheeks loose color, and I felt my knees dropping. Beautiful? Did HE really just say I'm beautiful?

"What?" I said, not knowing what to do.

"You're beautiful," he repeated himself.

"Thank you," I thanked him, as I looked down at my lap.

"I really want to kiss you," I heard him whisper.

"Don't you think we had enough kissing? Don't you hate me? Are you drunk?" I rambled.

"No, no, and no," Zayn answered.

"Why do you bully me Zayn?" I asked seriously, as I looked back into his eyes.

"I don't know," Zayn answered, inhaling deeply.

"Stop bullshitting," I snapped.

He looked up at me with sad eyes and inhaled deeply once again.

"I guess you're just too beautiful," Zayn said. "now let me kiss you."

I breathed as I looked at Zayn leaning closer to me as I smelled his minty fresh breath which brought me back a little bit.

"No," I said, as he was right in front of my face.

"Why not?"

"Because. I don't want to fall for you. You're an asshole. Just leave my house," I bitched at him.

I have no idea what just got into me.

"Okay," Zayn said sadly, as he got up, and got his backpack as he exited my front door. I watched him walk out as I closed the door behind him. 


Jacob was what gotten into me. 

He was all I want right now, I just want to see Jacob. I don't even think I like Zayn anymore. Do I? What the hell is going on? I got my iPhone as I clicked on Jacob's contact and was debating whether or not I should send him a message. I decided to, as I started typing.

Jacob listen im so in love with you its criminal i still dont know what u meant by love the other day but i want you. i stood up 2 zayn and he was just about to kiss me and i rejected becuz i thought of you. jacob i want u. i dont want zayn all i want is u. plz come over.

I was hesitating before I pressed send. I was just about too. But I decided to do something else.


I deleted every single word in the text as I didn't send Jacob a word.

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