The Promise: You'll Be Mine and I'll Be Yours

The story evolves about two young men named Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson who fell in love with each other but was afraid to admit to both of them. What would happen if a stranger, Zayn Malik would change their fate? Will they be together in the end or they would end up in to being friends?

A One-Direction Bromance. ^^

“It’s tough to be called a fake fan. No matter what you do. No matter how much you vote for them, or watch their music videos. Just because you ship two best friends. Because you ship true love. Because you don’t want the boys to be hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the one who sends the hate. Because we will always be blamed for it. Because Larry shippers aren’t true fans. We cried about them, we support them no matter what. We don’t care if they get girlfriends. Because we know true love will find its way. We’ll fight for them. No matter how much management, or other ships, or society tries to stop us. We will always ship them. Because in the end, true love is


14. Jealousy (2)

Louis POV

I heard footsteps coming in and I know it was them. I immediately wiped my tears from my eyes and the prints it made on my cheeks for them not to know that I cried. "Lou?" Harry called me from behind with Zayn standing beside my sweet Harry. "Yes Haz?" I replied at him looking at his shoes, I can't look him in the face because I know he'll notice that I have a teary eyes. "Zayn will have his dinner with us" Harry told me then he went near me and put his hand on my shoulder and says "Please. I hope it's alright?", "Yes of course. I'll cook for our dinner while you entertain him. Okay?" I replied then I looked his face and a part of me just came crushing knowing that the one I love, the one whom I dreamed of living with forever is now slipping from my dreams. "Really Boo? Thanks" he cheerfully said the he went back to Zayn. I went to the kitchen as I passed to Harry and they both sat on the couch and turned the television on while I could hear them talking and laughing. I grabbed the things that I'll be needing and the food that I'll be cooking. While everything is on set, random thoughts kept running on my mind, first was the hug I saw, second was 'why does Harry loves Zayn's presence' and the third was 'am I losing the person I love the most'. I cried while I was cooking, tears kept running down my cheeks. I'm almost done cooking then I heard Harry coming in. He went leaning at the table facing my back. "Zayn's really is a good and humble person." he said. I didn't replied at what he said. He went near me leaning backwards at the stove and tried to look at my face but I immediately went to the table and started plating up the dishes. "Boo, are you okay?" he asked softly. I didn't replied then he reached for my face with his soft gentle hands. "Did you cry?" he asked with a calm tone. "Uh I chopped onions." I replied to him then put a fake laugh just to cover up. "You sure everything is okay?" he once again asked. "Absolutely!" I said while I am plating. I noticed him looking at me so I looked at him too. "Why?" I asked with a confused look. "Nothing, you're just perfect when you cry" he said then he smiled at me. "Silly! Go back at the couch" I replied while I was smiling. He then left me. The food is now ready, Harry helped me to prepare the table and Zayn helped too. We had our dinner, Harry and Zayn talked about many things, laughing together and they asked me to share stories too but I refused and just smiled at them and head back to eating. My heart is totally breaking, I am now in great pain, I wanted to cry but I controlled it, I don't want Harry to see me cry, not in front of him and Zayn.

Harry's POV

We went inside after discussing many things and I had invited Zayn to have his dinner with us because it's already dinner time. At first he refused my invitation but I pleaded with him many times until he agreed. I saw my dear Louis alone watching television. Oh how I wish I was beside him, cuddling, laying my head in his lap and talk many things but I can't, Zayn's here. I went near Louis and asked if it was alright for him if Zayn will have his dinner with us, he said 'yes' and he'll cook the food for our dinner. I noticed him looking down at my shoes but just after, he looked at my face. I focus my eyes from his face looking for clues if he's okay. I don't know if he's okay but I have this feeling that something wrong is going on and I know he's not. I thanked him for that then I went back to Zayn to invite him for a watch. Louis passed at my side, my eyes rolled right and I saw his eyes, his eyelashes are kind of wet and it's kind of reddish. A person can only have wet eyelashes if he cried and the cause of his eyes from getting red would because he rubbed it. I then made an assumption that Louis cried but why would he cry? Zayn and I sat on the couch and I opened the television. We were having a conversation about random topics like if Miley and Lady Gaga were the same and other stuffs. I want to talk to Louis so I excused and pretended to Zayn that I'll just need to drink water, he smiled and said "Yeah, sure." I walked in the kitchen and saw Louis getting almost done. I leaned at the working table and and try to open up a subject and I say "Zayn's really is a good and humble person." but he didn't said anything and I was expecting him no to. I went to near him and tried to look if he was okay but he seems to be avoiding me. I felt sadness, why is Louis avoiding me? did I done something wrong? "Boo are you okay?" I asked him with my calmest tone but he didn't replied again. I don't want him to be mad at me so I cupped my hands to his face. My eyes focuses at his eyes, his blue sparkling and watery eyes tells me everything. He cried. "Did you cry?" I asked him softly.  "Uh I chopped onions." he replied then he puts a laugh.  "You sure everything is okay?" I once again asked while I was half-smiling at him. "Absolutely!" he replied while he was busy plating the food. Why are you not looking at me?! Damn, Louis! Tell me what's wrong. I am not a fortune-teller to guess what it is. Oh well, I don't want to get mad at him, not to the person I love. I just need to be patient and wait for him to open it up. I stared at him while he was preparing the food, I stared how his hair drops of his forehead, his beautiful red cheek and his gorgeous eyes. He noticed me and he looks back at me and ask "Why?". Oh! Louis, I just want you to tell me what's wrong but then I decided to cheer him up. "Nothing, you're just perfect when you cry" I said to him while I was smiling. "Silly! Go back at the couch" he replied while he was smiling. Oh that smile was all I've been waiting for. You're even more perfect when you smile. I then got back to Zayn and was smiling, thinking of how Louis made that gorgeous smile. After Louis plating up, Zayn and I decided to help him. We ate, Zayn and I talked about things and Louis was just sitting, listening to us. I ate different types of food that Louis prepared and tried to taste if there was onion on it but there's none. Finally! Louis cried not because of the onions but because there is something hurting him inside. I want to know it but I don't want to force him, I'll wait for him. I will not give up on you Louis. I shall promise this to myself: You'll be mine Louis and I'll be yours. I love you Louis Tomlinson, we just need to wait, we'll be soon together forever and live a happy life.

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