The Journalist

The Journalist is about an ex CIA agent turned Journalist. He tried to put his past behind, but one convict he put away, Cherkov, has returned and is after Cade and everything he cares about.


1. The Journalist

                                                                                 THE JOURNALIST







Cade Jackson is a freelance journalist at Hank's JSPOT, which is short for Journalist Spot. He's been working there for 1 year ever since he was quit the CIA. Cade was a CIA agent for 10 years under his father. His father wanted him to follow his footsteps. All Cade ever wanted to is be a journalist. He has loved journalism ever since he was little. As the years dragged on, Cade liked being an agent. He was also one of the best agents in the CIA. Cade also killed people, interrogated people, and many other things. He still had a passion for writing, but the CIA kept bringing him back. He was unsure of what to do. He asked himself if he should stay in the CIA or become a freelance writer. His last mission begins now.






It was a dark and rainy night. Cade's mission is to capture Hugo Cherkov, a Russian Mob Leader and wannabe terrorist. This guy is nothing to Cade because Cade has faced many men like Cherkov before, but this time, it's different. Cade sneaks up to the mansion and takes cover by the front door. Cade knows this is unorthodox, but he doesn't care. He's the best. To the CIA, this is a recon mission, no casualties or kills.

But to Cade, this is assault. Cherkov had to be taken down. Cade charges in and shoots Cherkov’s associates. Cherkov's associates’ were unexpected of Cade's assault, but were no match for his abilities. One associate survived and has a gun pointed at Cade but is shaking. Cade shoots him in the head and turns off the lights.

“I know you're here, Cade Jackson. I will kill you. Those men you killed mean nothing to me. I will find you”, Cherkov said. He walks into the center of the room and looks for Cade. Hugo looks around for the light switch, but is too late. Cade turns on his night vision goggles and grabs Cherkov by the neck.

“I knew this would happen, but you're too late”.

“Too late for what? I've been following you for weeks and you're not doing anything except murder and trying to talk to leaders of terrorist units”.


“Alright. You got me. But there's one more thing you should know. I have your mother”. “My mother”?!

 “Yes, your mother. My men took her a few days ago. Heh. Heh. Looks like I’ve been keeping tabs on you as well”,

Cherkov says with a smile on his face.

 “How is that possible”?

“I know I've been watched, but have you watched all of my men too. I’ve hired some new people. People that aren’t usually at my manor. So, I called one of my men and told them to capture your mother. I know she means a lot to you.  Even if you bring me in, your mother will be dead anyway, Dalbayob”.

“If you've done anything to my mother, I'll kill you. Where is she, you son of a bitch”?

Cade punches Cherkov and shoots him in the foot.


 Cherkov just laughs and says, “Your interrogation skills need work”.

“Where is she? I know you don’t kill women”.

 “Fuck you”, Cherkov says.

“I am so taking you in. Prepare for your water boarding, you son of a bitch”.

About two hours later, Cherkov sits in his seat at a secret government facility and smiles. Cade hits him in the chest and kicks Cherkov in the face.

“Tell me where she is”?

“Tell me, Cade, why do you even think in your small pathetic brain that I will tell you where your mother is. Or should I say the fucking, how you say? Oh yes. The fucking milf. Cade punches and kicks him again. Cherkov sits in his own blood and cracks a smile.

“Is that all you've got, dalbayob. I told you your interrogation methods need work”.

 Another agent walks in and says, “Sir, will you be administering the WB”.

“Yes, I will. Bring in 100 gallons”.

“Yes, sir”. The agent returned soon with one hundred gallons of water.

“That won't work”.

“It will, you Russian son of a bitch. Oh, it will. Agent Rodrigez! Help administer the water boarding”. Cherkov tries to breathe, but the water is too much. He still tries to endure the waterboarding.

 “Yes, sir”.

 “More Water, Rodrigez. More water”.

“Sir”. Rodrigez gets more water and the two agents continue the water boarding. “Stogggg. Stopp..gglurgg”. Cherkov can no longer endure the water boarding. Its’s too much for him.

“What was that, dalbayob”? Cade lifts the rag.

“She's...She's at the Warehouse 9 at the New York Docks. Some of my men are holed up in there. You can go there to get the fucking milf. Please! They aren’t on orders to kill her. Just take me to prison already”. Cade laughs hysterically.

 “Jail? You thought you would just go to jail. I don't think you understand, Cherkov. I'm going to kill you”.

“Cade Kevin Jackson”! Cade's father's voice boomed through the hallway in the secret building.

 “Cade, we need him alive. Don't kill him. He's going to prison. We've overheard your conversation and our men are on their way to get Francine back. She is going to be fine”.

“He really deserves to die”.

“He does deserve to die, but he dies in prison. I am the Director. You must do what I say”.

“Yes, Sir”, Cade says half-heartedly.

“Okay Cade and his father take off their jackets.

Cade says, “Rodrigez, leave the room. My dad and I have some unfinished business with this asshole. Make sure you contact me after you and your team rescues my mother”. Rodrigez leaves the room with a smirk on his face while father and son beat the living hell out of Cherkov.

An hour later, Cade and his dad are in the control room waiting for Cade’s phone to ring.

“You’re sure she will be fine”, Cade said.

“Cade. He does not kill women and our guys will save her. Don’t worry, Cade”.

Cade’s cell phone rings.

“Hello? Rodriguez. You handled the situation and my mother is safe. Good job”. 

“I’m thinking about leaving the CIA to become a freelance writer. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I want out”.

“But we need you here. I need you here. After ten years, you’re telling me that you wanna be a writer. You’re one of the best agents here.
I got you in here at 17. Seventeen! Do you know how many strings I had to pull to get you in the field at seventeen. How many things I sacrificed”?

 “I’ve always wanted to be a journalist since I was in high school. I like being in the field and all, but I love to write. It’s my thing”.

 “I know, I know. It’s just that you’re such a good agent. One of the best”.


“Look, you’re my son and you must have your own life. ”.

Cade’s dad sighs and puts his hand to his eyes. Cade knows what that look means.

“Can you get the papers ready”?

“Yeah, Yeah”.

“Thanks, Dad”.

“So, what’s going on with you and that Rose girl”?

“It’s complicated”.





Chapter 1 Lightweight


Cade Jackson sits at his office at Hank's Journalist Spot. He realizes he hasn't even started his interview with David Kendall, CEO of Tech for Kids, and a child-friendly center to teach children about technology. As Cade was the best in the CIA, he is the best journalist around. He's only been there a year, but everyone knows who he is and Cade is currently writing a thriller novel. He unlocks his drawer and sighs. “Still here, huh”, he says as he looks at the M9  pistol. Cade's kept the pistol for ten long years. Rose walks in with donuts and coffee.

“Extra Cream and extra sugar”.

 “Thanks, Rose”. Rose sits on the desk and messes up Cade's files.

“Rose. What the hell? My files”!

“Chill out”. Rose climbs down from the desk and sits in the chair.

 “Hey, don't get all comfortable. You're lucky I got you a job as my assistant or you'll be working for Bad Larry”.

 “I told you to never bring him up. You know he fired me because I’m Latina, right”.

“No, he didn’t”.

                   “Then tell me why he drove me to his house and gave me twenty bucks to clean it. I’m not like that”.

“Why did you get in his car, anyway”?

 “Because he was supposed to drive me home and I didn't think he was such a racist pig”.

“Well, you have me”.

“I know, Cade”, Rose said while dragging out his name.

“You know what tomorrow is, right”, Rose says as she spins in the chair.

“Independence Day”? He knows that his best friend’s birthday is on independence day.

“You're a comedian”.

“I know that tomorrow's your birthday”.

“What are you going to get me for my birthday”?

“I’m not telling you”, Cade said.

                “Remember last year when your card declined at the restaurant”.

 “I said I was sorry”.

“I had to pay for the dinner. Your food was more expensive than mine”. Cade’s boss, Harry Franklin walks into Cade’s office.

“Cade. Monday is the deadline. Don’t forget”.

“I won’t. I got this”.

“Make sure you finish your interview. You’re not the best journalist here, you know. There are a lot of journalists in New York”, Hank said, emphasising the word New York with his Brooklyn accent.

“Well, Cade, I’ll wait for you downstairs”.

“Alright, I just have to clean up a little bit”.

Rose leaves Cade’s office and hurries down the stairs. Cade unlocks his bottom drawer. His 9mm pistol is sitting there. It’s cold and lifeless. He hasn’t used his pistol since he left the CIA. It’s been through hell and back. He is no longer an agent, but he still keeps his pistol close just in case. Cade sighs and smiles, then heads out the door. He’s finally picked Rose’s birthday to tell her he loves her and take their relationship to the next level.

He’s pretty sure she loves him back too. That’s why he’s decided to tell her he loves her on her birthday. Cade heads downstairs says goodbye to his co-workers. He sees Rose sitting near the exit.

“Let’s get a drink”, Rose said.

 “I need to do my interview tomorrow, so I’m just going to drink a little bit”.

 “You’re such a party pooper”.

“Shut up. Let’s go already”.

“Chill out. You’re too stressed”.

“I have been working a month straight with no weekends off. This is my first weekend off. Fuck it. We’re doing tequilas tonight”!

 “There you go”, Rose said while putting her arm around Cade’s shoulder. The two best friends walk down to the pub and Rose walks up to the bartender.

“Three shots of Vodka and Tequila, right now”.

“Damn, Rose. It’s only five. You’re sure”?

“You did say fuck it, right. Don’t be a pussy”.

“Alright, damn it. You were always a lightweight, anyway”.

“Shut up”. Rose pays for the drinks and passes the tequila to Cade. “Bottoms up”, Cade said. Rose took her shots and almost threw up.

“I thought you were ready to party, Rosie”.

“Shut up. I…I…This is nothing. You cool”? “Of course I am”.

 Ten minutes later, Rose was drunk.

“What’s your deal?

“Wow, Rose. You are done. It’s only been ten minutes. I’m taking you home”.

 “You taking the bus, right”, the bartender says.

“Of course I am. Stay off my ass, buddy. I’m taking the fucking bus”.

                      The bartender shrugs and opens the door for them. Cade carries Rose out of the bar and waits as she staggers. They sit down in front of the bus stop.

“I hate taking the bus at this hour”, Cade said.

“You’re not the only one”.

“We only took three shots. I’m not as drunk as you though. I’m just a little buzzed”.

“Remember you called me after you saw your first body back when you were in the CIA”.

“Wow, Rose. That is one random question”.

“Do you remember”?

“Of course I do. I was one of the best”.

“According to your dad”.

“More like according to everyone”.

“I guess you were one bad-ass dude, huh”?

“You know it”, Cade said while making his finger a gun and pointing it at Rose.

“I can’t believe you left the CIA to become a journalist. Didn’t you like being an agent”?

“Of course I did. It’s just that I didn’t want to be an agent anymore. After Cherkov, that Russian guy I told you about”.

"Yeah. He took your mom".

"Well, he was the last guy I brought in. He took my mom and some agents in New York rescued her. After the debriefing, I was done with the CIA. I just wanted something new in my life”.

"I understand. Oh, here’s the bus”.

Cade takes Rose to her room and she drops onto the bed. Cade sits on the other side of the bed and laughs at Rose.


“Shut up, Cade”.

 “I wasn’t the only one who staggered out of the bar”.

“Whatever, man”.


“I’ll come see you in the morning to make sure you get to work on time”. Cade starts to rise form the bed.

“Wait. Can you sleep with me tonight”?


“Not like that. Just get on the other side of the bed”.

“Okay”. The two lay in silence for 10 minutes.

“Thank you, Cade”.

“You’re still a fucking lightweight”.

“Shut up”.


The night goes and the morning comes. Cade's alarm wakes him up and he falls out of bed. “Shit”. Rose tosses and turns, then she wakes up slowly.


Birthday, Rose”, said Cade.

“Thanks. What did you get me”?

“I'll be right back”. “

            It's at your apartment”! “I did stay over, you know”.

“Fine. I'll go shower and get ready”.

“You should. I'm taking you to dinner tonight and my card won't be declined”.

Cade showers and puts on his clothes. He then leaves and takes a bus to his apartment. There are not too many people on the bus, but Cade still wants his own car. Cade rides the bus for a while and finally arrives at his apartment. He walks into his room and takes Rose’s present.

Chapter Two Civilian


“I'm back”. Cade puts her present in her top drawer. Rose is in front of the stove cooking breakfast.

“I thought we were going out for breakfast”.

“Chill Out, Cade, no one can make omelets like I can”.

“That's for sure”, Cade said.  Rose finished her omelet and gave it to Cade.

“Wow, this is damn good”.

“You know it”, she said playfully.


Cade lays down on the couch and flips through the channels.


“Ok. What time is it? I have to be at work at 8”.


“It's 7. You gotta be there early. I didn't get you the assistant job for






“Check your top drawer”.


Rose walks over to her drawer and opens her top drawer. She turns


around and reveals a big smile.


“Oh my Gosh, it's two tickets to Papa Roach. Thank you, Cade”!


Rose jumps on Cade and hugs him. She then jumps in joy humming Papa




“Happy 28th”.


Rose stares coldly at him because she knows that she is getting closer to


30. She then leaves for work, but not before she gives Cade another hug.


Cade flips through the channels and his cell phone rings.




“Yeah, Cade. It's me”.


“We haven't spoken since we put Cherkov in prison. What's up, Dad”.


“Well, I wish I had some good news”.


“What happened”?


“Hugo Cherkov escaped from the maximum security prison we sent him



Cade can't believe this. The man he put in one of the worst maximum


security prisons in the world has escaped. The man who humiliated him.


The man who took his Mother and the man he tortured, is back.


“We have interpol working on the case, but the CIA thinks that Cherkov is


coming back for you”.


“What the hell?! Escaped?! How!?


“Apparently he had some men working on the inside that helped him




“Do you know where he is”?


“We started tracking him, but he went off the grid twelve hours ago”.


“But dad, he might know where I work and where I live”!


“Don't worry about it. I have twenty agents heading towards your


location as we speak. I also have Rose and your mother under protection


as well, but I think he’s after you”.


“I’ll take him down myself! He doesn’t scare me”!


“You're not a CIA agent anymore. You're a civilian now. Don't interfere”!


“I have to go, Dad”!


“Don’t go anywhere”.


“I know I'm not a CIA agent anymore, but I have to protect Rose. He


might be after her too. Don’t forget what happened to mom”!


“Will you really put your life on the line for that girl? Cherkov is






“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine”!


Cade hangs up the phone and takes a cab to his apartment. There, he has


a secret compartment in his closet that.


contains some CIA equipment that he kept. Cade has been out of the CIA


for a year, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t kept a few tools just in Case.


The taxi pulls up in front of Cade’s apartment and Cade pays the driver.


He opens the door, goes to his closet, and opens a secret compartment.


Cade opens the safe and takes his pistol. He leaves his assault rifle,


grenades, and night vision goggles. Cade hides the pistol in the back of


his pants and heads for Hank’s JSPOT, but on the way, he sees people


screaming and calling 911 in the streets. He steps out of the car and runs


towards the building.


“What happened”?!, Cade asks a woman on the street.


“ It was horrible. This Russian man started shooting up the place.


There was so much blood”.


Cade charges in the building and takes his pistol out. He takes cover by


the wall and notices blood and bodies in various places. It seems that


everyone is dead, but Cade sees Harry slumped against the wall, holding


his stomach.


“Cade. Is that.. is that you”?


Cade goes over to Harry and helps him up.




“You’ve been shot, but you’ll live. I’ve seen that injury before”.


“Come on. I’ll help you outside”.


Cade picks up Harry and carries him slowly to the ambulance outside.


The emergency Medical Technician calls his co-worker and they put


Harry on a stretcher.


“Ive seen this kind of injury before. He will be fine if you move him to the


hospital fast”. Cade runs back into the building.


“Cade”!, Harry screamed to him in pain.


“Save your strength”.


“He took Rose”.




“He took Rose. He’s..He’s taken her. The last place I saw that Russian guy was... was... in your office”.


Thanks, Harry. Now save your strength”.


The EMTs take Harry into the ambulance and Cade runs into the


building, up the stairs and into his office. He finds a note on top of his


desk. Cade notices there are drops of blood on the note. He reads the





The note says:


It seems that old man told you that I was in your office, eh. As you can


see, there are many bodies around you, but you do not see your precious


Rose, do you? Well, I have taken her and she is mine to play with. I


know much about you, Cade Jensen. I know where you sleep. I know


where you work. I know when you will take your last breath. See if you


can find me, Dalbayob.  I’m waiting....



Cade balls up the paper and throws it. “No one fucks with my Rosie. I’m


going to put a bullet in your head, Cherkov. You just wait”. Sirens are


heard in the distance. Cade knows he can’t face the cops, so he runs down


the stairs and out the back door. He wants to check on the victims, but he


must find Rose no matter what. Cade runs as fast as he can away from


the building and goes to Grand Central Station. His gun is safely hidden


and he’s thinking of what to do next. He’s been out of the CIA for a year,


but he still knows how to handle Cherkov. Cade decides to call his father


for help.


Chapter Two Rodriguez


“Dad, I need your help. Cherkov took Rose”.


“I knew this would happen. Do you have an idea of where he’s taken her”.


“I think I do. Every time Cherkov takes someone hostage, he always stays


in inner-city areas to avoid suspicion”.


“I’ll send some agents to investigate Harlem and Bed-Stuy. Where are




“I’m at Grand Central Station”.


“Stay where you are. I’m sending Rodriguez to your position”.


“Rodriguez?! But I have to find her”!


“Rodriguez will help you”.


“Dad. It’s a bloodbath at my job. The only one I found alive is my boss


and he’s in critical condition”.


“I’m sorry for what happened, but you have to stay out of this”.


“No! That’s not happening. I can do this. Let me take him down. Please,


Dad, I’m begging you”.


“Fine. Go take him down. Just don’t do anything drastic”.




“Yeah, Yeah. Rodriguez is in the area already, so he should be there




“Got it. Thanks again”.


All Cade has on his mind is Rose and putting a bullet in Cherkov’s head.


Grand Central Station is crowded, so Cade is not easily spotted. At this


point, Cade doesn’t care if he’s spotted, as long as he gets his girl and


takes down Cherkov . Cade’s phone makes a noise that indicates that he


has a new message.


“What the hell”?


Cade opens the message and it’s a video. He presses play and the video


shows Cherkov on top of Rose. Rose tries to scream but there is tape over


her mouth. “Hello, Dalbayob. Do you see this? It looks like the girl is


mine, huh. Her hair is so soft”. Cherkov caresses her hair delicately and


turns Rose over. “That is nice. I can see why you wanna keep her. The


only asses I’ve seen lately are the ones in prison! I was in a fucking


dungeon. A dungeon. No women for a year. Not even a conjugal visit.


Well, I have my woman now, don’t I.  You know who I am and what I’ve


been convicted of. I was convicted of murder and conspiracy in terrorism.


But do you wanna know what else I’ve been incarcerated for? Statutory”!


The video ends there and Cade’s eyes are red. The mission is clear now.


“Where the hell is Rodriguez”?

A tall Puerto Rican man with short brown hair enters Grand Central


Station and looks around. Cade walks up to him and says, “Look,


we gotta find this asshole. Now”!


 “Good to see you too”?


“Yeah. Good to see you too. We gotta move”.


Chapter Three High Noon


    The agent and the former agent leave the station and enter Rodriguez’s


Crown Victoria.


“Your dad told me what happened. I’m sorry. You got any idea where he


might be”?


“I do. Head towards Bed-Stuy, Rodriguez”.


“If he tries anything on Rose, I’m killing him as soon as I set my eyes on




“Wow, and here I thought the quiet life would change you”.


“Whatever. Just drive the car”.


“We’ve just entered Bed-Stuy. Anywhere you’d like to go”?


“Cherkov always holds people hostage in inner-city areas of cities. We’re


checking Bed-Stuy first”.


“You allowed to carry a gun”?


“Temporarily”, Cade says while checking his magazine on his pistol”.


“You seem ready”.


“As always”.


Rodriguez stops the car and calls out to a young african american woman


with short black hair.


“Excuse me. Have you seen anything unusual lately”? Rodriquez shows


his badge.


The woman looks at him as though he’s asking a silly question.


“In Bed-Stuy. Please”.


“Have you seen anyone like this”? Cade shows Cherkov’s picture to the




She stares at it and she looks as though a light bulb has been switched on


in her her brain.


“He just rented an apartment not too long ago”.


“Where”?, Cade says intently.


“How do you know this”?, Rodrguez said looking at Cade.


“I just left my apartment and I saw him and his girlfriend”.


“That wasn’t his girlfriend”, Cade said looking at a picture of Rose on his


cell phone.


“Thank you”.


“No problem”.


Cade and Rodriquez get out of the car and equip their guns.


“Stay on me. He won’t see us if we leave our car here”, Rodriguez orders


Cade, but Cade dismisses his order and runs to the apartment complex.


“Come on, Cade”.


“I’m going to save her”. Cade opens the door and points the gun at the


young man at the front desk. The young man is scared and holds his


hands up.


Rodriguez catches up to him and shows his badge to the young man.


“I’m sorry. This isn’t how we do things. Cade! What do you think you’re




“Not now, Rod. Not now”.


Cade shows a picture of Cherkov to the man.


“What room”?!


“What are you talking about”?


“What. Fucking. Room”?! Cade cocks his gun


“Oh, God”, the young man says.


“Don’t make me ask again”!


“710. It’s 710. Please don’t kill me”!


“Cade, you’re lucky no one is here except him”.


“Let’s go”, Cade says.


Cade and Rodriguez take the stairs to the seventh floor. Cade sees two


burly, tall, Russian guys standing guard in front of 710 with pistols in


their hands and takes cover by the door.


“You see ‘em’”?, Cade says.


“Yeah. Of course I do”.


“We’re going to take these guys out. Here. I’ve got two silencers just in




Rodriguez hands the silencer to Cade and they both administer silencers


to their pistols. They both take a deep breath and Cade opens the door.


Rodriguez shoots one in the head and Cade shoots the other one twice in


the chest. Cade spits on one of them and opens 710. Rodriguez shakes his


head and readies his pistol.


“It’ll be better if you scream, bitch”, a voice said in another room.


“Please don’t. Stop it. No. No. No. Please”!


“That’s Rose”, Cade said.


“You’re right. He probably can’t hear us”. Cade and Rodriguez enter the


room. Cade kicks open the bedroom door and he finds Cherkov behind


Rose dry humping her. Cherkov slaps her in the face and kicks her in the




“Cade...”? Rose puts a smile on her face, the first one she had in a long time.




Rodriguez tells Cherkov to put his hands up, but Cade holds his hand up.


Cade grabs Cherkov, punches him in the face, pistol whips him, and kicks


Cherkov ten times in the chest. Cherkov struggles to breathe and grabs a


knife. Cade knocks it out of Cherkov’s hand.


“You were always weak”.


Cade kicks him again.


“You always let your men do your dirty work for you”.


 Cade throws Cherkov into the mirror.


“You’ve taken my mother”!


Cherkov coughs up blood.


“You’ve threatened me”?!


Cade shoots Cherkov in both of his legs.


“You’ve taken the girl that I love. You motherfucker. Who’s. The.


Dalbayob. Now”!


Cherkov is going into shock.



“I...I am...”. Cade cocks his pistol and puts his gun to Cherkov’s head and


prepares to shoot, but Rose moves the gun.


“Rose, what are you doing”?!


“This isn’t you”.


“He must die. Here and now”.


“He deserves to die, but not here. He deserves to die in prison. Take him






“Cade. Please. This isn’t the man I love”.


Cade slowly puts his gun down and Rodriguez calls the ambulance while


putting cuffs on Cherkov.


“You still wanna be a journalist, Cade. You just proved to me you can


come back to be a CIA agent”.


Cade looks at Rose and massages her hair. They look longingly


into each other’s eyes and Cade gives her a fiery, electrifying kiss.


Rose opens her eyes.

“I can’t believe you did all this for me”.


“I love you and I can’t live without you. You are my priority”. 


“I love you too”. They kiss again and Cade hugs her intensely.


“Happy Birthday”.


“Worst birthday ever”.


“Did he hurt you”?


“Yeah, you see my bruises, don’t you”.


“No, I mean...”.


“No, he didn’t rape me. He wanted to though. He was just about to when


you busted in. Thank You”.


“Rodriguez, the hospital is right down the street. You can take care of


things here, right”?


“You two love birds go. I can take care of things here. Cherkov’s never


getting out of prison. He’s going to prison. In the middle east. You didn’t


die here today, but you’re going to die there, Cherkov”!





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