Babysitting One Direction

"But! Their teenagers! Who has a babysitter for TEENAGERS?" I say yelling the last part.
"I do." Simon states with a smirk.


1. New Job?

"Bye Delilah!" Mrs. Caldwell's children yelled.

"I will be back over the winter!" I smiled while opening my arms for them to run into.

"Thank you, Mrs. Tomlinson!" Mrs. Caldwell smiled.

"Oh please, it was my pleasure, and call me Delilah." I said with a smile.

"Okay well thank you Delilah, see you this winter!" She said handing me 50 dollars. Wow.

"Bye kids!" I yelled walking down to my car. I wish I could live with them instead of living in that hell hole I call a home.

"WAIT! Delilah!" I stopped in my tracks, and turned around to see Mrs. Caldwell running my way.

"Yes?" I smiled.

"My brother is in need of a babysitter, for his 5 sons. Do you mind taking the job?" She asked will hope in her eyes.

"Yes! Of Course." I said to her now smiling face.

"Okay, well pack tonight, because I am calling him right now, he will most likely call you later, to give you the details." She smiled pulling out her phone. I wish I had one.

"Right, you have my home number right?" I stated.

"Yes, Yes I do!" She smiled.

"Okay! Thank you so much, but I must be getting home now." I smiled.

"Alright! Bye!" She said running back to her house while talking on the phone. I started up my car and headed home.

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