Video Game Idea

This is a little video game idea for Xbox 360. Not Xbox One, because the Xbox One will suck


1. Video Game Idea

U.K’s Finest




FRAMED is a third person action/adventure and mystery video game with puzzles. FRAMED is about an U.K member of the Wolves. The Wolves are a subsidiary of the parliament’s law enforcement. Blake Ashtor, an ex-Wolves member who left because his best friend framed him for a murder he did not commit. He is framed of the murder of the F.B.I’s director’s daughter. Blake is on the MI-5 most wanted list because the MI-5 thought that Blake killed the secretary of defense 6 months ago. Still, 6 months after the incident, Blake is still looking for Quentin and the mission is personal. Blake must find and kill his ex best friend, Quentin Wilmont, Director of the Wolves-2. Blake has been looking for Quentin Wilmont for two years and has found nothing. On his last job, however, the person he killed was a member of the original Wolves and knows where Quentin is hiding. Blake now has one lead to Quentin Wilmont and must go after it. The player will travel the globe to find Quentin Wilmont. The player will find allies that only he trusts and will also travel through bustling cities. The player will roam through bustling cities, escaping the government, purchase weapons, gear, and vehicles at black markets. The game play will feature a cover system, upgradeable weapons, gear, vehicles, and the cities can be explored by the player. Since the player is trained by the government, he has a wide array of skills, including parkour, Hapkido, boxing, Krav Maga, and SAMBO. The player is allowed to choose any of these fighting styles during gameplay and can also use combos as well. Throughout the game, the player will meet his old allies from city to city, fight, kill, and interrogate anyone who is apart of the F.B.I or the Wolves. The player can also make choices with almost everything he or she does. The player cannot pull out a weapon in the middle of the street or he will be arrested. The player can also run from law enforcements and then he can pull out his or her weapon. Blake Ashtor will come across allies, law enforcement, government enforcement, and civilians who work for the government as well. Over the course of the game, the player will make choices that will affect him later in the game. People may or may not like Blake as much as they used to before because of his choices. The game revolves around the player. The player will have to complete the missions in every city in the game to finish the story. In every city, the player can make allies with the people he interacts with or kill them or the player can just walk away from them by using them like trash. Towards the end of the game, Blake Ashtor will make it to North Dakota with his allies or by himself. According to the choices the player has made, the endings will vary. Blake will also have a love interest. Her name is Rosetta Stone. At the end of the game, when the player completes all cities, Blake will meet Quentin Wilmont and will have one final battle with him. Blake will eventually fight close combat with Quentin and when the player has a gun to Quentin’s head, the player can kill, interrogate, torture, or let Quentin go. If the player just kills Quentin, the player will never know Quentin’s true intentions. If the player interrogates, Quentin, the player will get his or her questions answers. Finally, if the player lets Quentin go, Quentin will try and kill the player, resulting in Quentin’s death anyway. After the ending of FRAMED, the player can return to any of the bustling cities to do parkour, interact with people, or do side missions. The story is told through cut scenes and narration by Blake Ashtor. The cities throughout the game are: New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, France, and London. The government will be chasing Blake throughout these cities and the player has to evade, kill, knockout, or interrogate law enforcement. In each city, there will be multiple contactable allies that the player will have the choice to interact with. The player will have choices to pursue or be professional with the love interest. Each city will have at least 25-100 people in it. When interrogating people, it is always safe for the player to be unsuspicious and discreet. Blake also has the option to move the body wherever he wishes. Law Enforcement, Gangs, and the government agencies are all on Blake’s tail, but he doesn’t care as long as he gets to kill Quentin Wilmont. The F.B.I’s director’s daughter was killed by Quentin Wilmont so he can take over the F.B.I and the Wolves. Quentin put the gun and pictures of the Director’s daughter in Blake’s apartment and now almost every agent and law enforcement is after him. Choices will be made, hardships will be overcome, fights will be fought, allies will be found, betrayals, and Blake will clear his name or die trying.


Game Mechanics


The player can freely run or walk through any city. The player can also climb buildings using his parkour techniques. The character, Blake Ashtor moves like a real person including his walk, run, jump, combat, and how the player shoots. The character can crouch behind almost any object. The player will also have a map that shows where main missions, objects, people, key buildings, stores, and side missions are. The player can jump from building to building. If a building is close, the player can jump to it. The player has different ways of interrogating key enemies. The player can beat the enemy up or the player can put the enemy on top of a building and lean the enemy off. This game will be on the Xbox 360. The movement will be on the analog and the camera will be on the opposite analog stick. On the Xbox 360, A will be Jump, B will be Strong Close Combat, and X will be Weak Close Combat. Y will open up the weapon and item menu. The right bumper will be to run and the right trigger will be to shoot. The left trigger will be to dive from enemies and get behind cover. The left bumper will be to interact with things and open the items menu. Select brings up the map. The D pad switches weapons, items, clothes, and the cell phone on the fly. The player can customize the clothes of Blake Ashtor and upgrade his weapons and camouflage. The city also has key buildings that the player can walk into. The cities have a limited amount of citizens. The game follows realistic physics. When the player walks into an obstacle, the player hits the obstacle in a realistic way. Acceleration, turning, stopping, etcetera is realistic as well. The melee and guns have Hollywood sound effects. The puzzles the player will run into are to find key people who can lead Blake to Quentin Wilmont. The puzzles will consist of looking in the phonebook, using computers, inspecting key houses, calling the right people, and being at the right place at the right time. The player has to contact the right people and be places at the right time or that mission will be a failure. The player will find some way to contact someone else to find Quentin Wilmont. The game occurs in real time. If the cell phone says 7:00 and the meeting with a potential ally is at 7:30, the player has to find the fastest way to get to the meeting. Blake sometimes has to be on his toes and has keen senses. The player must also be unsuspecting to other people. The player must wear hoodies, and sometimes operate at night. The game is in 3d. FRAMED uses the Unreal game engine because the game is realistic and uses real time. FRAMED also has fast travel when using a means of transportation. The player cannot skip the cut scenes because the cut scenes are like a movie. FRAMED uses models of the actors for the characters in the game. The player can interact with people with by talking, hitting, or grabbing onto people. The player can climb up buildings, but cannot jump down from them so easily because the game play has realistic effects on the player and others. The player can jump down a building if he sees something good enough to grab on to. The cities in the game are huge, but the player can only operate around a few areas. If the player has to find something, the player can use the map and use taxis or cars. When the player has to find one of the people connected to Quentin, the player has many choices of finding the person. The player can use taxis and cars to move from place to place. The pacing in FRAMED is of an action movie and keeps the player on his toes. The MI-5 or the C.I.A could be tailing Blake and he couldn’t even know it.  The player can also change the player’s clothes and upgrade items. If the player is lost or bored, there are many side missions and the map is available and easy to use at all times. The world of Framed is big and there are only a few cities the player can explore. Each city is at least 80 to 100 sq. miles. The player can travel by car, taxi, plane, or the player can fast travel. Fast Travel is unlocked after beating the game. Below are the mechanics for the controls, fighting styles, weapons, travel system, choices, and interrogating techniques.


Xbox 360 Controls



                     X:Punch/ attack with melee weapons.


                     B: Grab

                     RB: run will be to shoot.

                     LT: will be to dive from enemies and get behind cover.

                     LB: interact with things and Select brings up the map. Tap LB to roll

                     D pad switches weapons, items, clothes, and the cell phone on the fly.

                     RT is to shoot.


When jumping, Blake can automatically attach onto buildings or latch onto something he could hold onto. Since Blake is a Parkour expert, running from building to building or car to car is no problem. Blake can grab onto any pole or scaffolding.  Blake can also roll when jumping from a building to cushion his fall. X is to punch and with punching comes combinations of punches. The player can switch fighting styles on the fly, but the strongest hand to hand combat style is Krav Maga. Krav Maga is deadly and comes with the intent to kill. B is kick and combinations come with that. The player can use punching and kicking as a combo. Also, fighting techniques can be changed freely in real time while fighting. Blake can punch using Krav Maga and Kung Fu kick an enemy. There are

Krav Maga is an Israeli Fighting Style, but the Wolves thought it would be important to learn in because it is powerful and every move has the intent to kill. The player can dive while shooting with LT. The player can use LB to roll to cushion his fall. The D-pad swithes weapons, items, clothes, and his cell phone in real time. Below are methods of Krav Maga the player can use. Other fighting styles are available in the game. There will be some fighting styles the player must unlock.
















This is Blake’s default fighting style. He learned this fighting style when he was training with his former mentor, Faris "Farik" al-Fari. Blake can use counters, blocks, punches, kicks, and grapples against opponents and pedestrians. There are also many combos with KRAV MAGA and the pictures above are only a few of them. Krav Maga Strikes, Krav Maga Chokes, Krav Maga Hair Grabs, Krav Maga Bear Hugs, Krav Maga Arm Grabs,  Krav Maga Knife Attacks , and Krav Maga Gun Attacks can be used. Blake can neutralize the threat, avoid injury, go from defending to attacking as quickly as possible, use the body's natural reflexes strike at vulnerable areas, and use any tool or object nearby.






Blake can use punching, kicking, and finishing moves for this fighting style. Blake learned this technique when traveling in Japan to perfect his skills. There are many combos to this fighting style. Blake can use roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, blocks and special moves. Blake’s special move is the Shotokan Gyaku tsuki, a powerful punch that will stun, kill, or knock out an opponent. Blake can also switch kicks, jumping kicks and multiple punch/kick combinations Enemies in the game will fight hand to hand instead of guns sometimes.








Blake has been doing Mixed Martial Arts all his life and has won a few championships before joining The Wolves. When fighting in MMA style, Blake can use submissions, grapples, kicks, punches, and the “Ground and Pound”.

















There are over 100 weapons to use in FRAMED and only special ones are purchased in the Black Market. The weapons vary from bats to an RPG. The Katana is only found through downloadable contact. When the player buys weapons, the weapons are stored in the safe house. Also, Blake’s allies can upgrade items as well.



Weapons Blake can use

Assault Rifles Pistols(Special, Alternate, and customizable) Heavy Weapons (RPGs, Missiles, etc.) Melee Weapons (Bats, Knives, Swords, and almost anything the player picks up can be a weapon.


Every weapon will have Hollywood movie effect sounds, but the handling of the weapons will be realistic. Every weapon will feel different, sound different, and will be used differently.


Travel System

Blake can use cars, steal cars, use cabs, hijack planes, and can fast travel.











The choices in FRAMED and important and affect the player, people around the player, missions, and the world around Blake. In Framed, you have a choice of finding Quentin on your own or finding allies to help you. The player can also have the choice to trust his allies, kill his allies, work with allies, or make Blake’s allies fear him. Conversations with people have choices as well, similar to mass effect. Conversation options branch off and some options will be highlighted. Highlighted options can be an evil choice, good choice, or neutral choice.












Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is very important to this game. The game has three difficulty choices. There is Easy, Medium, and Realistic mode. On easy mode, the game works by itself and the player will probably never die. If the player gets attacked, the health of the player will not affect him as much as it is supposed to. When the player gets attacked on easy mode, the player can stay behind cover because he has been fatally shot. The player can get shot and attacked in many ways. If the player gets shot or run over, the player can stand still or get behind cover until the health regenerates or the player can go to a hospital. On Realistic mode, however, two shots to the player will fatally wound him and the health will not regenerate, resulting in the player’s death. Or the player can go to a nearby clinic or hospital. The damage, difficult, choices, and items gradually change throughout each difficulty. When Blake gets shot, he can also heal himself using bandages or some other method. The enemies will not flank the player on easy mode, but on medium and realistic, the enemies will flank and try to kill the player. If the player gets attacked by an enemy in the street, people will respond to it. If the player pulls out a gun or a weapon, people around Blake will respond to it. People will hardly suspect that Blake is doing anything if the player is standing still. The A.I will become more of a threat and will become more of a match throughout the game. Throughout the game, the enemies become more alert and more powerful. When Blake walks, the player will feel that he or she is walking realistically. When Blake runs, the player will have total control over Blake’s parkour actions as he or she is running. When Blake is attacking enemies, the player has control over Blake and can use any method to kill enemies out in the open, in a building, or where a mission is. The player will encounter different enemies and people throughout FRAMED. People around Blake will call the police or Help when Blake has made a few bad choices or suspect him. The player can interact with almost anything in the game. If the Blake is surrounded by enemies, the player must use logic and strategy to pursue the enemies. If a gunfight rages in the city or somewhere where people can see or hear, the police will have yellow tape down on the crime scene. If someone sees your face, the player can bribe them or hurt them. When Blake moves to cover, the player must make sure that Blake is behind cover. When Blake is attacking an enemy, the player will have free control over Blake. Sometimes, the player has to be discreet and do his business in the dark or at night. When the player upgrades his items or clothes, the A.I’s attack and defense varies. Enemies will sometimes try and flank Blake, but Blake has a dangerous set of skills and can fight up to 15 enemies at a time. The enemy will sometimes drive around and try to follow Blake. Blake can use them by any means necessary. Law Enforcement will stay at the crime scene so Blake has to wait until the cops give up so Blake can look around the area. Crime scenes are important in this game because the player can impersonate a police officer or detective and can tell the other cops to leave or do work for you.  The player will sometimes use tactics when fighting, evading, and running from enemies. Rooftop chases will be to Blake’s advantage because he is a master of parkour and has been doing it for 20 years. Chases on the street, however, will be a challenge for the player because enemies will kill you and try and run you over. Federal Agents and Cops will act like they are regular Federal Agents and law enforcement.







Game Elements



 The player will fight many enemies, make allies, and might become an ally with an enemy. There are many types of enemies in the game. There are spies, informants, military, mobsters, law enforcement, and special ops members. There are also ex-Wolves members. The spies are hidden throughout the game because they are easy to kill, yet easy to spot. A spy can be just a civilian sitting next to you, drinking coffee and then the civilian would be gone. When the player encounters a spy, the spy will use any means necessary to kill Blake and bring his head on a platter to Quentin. The player can kill or knock out a spy in any means necessary. The player can use any weapon around him to kill or knock out the spy. If a spy is holding a knife, the player can punch the spy in the face and take the knife away using Krav Maga or Kung Fu. The spy can be killed easily, but will not go down without a fight. There are many types of spies throughout the game and cities. After the player kills or knocks out the spy, he is obligated to flee from the scene or hide the body somewhere. The player will have to rely on informants sometimes, but if the informant decides to take the enemy’s money over yours, the informant and/or his buddies might try and kill you. Some informants have different fighting styles and techniques. The enemies surrounding the informant might vary as well. The enemies that are surrounding the informant are mostly goons that work for the government. There are at least 50-100 people in each city and Blake can fight up to at least 30 people on the screen. When Blake attacks enemies by melee, the enemies will try and block his attacks or evade them. Blake will sometimes have a challenge when fighting someone who knows kung fu or Krav Maga. Blake’s default melee technique is Krav Maga. Law Enforcement might have dirty cops coming after Blake as well. Dirty Cops will not hesitate to kill the player on the spot. Blake can also put some cops on his payroll to keep the heat off of him. The F.B.I and the C.IA are even working together to find and kill Blake Ashtor. The F.B.I and the C.I.A will track Blake down to the apartment that he is staying at. If anyone finds Blake at his apartment or safe house, the player has many choices to deal with his trackers. The player can kill them, interrogate them, fight them, or run for your life. The cities range from 80 sq. mile to 100 sq. mile areas. The game gives the player clues but Blake has to find things out for himself by listening to the radio, newspapers, cell phones, contacts, allies, and questioning people. The Police System in the game is similar to Grand Theft Auto but tweaked. On FRAMED, the police can work for the player. Blake can bribe law enforcement and federal agents. The Parkour element is not strained and gives complete control to the player. The player can jump from building to building if he thinks he can survive the fall by rolling. The experience is innovative and intense during chase sequences. Blake can also steal cars sneakily or in the open.  







The player can interact with mostly anything in the game. If the player walks up to a door when walking towards a building, the player must press X to open the door. If the door is open or a revolving door, the player can just run in or walk in. The player can also run or burst into any door. The player can buy health items at the hospital or from someone else on the street or in a building. If Blake buys some health supplies at a general store or a market, he could use them anytime. Blake can use them in or out of fighting mode. Since the game is realistic, Blake has time to treat his injuries and if he doesn’t, Blake will die and will start at his last checkpoint or the safe house. The black market dealer can upgrade Blake’s weapons. The black market dealer can give Blake extra ammo, grenades, shotguns with range and silencers. Also, the power and resilience of weapons will increase. Blake will find keys, names, addresses, notes, license plates, and crime scene photos. Blake has the choice to either discard items or keep them. Some items will have a major role in the story and will have leads to finding Quentin and then clearing his name.











 The player can use any key objects he can pick up. If the player picks up a weapon form the street like a brick to smash a window, Blake can throw it or use it as a melee weapon. The puzzles in the game include investigating houses, crime scenes, cars, and buildings. The player has to use the items on his hand to find evidence and people connected to Quentin. Throughout the game, the player finds people and items connected to Quentin. Blake also has to interrogate people as well. If Blake interrogates people the wrong way, then he will not get the answer that he wants. When Blake lets someone go after interrogating or fighting them, the NPC will stay away from you, but Blake can still ask questions that he missed or needs to hear again. The player can manipulate and interact with items and evidence he finds. Also, the player can combine, destroy, or move evidence because finding Quentin depends on Blake. When the player is in a building, Blake must use something that can break the window so he can jump out and find an escape route. A brick or a pipe can easily break a car’s window, but a chair can definitely break a building’s window easily. Blake must use the world and people to find evidence and clues. Blake Ashtor is in his late 20s, has a Caesar haircut, white, Irish, muscular, in good shape, 200 pounds, and 6’3. Blake is a Krav Maga master and a Kung Fu Black Belt. He is one of the best black ops members and top fist fighters in the world. He was declared World Champion at UFC 37. Blake can customize weapons that the player can store, use or discard at any time. The melee in the game has different punching and kicking techniques. The player can switch fighting styles on the fly.  FRAMED will use the Unreal Engine 3 for the graphics. All guns and weapons fire and hit differently. The player can go to the black market and upgrade his fighting skills tenfold. Blake can upgrade combos and combination attacks.


Characters: Almost every character in the game will use models and likeness of actors and/or models.


Blake Ashtor:  Model and Likeness of Sam Worthington


Blake Ashtor is an Ex Special Ops Agent on the run because he was framed for killing the Director’s daughter during a job for the parliament. Blake Ashtor is the ace agent on the Wolves, a secret Parliament Agency.




Quentin Belmont



Quentin Belmont is Blake’s ex best friend and squad mate. They worked together for 5 years and were friends during that time. Belmont and the Wolves were using Blake to kill the Queen, but the plan was thwarted when the Director’s daughter found out Belmont’s plan. Some of the Wolves were not apart of Belmont’s plan and tried to catch him. Quentin Belmont is an expert of hand to hand combat and assault weapons. Belmont and his team killed the daughter at the Queen’s ball. He called Blake to stay with the body while he gets paramedic and tells Blake to keep his gun out because the assailant might still be around. The Queen walked in the room with the director and they thought that Blake killed the girl and Blake then realized that his so- called friends manipulated him, therefore resulting in Blake’s fugitive status.


Natasha Belmont: Model and Likeness of Amy Adams

Natasha Belmont is the sister of Quentin Belmont and ex-wife of Blake Ashtor. Blake and Natasha were married 6 months ago and were separated because Blake did not want her to be put in danger because he is a fugitive. She still loves Blake and hates her brother. She doesn’t want her brother killed, but in prison.




Kelly Marillo: Daughter of the MI-5 Director and killed by Quentin Belmont.


Rebellious and kind, Kelly Marillo was on her way to Oxford to be an artist but was killed by Quentin Belmont before she could even pack. At the Queen’s ball, Kelly was eating cake when Quentin walked in and shot her because he thought she was connected to a drug cartel and 60 million pounds. Blake is now framed and on the run.


Dan Marillo: Likeness and Model of Tom Wilkinson

He is the Director of MI-5 and father of Kelly Marino. He wanted his daughter dead because she was a thief and an enemy to the Parliament. He’s using his daughter’s death as a ruse to murder Quentin Belmont.  









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