Red Riding Hood 2 Black Moon

[Before reading this story make sure you have seen the movie "Red Riding Hood" the 2011 film because this is a fanfiction following the end of this story.

Peter is gone, turned into a wolf or maybe dead, Valerie starts finding comfort in sweet Henry, maybe marrying him was the right choice, maybe he´s who she´s supposed to be with. But who will she choose if Peter comes back, the good guy, or the dangerous tread?


3. Surprise

Henry’s Pov


It had been 4 months since I hadn’t seen Valerie I went away to forget her, learn to cope with the fact I wouldn’t have her. Ever since Peter disappeared something in her got lost too, the reckless girl I fell so in love with was gone. She pissed me of and I wanted so hard to hate her but I couldn’t help hoping still, that someday she might at least let me get close to her, but I couldn’t do it anymore it was too painful and I did nothing to deserve it. That’s why I left, to try to let her go but I couldn’t, every single day I woke up thinking about how scary it was not knowing how she was, cause even when the village is safe now and the wolf hasn’t appeared for months she has tendencies to make the impossible happen and now I wasn’t even there to protect her.


 But now I was coming back, I would have stayed away longer if I could, but they didn’t need me anymore the war was over, and so I had to go back to that place where we were both born and raised. We used to be good friends when we were little made our adventures and had our secrets. I remember ones we were playing and running throw the forest and she fell and hurt her knee, I bet it hurt but she didn’t cry a single tear, even young she was always brave. We sat down on the roots of a very old tree, I could tell it was old because a large part of the roots were out of the earth making the ground take different shapes and levels, we sat there because Valerie didn’t want to go back home she said her mother would punish her for disobeying and getting hurt so we just stayed there and talked. Back then I had a necklace which belonged to my grandfather it was a wolf’s teeth tight up in a rope, when he gave it to me he said it would keep anyone who whore it safe because it represented strenght. And so that day, down that tree I gave that family treasure to Valerie, she just looked at me and hugged me “I’ll keep it forever” that was the last memory I have with her, because later with the winter came a little boy named Peter and by him I was replaced. After that all my interactions with Valery were simple greetings around the village, I saw how she looked at him, how much time they spent together; how she kissed him when they though nobody was around and all I could think was; that should have been me. 


And now here I was, back at the town which only made all those memories more vivid, I was at the gates and I could hear people cheering and dancing to the music with much more happiness than I remembered, probably because of the absence of the wolf. “He is coming!” I heard a man yell and so I faced the town I had left behind months ago, people were smiling yelling HE’s BACK. But all I could think of was on finding that one face that I had missed for so long. I scanned the crowd looking for her and finally I there she was, looking at me all along, today she looked different, she looked more full of life, pink chicks and untamed eyes, like she used to be before he messed her up, she smiled at me for the first time in almost 10 years just like when I gave her the necklace. Something was different; I had to talk to her now! But how was I supposed to do that with almost the entire village trying to talk to me? I got down from my horse and started walking to the woods, where Valerie’s grandmother’s house was saying a couple of thanks and hi s on my way. I was almost throw the entire crowd when a blond girl got in front of me. “Heather!” I said a little surprised by her appearance she looked a lot taller tin now, she had definitely grown, I always kind of liked Heather, I used to talk to her a lot and if it wasn’t because of Valery I would have probably made her my wife already .


“Henry, I have missed you so much!” she said throwing her arms around me, she smelled like flowers it was actually quite nice.  “Hmm yeah I missed you too, you have changed a lot since last time I saw you” I said not realizing I was practically scanning her from toes to head.


“Thanks, I was actually wondering if now that you are back maybe we could get together some time and talk and stuff” she said turning red now “darn Valerie!” I thought


“Yeah, that would be great but right now, I have to go” I said hurrying to Valerie’s cabin I saw some confusion in her face before I left but I couldn’t deal with her right now, I know I left so I could get away from Valerie but right now I had to see her.






I got to her door and stood there for a couple or seconds, “how was I gonna play this, what should I say or do?”


“Nock nock!”  I said loudly; “Yeah that’ how I should have started, you couldn’t have just knocked like a normal person could you?” I whispered to myself at that exact moment she opened the door, looking as beautiful as always I couldn’t help but smile but then I saw that worried expression she was wearing and that was all I needed to bring me back to earth maybe something happened, if someone hurt her I swear I would kill them.




“What’s wrong?” I said closing the door behind me


“I-I need to talk to you” she said looking embarrassed “what the hell is going on?” I though not in the 18 years I had known her she ever looked embarrassed toward me, not even when she came to tell me she wouldn’t marry me…


“Okay…” I managed to say as I felt my heart being squeezed at that memory.


“ I missed you” she said looking down at the floor “what?”  She missed me?  This was my chance, I had been waiting for so long and now maybe this was the first step to everything that I wanted, a wave of desire suddenly washed throw me. “You did?” I said closing the space between us


“Yeah...” Valerie said looking a little nervous taking a few steps back; okay maybe I should keep my space for now.


“ Listen, the other day Heather said you liked her, and I got scared, I don’t want to loose you, it isn’t fair to you, I know that but I think I can-


“Are you jealous of Heather?” I asked cutting her off, this just kept getting better and better


“Well, no I wasn’t but I heard her saying this stuff” she said looking down again. It was all too good to be true, of course she wasn’t jealous and even if she was I shouldn’t care, after all she was the girl who throw me away like garbage after someone better caught her eye, without even giving an explanation.


“Well she is beautiful and I do like her” I said realizing it was the first time I said this about a girl who wasn’t Valerie. Maybe I could love someone who wasn’t her I looked at the floor thoughtfully. But my train of thoughts was broken by someone’s Screams




Wow, why was she getting all worked up?? “ I love YOU, you know that, but I’m sorry Valerie I can’t wait for something that will never happen.” I said I said trying not to let her see how much pain that statement caused me.




“I wanted to be alone with you so I could tell you something, It is very important so, listen” Valerie said slowly, I just nodded.


“The past few months my feeling for you have changed a lot, I missed you… a LOT and I discovered feelings I didn’t know I had for you, I think I like you in the one way we both though I never would” Valerie said very serious, she wasn’t kidding, but before I could digest this new information she had just given me, Valerie closed the space between us leaving just an inch of space from each other, a little movement and our lips would meet.


I putted both hands in her back and pulled her even closer to me not even thinking of what I was doing, her lips meet mine, I started kissing her slowly, careful not to scare her off . suddenly Valerie putted her hands in my head pulling me closer, I hesitated a little not knowing what to do next, but at least I knew that she did wanted this. I started kissing her deeper, running my hands throw all her body, she felt so soft so delicate and then she moaned it was a sound I thought I would never hear outside my dreams, and that was all it took for me to lose control, I couldn’t take it anymore, all this time everything I wanted was her, only her and now I wasn’t gonna lose my chance. I kissed her more urgently not being able to get enough from her, I started kissing her neck, running my nose throw her skin imprinting her rose smell in my mind. Without even realizing what I was doing I picked her up and carried her to the bed, I could take her right there if I wanted to, make her feel so good she would never want to leave my side and would forget about that stupid Peter forever, I could make her scream my name right there and there was nothing to stop me. I ran my hands all the way from her stomach and stopped at her breasts, I started massaging them, this made her moan even lauder this time I pressed myself at her feeling every inch of her body. “I can’t do this” I groaned pulling away from her, if this was gonna happen I wanted her to asked me to take her right there, I wanted to know that this wouldn’t be just sex this would have to wait as much as it pained me.


“I’ll leave before I do something isn’t supposed to happen just yet” I said noticing the surprise in her face; she didn’t want me to stop. “I have to leave before I change my mind” She leaned and kissed me, more tender this time, it took all my will power but I got up and left. This wasn’t the way I thought things would go, I thought as I walked quietly to my home still aroused by what had just happened, I would have to take care of that as soon as I got to the house, at least now I had some solid memories to think about instead of just dreams...



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