The Promise: You'll Be Mine and I'll Be Yours

The story evolves about two young men named Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson who fell in love with each other but was afraid to admit to both of them. What would happen if a stranger, Zayn Malik would change their fate? Will they be together in the end or they would end up in to being friends?

A One-Direction Bromance. ^^

“It’s tough to be called a fake fan. No matter what you do. No matter how much you vote for them, or watch their music videos. Just because you ship two best friends. Because you ship true love. Because you don’t want the boys to be hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the one who sends the hate. Because we will always be blamed for it. Because Larry shippers aren’t true fans. We cried about them, we support them no matter what. We don’t care if they get girlfriends. Because we know true love will find its way. We’ll fight for them. No matter how much management, or other ships, or society tries to stop us. We will always ship them. Because in the end, true love is


12. The Date(s) (2)

Harry's POV

I woke up as the sunlight strikes my face. "Good Morning Boo" I whispered into Louis' ear causing him to moan softly, it was really nice to wake up next to the person you love. I then went down to make our breakfast, make a little bit sweet Boobear. I opened the fridge and I took out the bacon, egg, ham and opened the bread and made some toasts. I was in the middle of cooking when my phone beeped  right next to the plates I put on the kitchen table. I got my phone and started to read two messages I received: one was from my dad and the other is from the agency. My dad text-ed me that he'll be out for 1 month for his work, I grinned because finally, Louis and I will do anything we want, alone. I was on my happy moment and the moment I opened the other message I felt like angry but not like totally angry it's just that I don't want to go to work today, I want to spend the entire with my Louis. The agency informed me that I should come to them immediately for I will be advertising a project from a well-known company. Damn! Why now?! I finished cooking and then I put it on the plates. I went to my room making light movements for I do not want to disturb my Boobear from sleeping. I stopped for a moment and look at how Louis sleeps, he's so adorable. I got my phone and too a picture of him. I then went to the bathroom and wore a super fit denim black pants, white t-shirt with two black stripes on it and a white shoes, I also put on my sunglasses and I was about to leave when I thought of Louis so I paused for a moment and looked at him one more time, he's super cute, handsome and gorgeous. I can't stop myself so I went near him and pressed my lips into his cheek 'goodbye', I chuckle softly and noticed myself turning red. I got a cab since I am too lazy to drive my own car and then I arrived at the agency, I saw a woman getting near me and she asked "Good Morning. Are You Mr. Harry styles?" while she was looking at the folder with my picture unsure if she was saying my name properly. "Yes I am. Why?" I replied politely. "We have an advertising to do and our boss wants you to do the job" she said. "He wants to meet you personally. You'll get to know him later and we already talked to the manager and agreed so please sir..." she added while smiling. "Okay, let's go then" I said to her while smiling. We went inside the car, silenced filled the room as we went to the company and we finally arrived. Thank God! I can't stand the silence in there. She then escorted me inside, as went to the elevator and headed to...Zayn Malik?! I am in complete shock as I saw him in that office working on some papers. I can't believe I'll be working under him, I let everything sync in to my mind then we went near him and he looked up at us, I can say he was completely looking at me because I think he didn't even heard what's her secretary's been talking about. The woman left us alone as Zayn commanded her. Zayn went near me and we had a shake-hands, I sat down telling him that I didn't expect that I'll be working under him and I could still see Zayn looking at me so I pretended to just look anywhere and for like 20 seconds he then began to discuss about what job's going to be. Gee! Zayn is kinda creepy but he's still cute and handsome. He told me that I'll be getting to start the day after tomorrow. So, I stood up and was about to leave the room for I already miss Louis but I felt Zayn's hand holding my arm then he asked me if I would like to go with him for a lunch date. Lunch was okay but 'date'? I don't know. I was completely confused why would he'll ask me out but well, maybe it was something part of the job. I had already experienced these things to the clients who hired me for a job but I don't know, I have this feeling that this lunch with Zayn is not just a lunch and I can say that it's has another meaning but well, I don't want to be rude to him refusing his request maybe it was just a lunch, no more, no less. He then was clarifying himself and I must admit, he looks so damn cute while he was stuttering, I put my index finger on his warm lips to cut him off then I agreed to go with him. We went to a fine dining restaurant, well at first I told him that it was too much but he still insisted  and told me that it was his advance 'Thank You Harry', I couldn't help myself to blush while he said that looking at me. We went inside as a man escorted as to a table, Zayn pulled my chair and let me sit down. Gee! He is very gentlemen, any person would possibly fall in love with him but not me, I have my sexy Boobear. We ordered up and was having a conversation before and after the meal. After, he decided to drive me home while were listening to Maroon 5's song and was sharing ridiculous thoughts along the way. We arrived at my house and I thanked him for everything and I hugged him to show how I truly appreciated everything and then I was very shocked at the next action he made and found myself blush as Zayn pressed his lips unto my cheek  but he quickly apologized and I know it was something he really not meant. He then escorted me to the door and bid goodbye. Finally! I am home, I still have the time for Louis, us cuddling, laughing, and spending time together until the last hour of the day. I opened the door and saw Louis sitting on the couch with his strange look. I went to sit beside him and asked what's wrong but he didn't said a word. I still pleaded to him to talk to me and tell me what's wrong then he finally talked and asked why Zayn has to drive me home, gee! Did he looked at us? Thank goodness he didn't saw the kiss. I could sense his getting jealous, it's cute how he was acting like that, like a child pouting 'cause he didn't get what he asked for. But I told him I was sorry, I felt bad to myself causing me to drop a tear knowing what my mistake is. I felt Louis' hand upon my chin lifting it  and we looked at each other's eyes, he said he was sorry for acting like that then he smiled at me. His gorgeous smile, the smile that can shine up this whole world, his eyes, clear as a mirror and was sparkling and his hair covering his forehead, everything is perfect and made me to fall in love with him more and more then he kissed me on my cheeks saying everything is okay and caused me to blush. I then told him to take a bath for we well go somewhere where we can spend our time together alone and I know it's the only way to make my cute, sexy and fuzzy Boobear happy. I waited for him while I was browsing channels on the television. A couple of minutes, I saw Louis getting down with my clothes on him. He looks so perfect, adorable and even more handsome. We then went to my car and drove our way to the mall. We held hands while buying random stuffs. I blushed all the way even though I know some people are glaring at us wondering why two handsome men are holding hands together, well, let them be jealous, I'm proud of Louis being my boyfriend though I know he's not. After having so much fun with Louis and it's nearly getting dark we then decided to go home. After driving a couple of miles back to my house, we saw a car parked in front of my lawn and a man standing in front it. He looks so familiar but I cannot utter the word not when he faced us, having this smile, it seems mysterious smile but it's a pretty but I don't know if he was grinning at us. Gee! It was Zayn Malik! What does he want and why does he always manage to break Louis and I from having our perfect moment. He is really good on timing.

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