The Promise: You'll Be Mine and I'll Be Yours

The story evolves about two young men named Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson who fell in love with each other but was afraid to admit to both of them. What would happen if a stranger, Zayn Malik would change their fate? Will they be together in the end or they would end up in to being friends?

A One-Direction Bromance. ^^

“It’s tough to be called a fake fan. No matter what you do. No matter how much you vote for them, or watch their music videos. Just because you ship two best friends. Because you ship true love. Because you don’t want the boys to be hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the one who sends the hate. Because we will always be blamed for it. Because Larry shippers aren’t true fans. We cried about them, we support them no matter what. We don’t care if they get girlfriends. Because we know true love will find its way. We’ll fight for them. No matter how much management, or other ships, or society tries to stop us. We will always ship them. Because in the end, true love is


6. The Park (2)

Louis' POV

We went walking all the way to the park with our hands holding and for somehow I didn't feel the tiredness of my body because maybe I was still thinking how Harry held my hand. I was blushing for a long time and smiling then we sat down on a bench and rested there for a moment. We started to talk and share different stories about us. Everything was perfect at that moment, the moon centering its light towards us and the stars were shining beautifully. I looked how Harry smiles, laugh and talk (in a slow-motion kind of way) he was so perfect, everything about him were perfect and it made me want to own him forever. For a while, Harry laid down his head on my lap and I can say it was very romantic. "Was it alright Boobear?" he asked me while looking at me and pouting like a cute child, "Absolutely Haz" I told him and winked at him. I really feel so happy, feels like I'm in a summer paradise whenever I'm with him. Then, I cherish the moment while playing with his soft, smooth curls. Harry was looking at the night sky while I was looking at the most beautiful view, his face. "Have you been in a relationship?" I asked him then he looked at me and laughed in a good manner "No, but I want to, why Boobear?" He replied at me then he put his eyes at the sky again. "Uh nothing, just wondering Haz" I softly replied at him. "Why Boobear? Come on tell me" he said while looking at me, oh how I love his eyes, his ever gorgeous eyes. I don't know what to tell him, I am so damn afraid that when I will tell how I feel about him he'll freaked out. "Nothing, I swear" I just told him and laughed softly. "Alrighty then Boobear, but you know if I'm going to be in a relationship I want it to be with you" he told me while he's still laying his head on my lap,watching the sky and then a second he turned his head facing me, staring me and then he put his eyes at the sky again. "Now, you're joking" I told him in disbelief. God! Did he really mean it?! But I know he is, the sincerity of his eyes tells me that he is. Oh how I wish he was. I blushed for a long time and asked him "You serious Haz?" "Nah, am just playing Boobear" he replied while laughing. I slowly turned my face from my left so he couldn't see how I drop a tear on my cheeks. It was really painful as if a bullet shot at my chest but you know I'll not going to stop until he'll be mine forever maybe he was not ready yet.

Harry's POV

I laid my head on Louis' lap after our conversations because I don't feel comfortable sitting at the bench and thankfully, it was alright with him and he gave me the nicest wink ever which is kinda seductive, but I controlled myself. Then I notice him playing with the curls of hair which I totally like because my mom (already dead) usually does that when I was still a child so I let Louis play with my hair and he does it romantically, it made me feel better and while I was enjoying it I stared at the beautiful night sky instead of looking at his gorgeous face. After a minute, Louis asked me if I have been in a relationship at first I looked at him if he was serious about that then I answered him honestly that I've never been in a relationship but, I want to. Because of my confusion, I asked him why he asked that and instead of expecting an answer he just kept on denying it so I put on my confident and told him that if I'll be on a relationship I want it to be with him while staring at him and showing how I was sincere with what I had just said. Then I was looking at the sky when he told me that I was joking. "Damn Louis! Why would I joke about what I feel for you?! I love you Louis. I really do!" I think of it. Then he asked me if I was serious and so, I just lied to him and told him that I was just playing around and I put a fake laugh to cover-up what I had just said a while back then I just put my eyes again on the sky watching the moon light, making an image of the two of us and drop a tear. I controlled myself to prevent from sobbing so that he'll not notice it. "God Louis! Why would it have to be this hard?! Can't you just be mine?" I mutter very soft.

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