Stephany was a bully she was popular but when she picked on the new girl they got in a fight.Stephany lost which earned the new girl popularty,freinds,and a jock boyfreind.Which used to be stephany's,she lost everything her popularity ,spot as a cheerleader,even respect from her dad.But a guy she met online changed how she now saw herself and he made her realize who she was.Not a popular girl,not a geek,but a beautyful nice girl.


1. New Girl

Bullwridge high school is all about streghth if your gonna survive in THIS school your gonna have to know how to fight i get in fights everyday but its not like i ever lose.My name is stephany,head heerleader,girlfreind of Devin areline.Anyway im the alligator of the school looking around for new giselles wandering aroung looking for a place to fit in then i come in and snap off their heads.Me and my freinds were sitting with the jocks at our ''reserved'' table just like everyday.We were looking around for new girls and boys to push around it's our favorite thing about school."hey look at ugly betty over there.''i said pointing at a pimple face girl with braces and a bun in her hair.My freinds laughed and got up''lets go."Gigi said walking toward her.''hey gorrilla face!"i said walking up to her and turning her around.''me?"she said asking me with a ugly face,"that would be the point of me turning you around."i said sarcasticly making the same ugly face.Gigi and Kimi surrounded her and i was in front of her she backed up and they pushed her back''where do you think your going?!"Kimi screamed in her face and threw her lunch at her shoes''whoops"she said laughing while the girl cryed''just leave me alone!!"she said wiping her puffy red eyes."just shut up!"Gigi yelled at new girl and pushed her on the ground."beat up on the first day,how sad''i said in her face when she was on the floor.i picked her up then shoved her on the wall and puched her the crowd watching backed up leaving me just enough room to kick her.when i was done i spit on her and shoved her head in the wall''how does it feel"i whispered in her ear and walked away with my freinds.



ok be honest are you liking the book i honestly think its my second best still in first NEW GUY check it out plz!but anyway plz tell me if you like it LUV YALL!

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