Red Riding Hood 2 Black Moon

[Before reading this story make sure you have seen the movie "Red Riding Hood" the 2011 film because this is a fanfiction following the end of this story.

Peter is gone, turned into a wolf or maybe dead, Valerie starts finding comfort in sweet Henry, maybe marrying him was the right choice, maybe he´s who she´s supposed to be with. But who will she choose if Peter comes back, the good guy, or the dangerous tread?


1. Back "Home"

After Peter left me on one side of the silver river, I walked back to the village, almost all of them were gathered close to the entrance, and Henry was among them, he was talking to my mother, she made a gesture pointing in the direction I was and Henry turned, he ran toward me and putted me in an embrace, I felt nothing for Henry, but I couldn’t help feeling comfortable in his embrace. People were staring at us, whispering, it seemed that now I was the center of attention, just as my sister used to be, just that I was because of the wrong reasons.


“Where were you?  The wolf is still out there, on its human form, but it’s still out there” he said looking at me half mad half relived. I realize I didn’t think at all about what happened, my father was dead, and Peter left God knows where, I couldn’t tell this to anyone, Peter was right, they would hang me if they realized I was the daughter of the wolf, even mother would be involved. But how was I supposed to explain the disappearance of both?


“I went to look for Peter” I lied I saw hurt in Henry’s eyes; he was still in love with me, after all that happened.


“Where is he?” he asked with a bitter tone in his voice.


“I couldn’t find him, I think he is not coming back” I said the last part more to myself than for him to hear, I don’t think he was going to be able to control it, at least not without help, but he left f=before I could make any suggestions about going with him.


“I’m sorry Valerie” Henry said, looking at me, he was really sad, that was one of the things that make me want to love him. I knew he hated Peter but still he couldn’t enjoy the fact he was probably gone for good just because I was heartbroken about it.




“Go get some rest, Suzette really needs you right now” he said wiping a tear from my face with his right hand; I hadn’t even realized I was crying, I walked toward my mom leaving Henry behind. She threw herself in my arms. “I thought I had lost you too” she said crying


“I’m okay mom “I whispered smelling her hair that was a habit I had since I was a little girl. Mom was going to be devastated when she realized Cesaire wasn’t coming back.


The months went by and the village started to loosen up a little, I could tell they didn’t walk around scared anymore. They still left sacrifices for a while every full moon, but after realizing nothing happened, people stopped doing it. For all of them those were good news, but not for me, to me that only meant that Peter wasn’t in this land, maybe something had happened to him; maybe he was never coming back.


I was sitting on the porch thinking when I saw Henry coming at me. I hadn’t talked to him lately, but the past few months we became really close. He was wearing a silver armor which was probably made by him, but I didn’t understand why he was wearing it.


“Hello Valerie” he said smiling sweetly   “I came to say goodbye”


I couldn’t help the sad feeling that came throw my body, but I tried to hide it, I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea about my feelings for him, when not even I knew what they were.


“Where are you going?” I asked looking at the floor, afraid that if he looked into my eyes he would read me.




“The wolf isn’t a treat to us anymore, but there are wars outside this walls and with my father gone I have to look out for the village” he said in a very serious tone.


“You are leaving me too…”the words came out before I even realized what I had just said, I wanted to hit my head to the wooden floor of porch so badly, I was used to not let people know how I really felt, and I had just exposed myself to this person who after all that had happened was still a stranger to me in some levels.


Henry took my face in one of his hands so I would look at him, I would see hurt and confusion in his eyes. His face was red and I realized that he didn’t know what to do with this new information I had given him.


“I love you so much Valerie, and I want to stay here for you, wait until you are ready, but I have to go, thanks to you I am brave now and I want to protect any future I may have here, with you…”he said hugging me tide. Tears starting falling down my eyes, I hated myself for not deserving this man who loved me so much, and now he was leaving, exposing himself to the danger. What if he didn’t come back either.


“I want you to have this” he said handing me the silver bracelet he gave me almost a year ago for our engagement. I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore, I never cried in front of people but he leaving was something I wasn’t prepared for. I took the bracelet and putted on, when I looked at him I could see he was struggling, he didn’t want to leave.


He kissed my forehead and without saying anything else, he left. I saw him ride his horse out of the village and then disapor pearing into the forest.

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