Teen Special Crime Unit: The Video Game Killer

Teen Special Crime Unit is a crime procedural about teen detectives who are working on a case. The case is a murder. A man who hates video games returns from prison and continues his rampage on murdering children and people with their own video games. This is one of the first scripts i wrote, so please don't bash it lol.


1. Teen Special Crime Unit



          The Captain, PAUL STICKLER, walks into Cade's office. He
          drops a folder onto his desk. CADE looks up with a sign.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Another Case? Can't someone else do
                    this one. Delgado?

                              PAUL STICKER
                    Quit Whining.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Fine. I'll do it. Has the new
                    partner come in yet?

                              PAUL STICKER
                    Yup. Fresh out of the Teen Special
                    Unit Academy. Sarah McIntyre. She
                    should be here in a few minutes.
                    See ya.

          Paul Stickler leaves the office and a beautiful girl knocks
          on Cade's door. She has plainclothes on because all Teen
          Special Homicide Unit of the 26th precinct members are
          plainclothes. He signals her to come in. She sits down in
          the chair with a smile on her face.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Hello. I'm Lieutenant Cade Jensen.
                    Nice to meet you.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Nice to meet you too. I'm Sarah
                    McIntyre. I'm the new boot.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    I know. But first, I'd like to ask
                    you a couple of questions.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    No problem. Fire Away.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    What made you want to be apart of

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Ever since I was a little kid, I
                    wanted to be apart of this. I want
                    to help people and solve homicides.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Hmm. How old are you?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Oh, I'm 17. You?

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Same. The lockers are behind you.
                    You can go put your stuff in there.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Thank you again, lieutenant.

          Sarah shakes hands with Cade and leaves the room.

          Sarah heads towards the lockers and puts her stuff away.
          Then she chooses her equipment and pistol. She picks a 9
          millimeter and some extra ammo. Cade opens the file in his

                              CADE JENSEN(READING FILE)
                    Hmm. Franky Lancaster. 12 years
                    old. Dumped in dumpster and
                    strangled with his own Wii
                    Controller wire. Shit. That's
                    fucked up.

          Cade goes to Sarah and shows her the file.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Oh My God. That's awful.

          Sarah and Cade leave the tall, dark building and drive the
          Camaro to Downtown Manhattan. The car stops at a halt and
          they walk to the twelve-year old's body. The body sits
          there, cold and lifeless. Cade crouches and sees a shoe
          print on the ground. Sarah's expression is terrified, but
          Cade calms her down.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    First time seeing a body, boot?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    He's just a little boy.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Mmm-Hmm. I found this shoe print.

          Cade takes a picture of the shoe print and he looks at the

                              CADE JENSEN
                    This investigation is serious. We
                    might have a serial killer on our

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    I think there was a serial killer
                    in the 80s who killed children by
                    bashing them with their own video
                    game consoles.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Good Work, McIntyre. You know your

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Thank you, sir.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Call me Jensen.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    OK. Jensen. I'll check his pockets.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    I found a school ID. I think it's
                    one of those safety cards just in
                    case if he goes missing.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Or dead.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE

          Sarah finds a rubber band with blood and puts the rubber
          band in a bag. The cold wind blows her long red hair in the
          air. Cade's short black hair stays the same.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    There's blood on this rubber band.
                    Jensen, you think this might be a
                    copycat killer?

                              CADE JENSEN
                    I'm not sure. The original Video
                    Game Killer must be walking the
                    streets now. He's been in jail for
                    30 years. It's 2010 now and he
                    could be doing this again. Any
                    cameras around?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    There is a camera at a Toys R Us
                    across the street. First, we need
                    the medical examiner to get this

          Cade and Sarah walk across the street with their badges out,
          but people still don't respect the Teen Special Crime Unit.
          They enter the toys r us and question the manager.





                              BILL SANDERS
                    Good Morning, officer. What can I
                    do for you.

          BILL shakes their hands.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    There's been a murder across the
                    street. Have you seen this boy

          Cade holds up Franky Lancaster's photo.

                              BILL SANDERS
                    Hmmm. No, I haven't seen him
                    before. It's terrible, though.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    It is. When we were investigating,
                    we saw a camera across the street.
                    How long does your recording last?

           A Teen Special Crimes Coroner van pulls up at the crime
          scene. A medical examiner get out of the van and takes the
          body. He pulls out a cell phone and calls Jensen.

                              TSCU MEDICAL EXAMINER
                    Jensen. Time of death 2:30 AM.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Thank you. Mr. Sanders. How long do
                    your recordings last.

                              BILL SANDERS
                    It lasts all day.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    As Teen Officers of the law, we
                    must ask for the recordings from
                    last week to today.

                              BILL SANDERS
                    Of course you can. I'll be right

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Thank you.




                              JOHNNY ORTON
                    Hey Cade. Is that the new partner?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    The name's Sarah. Sarah McIntyre.
                    You are?

                              JOHNNY ORTON
                    Johnny Orton. But everybody here
                    calls me Orton.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Nice to meet you, Orton.

          SARAH and ORTON shake hands.

                              JOHNNY ORTON
                    You too.

          Two medical examiners bring in the body and put FRANKY on a

                    Such a shame.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE

                              JOHNNY ORTON
                    This freakin' kid was strangled
                    with his own Wii controller.
                    Actually, when you think you about
                    it, it's pretty damn funny.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    You're pretty messed up, Orton.

                    I know. Alright. This is the
                    victim. Franky Lancaster. Twelve
                    years old. White Male. Looks like
                    there was some struggle when he was
                    strangled. The mark on his neck is
                    clean. It appears a professional
                    could have done this.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Sarah and I made the assumption
                    that the Video Game Killer is back.

                    The Video Game Killer? No Way. I
                    though he went to prison.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Oh, he did. for 30 years.

                    30 years? But...

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    He was realeased a couple of months

                    He must be at least Fifty.

                    I'm thinking he might be back too.
                    I'm no detective, but I thought we
                    had a copycat killer on our hands.

          Captain Paul Stickler appears.

                              PAUL STICKER
                    He is really back. The last time I
                    saw the killer, I just became lead
                    detective. He ws my first case. You
                    two will be the lead detectives on
                    The Video Game Killer case.


                              PAUL STICKER

                    Why is he doing this?

                              PAUL STICKER
                    His modus operandi is and will
                    always be for the pleasure and
                    excitement. Nothing Else. You kids
                    better find him or more bodies will
                    turn up.


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