Stephany was a bully she was popular but when she picked on the new girl they got in a fight.Stephany lost which earned the new girl popularty,freinds,and a jock boyfreind.Which used to be stephany's,she lost everything her popularity ,spot as a cheerleader,even respect from her dad.But a guy she met online changed how she now saw herself and he made her realize who she was.Not a popular girl,not a geek,but a beautyful nice girl.


2. its okay

                                           Tracie pov

I was so embarresed when i got up and ran to the bathroom.i was SO ugly my eyes were puffy and a little first day and im hated,wow this is horable!i ran out of the bathroom and bumped into a handsome guy who was headed i the same direction"whoa slow down!"he said laughing uneasily,i broke down crying and he quickly let me put my head on his shoulder."w-what's wrong!"i backed up and sniffled.i told him what had happened he grabbed my hand and walked me down the hall."well i really should get to mr.scawatz's class."he looked over at me and smiled.''hey,im headed there right now why dont you come with me i nodded.i really like him he's nice not like other guys he has'nt thrown me in a dumpster that's a good sign.he started to talk all depp and personal and got really into it his eyes changed from a light green to black.i told him i wanted to go the rest of the way alone.he really scared me when he did that i wonder what wonder happened."hey,tray!''melanie,my bestfreind,called from behind me."oh,hey what's up?"she jumped up and down and twirled.''you know Egor'',she said not giving me enough time to reply,''WELL HE ASKED ME OUT!!''she jumped some more.''REALLY!?i wanted him to ask me out.....''she pointed to me,''well he didnt ask you out'',now she pointed to herself,''he asked ME!''she ran ahead of me.Egor was a really cute french exchange student he was so adorable ho w he rolls his r's.He has all the girls after him he just ignores them all i would love to be mel right now but no guy would want me.Mrs.Watson,the principal,called me over the loud speaker."CAN MISS TRACY BLUE REPORT TO MY OFFICE PLEASE!''I walked over to the office and told the lady at the counter i was called up."oh hi tracy.''i smiled ''hi Miss.Leon.''she looked at me.''Mrs.Watson wants you in her office so if you could just head on down that way.''she pointed to a narrow hall lined with pictures of the principal smiling and giggling.i thanked her and went down the hall and peered in the door.''Mrs.Watson you wanted to see me?''she spun her chair and looked disappointed when she saw me.''ah yes Miss.Blue sit i have someone coming in to see you i have emailed your teacher and he is aware you wont be there.''i nodded and sat it was really akward so i started to talk.''so Mrs.Watson i heard you got nominated for Best Princapal of the year that's great-''she cut me off.''shut up.''she said not looking up fro the papers she was writing on.i grabbed her little aloe gel bottle and put some on my hand.Mrs.Watson grabbed the bottle and looked me in the eye.''NOW LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE I CAN'T USE THE ALOE ANYMORE BECAUSE YOUR FILTHY HANDS HAVE CONTAMINATED IT SO SHUT UP AND DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!''She screamed at thee top of her lungs.''OKAY okay!''i whimpered flinching when she grabbed gloves to put up the bottle and slammed it in the trash can.She then took off the gloves and one of those garbage pincher things and just to throw away her  gloves.''disgusting...''i heard her mumble while picking up her pen again and writing.My dance teacher,Ms.Penny,walked in.''Ms.Penny?''i asked. she said hello softly and shook Mrs.Watson's wrinkly bat hands.''I'm here to-''Ms.Penny started but was rudely interupted by Mrs.Watson.''I think i should tell her you do enough by talking to her almost everyday at your dance studio.Don't you think that's even a bit rude!''Mrs.Watson questioned clearly trying to say that she is rude.''And you dont think interupting me and making me sound rude is?''Mrs.Watson stayed quiet but then spoke up.''I HAVE A SCHOOL TO RUN AND AS PRINCIPAL-''this time Ms.Penny cut her off'.''as principal you have more than enough time to talk to them!''Ms.Penny said sounding annoyed and frustrated,which were two things she never was.Even in gymnastics when we did something wrong she would slap our theighs softly and would still be happy and nice even if she had to go all around the room and slap all our theighs.After awhile it kinda hurts that's why she does it because it's a punishment.''Ms.Penny i don't like your tone,and it will not be tollerated in this room do you understand?!''Mrs.Watson yelled at Ms.Penny as if she was a child.''If you are done insulting me i'd like to get back to talking with Tracy!''Mrs.watson grunted.''Then your gonna be here awhile!!''Ms.Penny ignored her and told me what was going to happen.''so tracy,Justin Bieber is coming and he is looking for a new backup dancer and im going to talk to all my best students so they can come to special reheasel and meet him.''she held out her hands doing jazz hands expecting me to scream.''Something wrong,you can scream.''i looked like i was choking.''Yea i think im choking on BARF!''she looked shocked.''Your telling me you dont like him.''i shook my head.''I'd rather sit on a razor blade,Covered in shark teeth.''i said sounding serious which i was i just don't always show it.''Well you still have to show up it's Wensday after school at 4:30 but you can show up at 4:45 because they will be setting up for like 15 minutes so yea,get a good nights sleep and reject any sweets or unheathly foods untill wendsday.''i nodded.''Bye.''Ms.Penny said and frowned at Mrs.Watson,she headed to the school's front door and to her studio.I looked at Mrs.Watson she was focused on the stupid paper.''GET OUT..''she moaned''OKAY!''i ranout and into my class.

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