The Promise: You'll Be Mine and I'll Be Yours

The story evolves about two young men named Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson who fell in love with each other but was afraid to admit to both of them. What would happen if a stranger, Zayn Malik would change their fate? Will they be together in the end or they would end up in to being friends?

A One-Direction Bromance. ^^

“It’s tough to be called a fake fan. No matter what you do. No matter how much you vote for them, or watch their music videos. Just because you ship two best friends. Because you ship true love. Because you don’t want the boys to be hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the one who sends the hate. Because we will always be blamed for it. Because Larry shippers aren’t true fans. We cried about them, we support them no matter what. We don’t care if they get girlfriends. Because we know true love will find its way. We’ll fight for them. No matter how much management, or other ships, or society tries to stop us. We will always ship them. Because in the end, true love is


5. The Park

Louis' POV

I immediately went on my room, grabbed my phone and I texted Harry immediately, "Hey Hazza, it's I your Boobear" and not in a while my phone beeped and he replied,"Oh Boobear Xx" I smile while reading his text and I don't know what came into my mind to ask Harry if he could go out with me at the park and luckily he said yes. I felt very happy and my cheeks were turning red, I decided to take a bath immediately and wore my red pants, a brown long sleeves shirt and a pair of white shoes. I informed Harry that I will be picking him after dinner so I went downstairs and headed to the dining room. "Where are you going?" said my dad while watching his favorite movie at the living room "Uh I'll just tour Harry at the park" I told him and he just smiled and said "okay but be home early". Afterwards, I checked myself if everything was okay then I went at Harry's house and knocked and I was surprised that it was him who opened the door because normally, it was his dad who usually open the door. "You look great" I told him and smiled then I noticed him looking down, smiling and his cheeks were blushing, "Thanks, you too" he told me giving a smile and his ever gorgeous dimples showed up. "Are we walking or we're using your car?" He asked me giving a strange look but it was cute though and I replied "Uh we're going to walk, I lost the keys" I smiled at him with my right hand at the back of my neck. Honestly, I really didn't lost the keys what I just want was a walk with him, only the two of us under the light beam of the moon and the sparkling stars. He then smiled at me and grabbed me in my hand and I began to be stationary. I can't believe Harry was holding my hand, his soft gentle hands were on my hand and again my cheeks begin to have a rosy tint and he said, "You alright Boobear?" and for quite some time I feel so mute then he shook my shoulder "Uh yes, absolutely Hazza" and I smiled at him, gripping his hand gently and enjoying the moment.

Harry's POV

Louis texted me if I'll be willing to go out with him at the park and I told him yes besides there's nothing much to do at home and I want to be with his accompany. I took a  bath and wore my blue denim pants, light gray polo shirt and a brown shoes. I proceed then at the living room knowing that my dad was now asleep I opened the television while waiting for Louis and I didn't have the time to eat because I was still full from the cakes we had eaten. I was very excited and I didn't know what to do when someone knocked at the front door and I knew it was already him. I ran into the mirror and checked myself before making an appearance with the person I love. I opened the door and saw him standing at it giving me a smile that makes me fall in love with him. "You look great" he told me and I bowed down to hide my cheeks from turning red and in return I also praised his look. He told me that we're not able to use his car because he lost the keys but I know it wasn't true because I just saw his dad using it. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand, I don't know why I did that but maybe because I got too excited but even though, I'm loving it. While I was holding his hand, I noticed him motionless and I asked him if he was alright but he didn't said a word not before I shook his shoulder. He stared at me and gave me a smile that shines brighter than the moon. And then, we walked through the park with our hands holding each other. At that moment, I feel so overjoyed, my heart was beating so fast. After a long walk, we arrived at the park and decided to sit down at the bench that we just saw and we rest there for a while. I sat down with Louis sitting beside me, we enjoyed watching the moon with the stars around it. We conversate about many things like how he sleep, how I overcook fries and a lot more. I blushed many times, laughed and listen to his stories, our conversation helped us to know each other more, it deepens our relationship as bestfriends (but I want to be his boyfriend♥) and it made me fall in love with him again. We stared at each other, we blushed, laughed and I felt a strong connection between us, I was just really hoping he feels the same way.

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