Teen Special Crime Unit: The Video Game Killer

Teen Special Crime Unit is a crime procedural about teen detectives who are working on a case. The case is a murder. A man who hates video games returns from prison and continues his rampage on murdering children and people with their own video games. This is one of the first scripts i wrote, so please don't bash it lol.


2. Teen Special Crime Unit Continued

Sarah and Cade go head toward the Media Room and put on the
          DVD. It's dark and it shows two figures holding down Franky
          and one of them is taking out a WII controller. Franky kicks
          the figure and tries to run away, but a person runs to
          Franky and he strangles him. One figure runs away, but the
          other one throws the body into the dumpster.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Can we enhance the image, Jensen?

                              CADE JENSEN
                    We could, but their faces were
                    turned away from the camera the
                    whole time, even when the other
                    figure ran away. But I'm sure that
                    we'll have some results from the

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Right! When will they have the

                              CADE JENSEN
                    ORTON said it might take a few days
                    because the rubber band was in the
                    dumpster with the rest of the

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    What about the shoe print?

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Nick is working ont aht as we
                    speak. Speak of the Devil!

          NICK BRAFF enters the room.

                              NICK BRAFF
                    Sergeant Jensen, I have the prints
                    finished for those shoe prints you
                    found. Follow me to my lab.


                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Oh! Ok! Alright. Let's see what you

                              NICK BRAFF
                    Well, this is a size 10 Timberland
                    Boot. I found some DNA and I'm
                    about about to find your man.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Good Work, Braff.

                              NICK BRAFF
                    Well, I haven't found who your guy
                    is yet.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    That's our job.

                              NICK BRAFF
                    Mine too. Something's not right

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Yeah, I know. Something's wrong.
                    Sarah, let's go to the office.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE

          Janice Lancaster walks into the station and Orton shows
          Janice her son. She cries and breaks down. Orton hugs her
          and shows her the body.

                              JANICE LANCASTER
                    Oh my God. NO! NO! NO! My little
                    boy! My Baby! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
                    NO! NO!

                    I am so sorry(hugs Janice again)

                              JANICE LANCASTER
                    He... He was just going to go to
                    the store and get his WII. He was
                    going to.... He was going to bring
                    it home and we were going to play
                    it together. He just wanted to play
                    some that fighting game. BRAWL, I
                    think it was. Orton! Who...Who did
                    this? Who strangled my baby?

                    His name is Alexander Ivan.

                              JANICE LANCASTER
                    I heard that name before.

                    This isn't the first time he's
                    killed a child like this. During
                    the 70s and 80s, he's killed many
                    children using video games. He was
                    in jail for 30 years and was
                    released a week ago.

                              JANICE LANCASTER
                    So you're saying this monster was
                    released after 30 years and did the
                    same thing again.

                    We've got him and now he's going to
                    death row.

                              JANICE LANCASTER
                    I hope he gets fucking raped in
                    jail for what he's done to my baby.
                    I hope he dies a painful death.
                    Little Franky just started 6h
                    grade, you know. He was going to
                    become a baseball player. His
                    favorite team was the Phillies,
                    even though he lived in New York
                    .It's finny, right. So funny...

                    Oh my god, Janice. I'm so, so
                    sorry. (hugs her again)


                              SARAH MCINTYRE

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Something's wrong with this case.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    What is it?

                              CADE JENSEN
                    During the Video Game Killings of
                    the 70s, he always worked alone.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    That's right. I read the file
                    earlier. There was never an
                    accomplice. Never.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Now, why in the world would the
                    killer work with someone?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Did you know he was also called the
                    Video Game Strangler.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Yeah, I know. Hmm.

          Nick Braff storms in.

                    Hey,  guys! I found him. I got a
                    match! I am too good!

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Good Work, Orton. Who's the

                    Tracy Fargo.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Tracy Fargo?

                    I'll see you guys later. I also
                    finished the blood you gave me,
                    Sarah. The new equipment came in

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    So? Do we have a match?

                    It's a match. If that's all, I'm
                    going on my break.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    You're sure?

                    You're right. I'll just go to
                    subway real quick and eat in the

          Orton leaves.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Alright. I've got the address.


          Sarah and Cade knock on the door. Tracy comes out and they
          show their badges. He stares at it for a second, then at
          thier faces. Now, he's running upstairs.

          Cade runs upstairs and signals  Sarah to go around the other
          side. Tracy jumps out of the window on the second floor and
          Sarah tries to tackle him with no luck.


                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Damn it all! He's fast!

                              CADE JENSEN
                    I know! Come on. We'll cath him!

          Sarah and Cade finally catch up to Tracy and he's cornered
          with his gun out.

                              TRACY FARGO
                    I'm not going to  jail with you
                    goddamn teenagers.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    We just want to ask you some

                              TRACY FARGO
                    What? Questions? Forget
                    that?(shoots 9 shots at the

          Cade signals to Sarah to shoot himin the leg because Tracy
          is out of ammo. Tracy screams and clutches his leg.

                              TRACY FARGO
                    Ow!!!! You bitch!!!

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Shut up! You have the right to
                    remain silence. Anything you say
                    can and will be used against you in
                    the court of law. If you cannot
                    afford an attourney, one will be
                    chosen for you.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Good Job, recruit

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Thanks, Cade.

          SARAH flips her hair because of the wind.



                              TRACY FARGO
                    What do you want from me, man?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    We want to know your involvement
                    with the Video Game Murders.

                              TRACY FARGO
                    I don't know nothing.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Where were you last night between
                    10 pm and 2:30 AM.

                              TRACY FARGO
                    I was home watching tv.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Can anyone confirm that?

                              TRACY FARGO
                    No, but I was home!

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Whoa, Whoa. Chill out, Tracy. If
                    you're so adamant about being home,
                    why are you screaming.

                              TRACY FARGO
                    I was home!

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Oh really?

                              TRACY FARGO

                              CADE JENSEN
                    We know you're lying. We have
                    evidence pointing you out with the

                              TRACY FARGO
                    What murder?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    The boy. Franky Lancaster. The boy
                    you helped the real killer
                    strangle. We know you were an
                    accomplice and we saw you run away.

                              TRACY FARGO

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    What's wrong?

                              TRACY FARGO
                    I want a deal.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    A deal?

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Are you serious? Fine! Sarah. Go
                    get the ADA and his lawyer. You do
                    want a lawyer, right?

                              TRACY FARGO
                    Of course I do! Go get him! I'm
                    only going to talk in front of my


          A midde-aged man of about 50 walks in the room and sits next
          to his client.


                              DANN FLOREK
                    Hello, my name is Dann Florek and I
                    will be your lawyer today.

                              TRACY FARGO
                    Don't nee

                              DANN FLOREK
                    I'll do my best. Since the New Law
                    Enforcement law passed 10 years
                    ago, I must resort to talking to

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Shut up!

                              TRACY FARGO
                    Ooh, you should keep her in check.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Let's get on with it. So, we have
                    you on camera assisting another man
                    strangle and hide the body of the
                    boy in the trash!

                              TRACY FARGO
                    You got me, eh. You teen cops are

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Where is the man you were with? We
                    know his name? Where is he?!

                              TRACY FARGO
                    I wish I knew...

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    You son of a bitch. Tell us where
                    he is!

                              DANN FLOREK
                    That's a little strong isn't it,

                              TRACY FARGO
                    How many years?

                              CADE JENSEN
                    25 with parole.

                              TRACY FARGO

                              CADE JENSEN
                    You want life?

                              TRACY FARGO
                    Hell no!

                              CADE JENSEN
                    That's what I thought. Now where is

                              TRACY FARGO
                    The run down apartment in Brooklyn
                    near the basketball courts. You
                    know the one.

          Orton walks in

                    I'll call Franky's parents, okay.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Thank you, Orton.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    McIntyre, we're going to Brooklyn.
                    and you, Tracy. You're going to
                    jail. For a long time. You're

                              TRACY FARGO
                    Damn you Teen Detectives. I guess
                    you finally proved your worth to
                    this city by bringing me in, right.

          Sarah signals the older police officers to take Tracy away.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    See you in court. Jensen, let's get
                    that search warrant from the



          Sarah knocks on the door and a middle aged man opens the

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    What do you teen cops want?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    We've got a search warrant for your
                    apartment. Excuse us.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Wait a minute....

                              CADE JENSEN
                    My, my. What do we have here? Mr.
                    Ivan, tell me why you have so many
                    video game consoles in your house?

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    I'm a..I'm a collector.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    These must have cost at least five
                    thousand dollars.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    As I said before, I'm a collector.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Jensen, I've found tons of video
                    game controllers in this closet.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    You have a computer too. you don't
                    mind if I take a look...?

          Alexander Ivan stands in silence, then runs out of the

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Let's get his ass.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Yes, sir.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Stop calling me that.

          Alexander Ivan runs down the street and pulls a knife on a
          little boy.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Hey, why don't you put that knife
                    down and we could go talk

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Shut your pretty little mouth. I've
                    got my eye on you too. Just because
                    you're a teen cop, doesn't mean I
                    don't want you!

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    What the hell are you talking

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Oh, right, weren't you that girl
                    who's son was killed in a car

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Okay, I want you to want you to
                    shut your fucking mouth. Right
                    here. Right now.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Too bad they never caught the

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    What are you getting at? You're
                    saying it was you? You were in

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Oh no, it wasn't me. It was my
                    subordinate. I'm pretty sure by
                    now, he's going to jail and he's
                    told you where I live.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    You are going to jail! I have a
                    gun! You have a knife!

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    I'm not going back there. I won't
                    you'll have to kill me.

          Alexander charges towards Sarah and she hesitates pulling
          the trigger. Alexander still charges and his knife is ready
          to plunge into Sarah's heart. Cade shoots Alex in the lower
          abdomen. Cade puts his hand on Sarah's soldier.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Dying would be too easy for you,
                    Video Game Killer. Too easy.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Damn you. Damn you to hell, Teen
                    Detectives. Fuck!

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    I'll call the ambulance.

          The ambulance arrives and takes Alexander to the hospital at
          Bellevue Prison.


          Sarah McIntyre and Cade Jensen are now siting in front of
          Alexander Ivan.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Your stomach hurt?

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Shut up.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    Tell us about that night.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Why should I?

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    You're finished. Finito. you're
                    going to jail for life this time.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Fine. I'll tell you.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    Why did you want a subordinate?
                    Tracy, of all people.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    You know I always worked alone. But
                    this time, I needed help because I
                    thought Tracy was going to get
                    pinned for the murder and not me.

                              CADE JENSEN
                    So when you were killing the boy,
                    you attacked Tracy, correct?

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Yes, he was getting to excited. He
                    couldn't believe that anyone could
                    be killed by their video games. But
                    I know. I know! I hate children and
                    video games. Video Games should be
                    used for murder, not to play them.

          SARAH and JENSEN fold their arms.

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    I thought I was cleansed when I was
                    released from Prison and my urges
                    were suppressed. This little boy.
                    Franky Lancaster. He walked into
                    one of those game stores and bought
                    a Wii. I saw that smile. That smile
                    when you buy a new video game. He
                    looked so excited.

                              SARAH MCINTYRE
                    And you just had to take that smile
                    away from his face, right?

                              ALEXANDER IVAN
                    Yes. Yes, I did. I tried to stay
                    away from that boy,but I couldn't.
                    So I followed him to an alley with
                    Tracy. He was too excited so I
                    attacked him. Tracy then grabbed
                    the boy and I opened the Wii. It
                    was like holding gold. Then I
                    strangled the fuck outta him. It
                    was so nice. He wasn't going to
                    play that Wii.

          ALEXANDER IVAN leans back, puts his feet on the table, and

















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