The Promise: You'll Be Mine and I'll Be Yours

The story evolves about two young men named Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson who fell in love with each other but was afraid to admit to both of them. What would happen if a stranger, Zayn Malik would change their fate? Will they be together in the end or they would end up in to being friends?

A One-Direction Bromance. ^^

“It’s tough to be called a fake fan. No matter what you do. No matter how much you vote for them, or watch their music videos. Just because you ship two best friends. Because you ship true love. Because you don’t want the boys to be hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the one who sends the hate. Because we will always be blamed for it. Because Larry shippers aren’t true fans. We cried about them, we support them no matter what. We don’t care if they get girlfriends. Because we know true love will find its way. We’ll fight for them. No matter how much management, or other ships, or society tries to stop us. We will always ship them. Because in the end, true love is


7. The Park (3)

Louis' POV

Harry decided to lift himself but he's still sitting, his back facing me and I ask "What's wrong Haz?" He then turn his head right just enough for me to see his ever beautiful face and he told me "I feel cold Boobear". I came closer to him and I hugged him so tight like I don't want to let go of him. I wanted to be in that position forever. Then I felt his hands holding my arms and he put his chin on it. I felt what I should feel that moment. Harry was everything, he's all I ever wanted. "Are you sure you're alright Haz?" I told him while looking at him. "Yep,absolutely." he told me as he flashes a gorgeous smile and his dimples showed but I totally know he's not okay. I turned to my left and suddenly saw a store selling teddy bears. I have to buy him one of those and I know it's the only thing I should do to make him happy. "Wait for a moment" I told him I accidentally kissed him in the cheeks. I saw him turning red and smiling. "Sorry" I said to him while I was looking down and smiling, "No! It's fine. Not a big deal" he said. "I'll be back in a second I promise" I told him and I headed to the store. I remembered him calling me "Boobear" so I decided to buy the medium-sized teddy bear with a small heart on its paws. After buying it, I silently walked to the bench where I left Haz then I put my hands into his eyes to cover it. "Damn Boobear! You almost gave me heart attack! What are you doing?" he said while laughing. "Uh well, I have a little surprise for you Haz" I told him while I smiled. I then let my hands off of his eyes then I gave him the teddy bear. "For me?" He asked "Uh yes, so that you'll not miss me and just remember that, that bear is me since I am your Boobear" I told him with a smile painted on my face. "You're so thoughtful Boobear. Don't worry I'll take good care of this" He said with a smile. Yess! Mission successful Louis! I made Haz smile and it made everything even more perfect.

Harry's POV

Louis asked me if I was okay and I just said yes and put on my fakest smile just to cover the pain I had then he kissed me at my cheeks and I felt quite happy before he left me at the bench alone. Sitting alone in the bench on a cold evening is very wrong for me because it makes me feel like I'm a loner or an outcast. While waiting for Louis, I let myself busy playing with my phone then suddenly a young lad, with a black hair, handsome and physically fit, Muslim (I think) and which I think was a little bit taller than me is heading towards me and asked if he could sit beside me for he was waiting for his friends to show up and he don't want to be alone in the dark either. I smiled at him and said "Yes you may sit, after all I am also waiting for my 'friend', he just went somewhere" and he replied "I see, but don't worry I wont' stay long" and I said "No, it's okay. I swear" then I gave him a wink after that silence filled the place since it's kinda awkward to talk to someone you don't know. "What's taking Boobear so long?" I think then I was about to look for him when the lad suddenly talked. "Zayn...Zayn Malik" he said. "Was that your name?" I asked in confusion, "Yes" he said looking at me while smiling. "Well, I'm Harry styles" I told him then his friends showed up and I heard one of his friends saying "The Line at the Bearcuddle was long. Sorry dude". "I have to go, nice meeting you Harry and by the way I like your curls."Zayn said. "Wait, what?" I said while smiling and at the same time blushing then he winked at me and after that I sat, processing in my mind what he said then somebody covered my eyes and I noticed the gentleness and softness of the hand and I could tell it's Louis. "Damn Boobear! You almost gave me heart attack! What are you doing?" I said while laughing. "Uh well, I have a little surprise for you Haz" he said then he let his hands off of my eyes and handed me a cute teddy bear  "For me?" I asked though it's obvious that it was for me "Uh yes, so that you'll not miss me and just remember that, that bear is me since I am your Boobear" he said and I find him thoughtful for that. "Sorry if I kept you waiting" Louis said apologizing "No, you don't have to, I mean, it's all worth it" I said while playing with the bear. After having an exchange of conversations with my Boobear, we decided to go home since it's getting too late, we held hands all the way to my house and he said "Goodnight Haz, see you tomorrow" "Goodnight Lou, I had a great time" I said while blushing then he said "Great, that's nice to hear. Uh...I should be going, my dad might have been worried." he said putting an expression that I think he's asking for something. He's about to walk away when I hurriedly ran towards him. "Boo, wait up" I softly yelled at him to get his attention, he stopped and faced me. "You forgot something" I said to him looking at his beautiful eyes, "What?" he said with a smile expecting something. I am doubting if I have to do it but hey, it's all or nothing. "Turn your head left" I commanded him while I am completely turning red. He then turn his head left and I was about to kiss his cheeks when he suddenly faced me and he was about to say "Wait..." when my lips already touches his lips. I was completely static, it's like everything stopped at that moment. I touched my lips, trying to awaken myself if I really did that. I saw Louis static and was a little bit shocked. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." I said to him looking down because of embarrassment (I am completely happy deep inside). "It's okay, no worries" Louis said while smiling, I felt his hands on my chin lifting it. "It's just an accident, don't worry we'll still be the best buddies" Louis added then he kissed my cheeks saying goodnight. "Goodnight Boo Sweetdreams" I told him then as he was walking towards their house, I ran inside our house, closed the door then I let all the happiness inside me burst, I felt like I was the happiest man ever. I went to my bedroom, I took a shower and get on my pajamas, I laid down on my bed trying to sleep while imagining our first ever kiss. I wore a smile while I was sleeping.

Louis' POV

Harry and I decided to go home since it's already getting late. I held his hands while walking all throughout his house. "Goodnight Haz, see you tomorrow" I said to him focusing my eyes to his face for I don't want to forget his face while I'll be sleeping. "Goodnight Lou, I had a great time" Haz said showing his cutest dimples.I wanted to kiss him not in his cheeks but in his lips but I can't do anything and so I just said "Great, that's nice to hear. Uh...I should be going, my dad might have been worried." I put on an expression that I was asking for something but I guess now is not the right time. I began walking heading to our house when I heard Harry yelled "Boo, wait up". I stopped and faced him looking at his eyes."You forgot something" Harry said and I replied "What?" showing my smile with a little bit of excitement because I guess, Harry red my expression very well."Turn your head left" Harry commanded me so I did turned my head left. I know Harry will kiss me in my cheeks but I don't want it to be in my cheeks, I want it to be straight in my lips. I slightly peeked at him getting closer to my cheeks so I was intentionally saying 'wait..' when I turned my face straight to his and his lips landed kissing mine. I was quite static and shocked, I felt something like a spark, chills at the bottom of my spine and feels like heaven and I could saw Harry completely stable while touching his lips. I know he's not yet ready but I can't wait, I just then pretended that it was all just an accident and that he shouldn't worry about it because we're still be friends. I was heading home while I slightly saw Harry ran inside their house. I closed my fist and softly exclaimed "Yes!". I was home heading to my bedroom, took on a shower and wore my clothes. Then I laid on my bed, trying to picture Harry's face and our first kiss under the moonlight. He's my everything. He will soon be mine, I just need to wait. 

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