Red Riding Hood 2 Black Moon

[Before reading this story make sure you have seen the movie "Red Riding Hood" the 2011 film because this is a fanfiction following the end of this story.

Peter is gone, turned into a wolf or maybe dead, Valerie starts finding comfort in sweet Henry, maybe marrying him was the right choice, maybe he´s who she´s supposed to be with. But who will she choose if Peter comes back, the good guy, or the dangerous tread?


4. Realization

I woke up the next day very early, memories of the previous night came rushing to my head, how Henry Kissed me, how he… touched me. It felt wrong all of the sudden, “we went to fast” I thought whatever I was beginning to feel for Henry was just developing and the worst thing we  should have done was rush into it, I dint want him to get his hopes up  but now it was too late; I had to talk to him.


 I started walking to the village watching the silent woods on both sides of the path, Peter was somewhere out there it has been a year and he hadn’t come, he wasn’t dead if he was I would have known but then, which was the reason why he never came for me? I always felt like if I disappeared from his life not much of what he was would change he could replace me easily. Maybe that was what happened with him. Instead I felt as if someone took away one of my arms when he left, I missed it, I could learn to live without it but it would take a long time to adjust and I was gonna spend the rest of my life wishing it was still there. But I had to learn how to be okay that’s why I choose Henry…


I sat on the well placed in the center of the village; I knew Henry always came out to get water so he could start working. It didn’t take long for him to come out of his shop with a bucked and soon as he saw me a big smile spread throw his face, he hurried up toward me.


“What are you doing here?” he said with traces of happiness still on his face


“I- I need to talk to you about what happened yesterday” I said looking into his eyes


“I know…” he said sitting beside me on the well.


“Yes, well while you were gone I thought about everything we have been through and I just feel that you are worth fighting for and- Wait what you mean you know?!!” I said losing my train of thought completely.


“Well…” he said looking at the floor tentative “I know,- he said leaning closer to me “that you have to learn to love me-he putted his lips against my collarbone,” to need me” he said planting kisses up my neck, “and want me” Henry whispered in my ear, his hot breath teasing my senses, he turned to face me, his lips only inches from mine, I had never felt this way for him, I could feel all my body getting hot and hear his steady heart beat. I never thought someone else than Peter could ever make me feel this way; I closed my eyes and leaned closer to Henry out lips met, he put one hand on my face brushing my skin with his thumb, this time his kiss was different, it wasn’t urgent, this one was slow and gently he brushed his lips with mine with so much unspoken passion it took my breath away. And then he pulled away, surprisingly, leaving me wanting more and breathing heavily. He seemed to be satisfied by the effect he caused one me.


“So yeah, we’ll take it slow” he said seeing unaffected by what had just happened. I stared at him surprised, something had defiantly had changed in Henry when he left, he wasn’t that sweet timid boy I used to think he was.


“Don’t eat anything, I’ll come by your house latter with food so we can talk a little okay?” he said getting up and pulling one of the ropes connected to the bucket at the bottom of the well, he filled the kettle with water and turned to face me again “ bye” he said simply leaning to kiss my forehead. I watched him walk away.





It was almost 2pm when I heard Henry Knocking at the door of my little shed, I opened the door, a little exited to spend some time with him, without problems or werewolves. He was wearing a white T-shirt almost transparent, so his muscles were visible. “Come in! “ I said smiling at him. He smiled back placing the basket with food he brought on the table


“I’m sorry I am a little late, I kind of got stuck at work” he said walking closer to me


 “So Hi” he said leaning and kissing me on the cheek. I felt my face getting red, I had never been treated with that kind of sweetness, with Peter it was always rough, forbidden  and for a long time I thought I liked it that way but the truth is I never knew anything else. ..


“I hope you’re hungry!” he said, excitement showing in his voice ‘”Yeah I am a little, so what did you bring?” I said feeling happy for the first time in a long time. Henry took out an old bottle of what seemed to be wine and then took out something wrapped on a blue fabric. It emitted a very good aroma, like nothing I had ever smelled. When Henry unwrapped it, it became obvious it was very hot because a little vapor was released.


 “Beef” Henry said sitting down on one of the chairs. “I have never tried it” I said sitting across the table “it’s too expensive” I added


“Well I’m glad I can introduce it to you” he said cutting a piece and putting it on a plate “here” he motioned the plate to me. I took a bite and I couldn’t believe the taste of it, it was like nothing I had ever tried before…


As I ate I took a good look around, Henry had lid up a candle, the wine, the meat, it was all so elegant, so expensive. Henry was probably used to this; it was no secret around the village that his family was wealthy. But her, she had never had something remotely alike to this lunch right now; she would probably have to save for an entire year to buy this kind of food. I realized this was what my life would be if I chose Henry, he had so much to offer, and I had nothing to give back, no money, no successful business, she couldn’t even offer him her heart right now…


“Why do you love me?” I heard myself ask even when I have no recollection of actually deciding to make the question. “What?” Henry said surprised by the question


“Why would you want me to be your wife? I have nothing to offer…” I said a little sad now, realizing the truth in my words


Henry had a weird face now, like he couldn’t believe what I was asking, he putted his hand on mine and looked into my eyes deeply.


“You are beautiful, courageous, different… Ever since we were children I always hoped someday you would become my wife” he said looking at me with a smile on his face


“But I don’t have anything to offer you” I said again a little surprised by his confession “ever since we were little?” I though


“Yes you do, you have all my happiness, and you are my change of having a happy life with real love” he said walking toward me and kneeling down so we were on eye level.   “I love you because you are different, and ever since peter disappeared that thing I loved just banished. But I can see it coming back a little more every day and I’ll like to think that’s because of me, and that is the best thing I could ever get from you” he said getting close enough so I could only see his eyes, they reflected love, hope, happiness and many other emotions I couldn’t recognize.


He was being truth full; I could sense it In his voice. And just like that I realized how much Henry had done for me since I had known him. Covering up for me with my mom when I did something wrong, probably fighting his family so he could ask my hand in marriage, saving me from that horrible night when the village tied me up as an offer to the wolf and now, even when I was broken he wouldn’t give up on me, he was right if I was becoming more like my old self it was for him…


Henry had done so much for me without even noticing, or questioning himself if I deserved it. Peter wasn’t like that, everything he ever did for me beneficiated him in some way too, except for the time when he protected me from my father Cesaire…


“I will do everything I can to make you happy, I will get to feel the same love you feel for me; you just have to give me more time, if you are willing…” I said putting my hand on his cheek looking deeply into his eyes wondering what he was thinking right now


“I have been waiting for this moments for a long time, do you think I’ll let you go now!?” he said putting his arms around my waist and pulling me down making me fall on top of him we both started laughing nonstop, I could barely breath It had been long since I felt like this, I could get used to it…


Suddenly we both stopped laughing as we became aware to our closeness; I could feel his body against mine I found myself staring into his brown eyes at that moment the room disappeared and it was just Henry and me, his hands still on my waist his mouth now inches away from mine, one movement and we would kiss but this time I wasn’t the first to make the move, Henry moved his head forward and our lips meet. He kissed me slowly and then pulled away.


“I will do everything I can to make you happy” I whispered into his ear, this was definitely the beginning of something that would change my life forever…

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