Babysitting One Direction

"But! Their teenagers! Who has a babysitter for TEENAGERS?" I say yelling the last part.
"I do." Simon states with a smirk.


2. Father.

"Hello is this Delilah?" I heard a man talking in a thick British accent, I lost mine due to my father and his drug head of a girlfriend moving to America, I sort of pick up an American accent.

"Yes, this is she." I smiled.

"Great! This is Simon, Paula's brother. She called me earlier on your behalf saying you were looking for a babysitting job for over the summer?" I smiled to myself.

"Yes, I was!" I smiled.

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to ba-"

"OF COURSE!" I yelled cutting him off.

"Right, I will pick you up in about an hour, make sure you are ready alright?" He was picking me up?

"Do you have a cell phone in which I could contact you?" I got embarrassed.

"No, I don't sir. I'm sorry." I sighed.

"No no! That's fine! I will be there soon so be ready!"

"Alright goodbye Simon." I smiled hanging up, but soon my happiness disappeared when I heard my father scream my name.

"DELILAH! WHERE ARE YOU? YOU NO GOOD PIECE OF SHIT?" He screamed making tears weld, up in my eyes.

"Coming." I yelled walking downstairs with my only bag of things.


"I got a jo-" I was stopped when a burning sensation went across my face.

"WHAT A PROSTITUTING JOB?" He laughed pushing me to the ground.

"No! Dad! St-" I felt a jolt of pain go through my stomach.


"STOP IT!" I screamed. Wrong decision. He pulled me by my hair and threw me out the door.

"DON'T YOU DARE COME BACK!" He screamed slamming the door shut.

"Excuse me am I interrupting something?" My eyes grew wide when I turned around to see an older looking man, in very dressy clothes looking at me.

"Uh, no not at all." I fake smiled.

"Come with me." He frowned.

"I'm Simon, I will be bringing you to my house to meet the boys." He smiled, while looking at me.

"Lets clean your face." He said, I felt it and sure enough there was blood.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I know this is a very bad first impr-"

"No! I understand your home life isn't well, no need to apologize." He stated in a sincere voice.

"Thank you so much." I smiled.

"Not a problem, now jump in." He nodded to the black limo, as he held the door open. He grabbed a towel and got it wet. I winced in pain as the cold water came in contact with my cut.

"Thank you Simon." I smiled.

"As I said not a problem, now lets go meet the boys, shall we?" He smiled as the limo started to move.

Me with 5 little boys? Oh Lord.

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