Red Riding Hood 2 Black Moon

[Before reading this story make sure you have seen the movie "Red Riding Hood" the 2011 film because this is a fanfiction following the end of this story.

Peter is gone, turned into a wolf or maybe dead, Valerie starts finding comfort in sweet Henry, maybe marrying him was the right choice, maybe he´s who she´s supposed to be with. But who will she choose if Peter comes back, the good guy, or the dangerous tread?


2. Lost into the Darkness

For the first time, I felt completely alone, my friends were now afraid of me even after all the time that had passed and my mother wasn’t as she used to be, she still hoped father would come back, I was alone and being in that village didn’t feel right anymore, grandmothers house was mine now, I could go there, until Peter came back. I walked to the little house placed in the forest, it was quiet there, peaceful. I was glad I was here, I couldn’t take people’s stares anymore and now that Henry was gone to I had no one to rely on. Tonight was a full moon, this was torture for me, I looked at the moon and wondered where could Peter be, would he come back? That’s when I heard it, a howl it was so loud and strong it made me shiver. The animal that emitted it was obviously far, and it was a wolf. Something inside of me knew it was Peter .I wanted to go look for him wonder around the forest until I found him but I knew I should wait. “I said I would wait” I whispered to myself. If it is him he will come for me.




I had to go to the village at least ones a week, to get food, water and visit my mother, I could see she was improving, finally she was accepting Father wasn’t coming back.


After staying at home for a while talking to mom about the events of the week I went to the markets, there were some girls whispering in a circle, probably gossiping I used to do that but now everything seemed so, pointless…


I walked toward the vegetables and grabber some stuff, but I wasn’t paying attention to that, I couldn’t help but wanting to hear what they were saying. “I don’t think so; he is still in love with her remember?”Said the tall one with red hair “I’m telling you he wants me, plus that girl doesn’t even loves him back he will get over it, he isn’t stupid” said a blond girl I think was named Heather. My heart raced I already knew Henry was still in love with me but the thought of him not wanting me anymore scared me, It wasn’t because I liked being wanted or anything, it was just that if he got tired, he would get tired of me, and again I would have no one. But I didn’t know how to keep him interested; maybe I could give him a chance?


It was getting dark now and I had to get back to grandma’s house, on my way back, I thought more about what those girls said, I knew my feelings for Henry had changed the last few months but I couldn’t love him, want him, as I did with Peter. But maybe I could keep him around long enough to give me to make it so. He dint know my feelings for him were changing, that was good news and maybe it would give him hope, it gave me hope too, after all if Peter had never existed Henry would have been my choice and it had been too long now. Peter wasn’t coming back, It hurts me to think about it but only God knows what happened to him and I couldn’t grow old waiting for him…


A couple of days passed and the news Henry was coming back spread, everybody had a big party to receive him, I wasn’t so much about parties but I had to be there when he came back, I was going to tell him I felt different about him now. It was decided.


It was almost 8:00 pm here was music, and alcohol girls dancing in their best dresses and I could see Heather staring at me a couple of times as she danced with her friends, she was wearing a blue dress with white flowers all over it, she looked beautiful, and I must admit it did bothered me a little. “He is coming” a male voice yelled from the outside of the walls of the village. Instantly I heard horses In the distance, and not too long after a chocolate fine horse appeared from the darkness of the woods taking its form, and mounting it was Henry, with his blond short hair, he was bigger now, he was wearing a white silk shirt and his muscles were visible throw it. People started cheering and clapping I just stood there looking at him, waiting for him to meet my gaze, I was going to tell him this thing that was probably going to change how we both looked at each other, this moment, was going to be the last time he looked at me sad and angry at himself for loving someone who (he though) could never love him back. Finally he looked my way, he was smiling at the crowd his face burning red from embarrassment and he stopped to look deep into my eyes, this time I looked at him differently than usually, I tried to let him know without words what I would later say. He examined my eyes confused, not recognizing what he was seen and then I smiled, a warm inviting smile and before I could see his reaction I turned around and started walking to my shack, I knew that as soon as he could, he would follow. I was going to tell him but we had to be alone. As I entered the little wood house I started thinking about what his reaction would be. Maybe it was too late, after all 4 months had passed since he left what if he meets someone? What if he thought about Heather?


“Nock nock!” I heard hot deep voice outside my door he always did that, instead of knocking he “made the sound” at least his personality was intact, I though. A little afraid of what would happened next I opened the door, he was standing there with a big smile on his face, but the moment he saw the look I had he got serious I probably looked awful.


“What’s wrong?”Henry said coming in and closing the door, I loved how he was so concerned for me


“I-I need to talk to you” I hesitated looking down, I felt embarrassed I didn’t like talking about my feelings how was I supposed to start.


“Okay…” he said almost in a whisper, his expression very serious and his eyes pearsing on mine, trying to see what I was about to say.


“I missed you…” I whispered looking down again, I felt embarrassed but I forced myself to look up, see his reaction to that, If it was indifferent I would leave it there, I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself more than I already had. He looked surprised and a flash of emotions went throw his eyes. He smiled and looked at me with what seemed like confusion but in a flash it clear and changed into what seemed like desire?  He closed the space between us and said “you did?” his voice was different now it was lower and deeper It make me tremble, I dint know this side of him, he was always so polite so serious but now he looked dangerous and exiting.


“Yeah” I said taking two steps back trying to lower the sexual tension between us that I didn’t know existed.


He looked all the way down from my feet and stopped in my eyes his look was tenderer now, more like the Henry I knew.


“Listen, the other day Heather said you liked her and I got scared, I don’t want to lose you, it isn’t fair to you I know that but I think I can-“  he cut me out and said “Are you jealous of Heather?” he asked amused


“well no, I wasn’t but I heard her talking and she said this stuff…”I said I knew I wasn’t making any sense  but I also knew I wasn’t going to do any better than that


“Well, she is beautiful and I do like her” he said looking down embarrassed


“NO she ISNT beautiful! Therefore you have no reason to like her, she is shallow and stupid” Yelled I couldn’t hold back. What he had just said, I didn’t anticipate.


“Well she likes me, and I think I could like her too” he said in a matter of fact voice. I was too angry now, I knew if I say anything I would just make it worse


“I love YOU, you know that but I’m sorry Valerie I can’t wait for something that will never happen” he said this with a pain in his voice, almost as I hurt him to say it out loud.


I sight, slowly getting my thoughts together, so he could understand clearly what I was about to say.


“I wanted to be alone with you so I could tell you something, It is very important so, listen” I said slowly he just nodded.


“The past few months my feeling for you have changed a lot, I missed you… a LOT and I discovered feelings I didn’t know I had for you, I think I like you in the one way we both though I never would” I said barely above a whisper looking into his eyes, his expression changed, It seemed like he couldn’t believe it. I knew him, he was doubtful of what I was saying.


I closed the space between us barely an inch from him, a little move and our lips would meet. I looked deep into his eyes, trying to make him understand it wasn’t a joke. He putted both hands in my back and pulled me even closer to him, his lips meet mine, he started kissing me slowly, carefully but it felt like that kiss had so much more potential. I took his hair into my hands pulling his head closer; he hesitated almost like he was scared of hurting me, I wanted him to show me that sexy side I saw a little while ago. He loosed up a little, and passed his fingers down my neck into my collarbone his touch was electric and before I could control it I led out a low moan in his mouth. This seemed to have a reaction on him, Henry started kissing me more passionately, then planted kisses down my neck and carried me to the bed, we were both breathing hard now he kept kissing me passionately, hungrily like he couldn’t get enough of me he putted his hands in my breast and I moaned even lauder, he gowned and pulled away. I looked at him surprised; I didn’t want him to stop.




“I’ll leave before I do something isn’t supposed to happen just yet” he said forcing a smile I knew he didn’t want to go but he was right. I leaned for another kiss and before I could recover from what had just happened he left.


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