He's the Father of My Children.

Yumari Samuels was madly in love with Niall Horan. So much that she gave herself to him. She ended up pregnant at 15, but broke up with him two weeks after. He was devastated. He loved her with all his heart, but she was pregnant. She didn't tell him. She didn't want to ruin his life knowing he would go places, places without her, places that will allow him to find somebody better and forget about her. She was right. Niall went on to go on The X-Factor, won third place, and become part of one of the most wanted, sexy, most irresistible boy bands out there in just 4 and a half years later. Now with 3 year old triplets, Yumari gets offered a job to be a wardrobe girl for a boy band. When she meets the boys, she regrets her decision and tries to be discreet. Niall finds something weird about the new wardrobe girl, but will he ignore his suspicions or will he find that the new girl is his old love of his life, Yumari, and find out that she bore three children that are his?


3. Meeting the boys.

Yumari's/Lexi's P.O.V


"I'm Lexi Green and these are my kids, Isabelle, Isabella, and Isaac. I said showing them which is which while walking through the maze of an airport. "They're adorable." Liam told me. I grinned at him.

"How can you tell them apart?" Niall asked.

"Well as you can see, they have similar facial and physical features, but their eyes and hair tell them apart. Isabelle has blond hair and Izzy and Isaac have brown hair. Also they both have the same eyes, but Isabella has orange specks like..." I looked around, stopping at... "Um, Niall." I giggled. Niall smiled at the ground. (No pun intended... Ok, that pun was intended.)

"Izzy is..." Louis asked.

"Isabelle. They each have nicknames. Izzy and Belle is Isabelle, Isa and Bella is Isabella, and Ike is Isaac..." I was talking and talking and talking and talking. I stopped after a while, noticing giggles coming out of Harry's and Louis's mouths and the weird faces Niall, Liam, and Zayn gave me. "Sorry. When I meet new people or get nervous, I tend to babble." I smiled embarrassedly.


Niall's P.O.V


"You remind me of my old g-" I stopped myself before mentioning anything else. I almost mentioned my ex-girlfriend Yumari, knowing that the lads only knew about Holly.

"Girlfriend? She reminds you of Holly?" Liam asked me. When Liam mentioned Holly, Lexi seemed upset, but why? We've never met. Something seems suspicious about "Lexi Green". She looks, acts, and babbles for the same reason just like... Yumari. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
"So, 'Lexi'. Where is the father of these adorable triplets?" I said, crouching down to the kids eye level.


Yumari's/Lexi's P.O.V


Niall's question rattled through my brain. What am I supposed to say? Am I supposed to say that I gave myself to my boyfriend, which I loved, at 15 only to break up with him within weeks because I got knocked up.

"Well," I chuckled awkwardly, tugging on strands of my hair. "I got pregnant at 15 and when I told my boyfriend, he told me he wasn't ready for this and stormed out. The next day, people got the idea that I cheated on him. I was forced to move without my family, forced to raise myself for 3 years alone." I told them. I felt guilty lying, but whatever it takes for Niall not to know he has 3 children that are standing in front of him.

"He's a bastard, Lexi. He's missing out. You're very beautiful, as are your children." Zayn said looking down to Izzy, Ike, and Isa. I blushed at his comment and bit my lip. Niall gave him a death stare that he didn't notice, but I did.

"Tell me about it. I had to leave Dublin and had to move to Manchester." I lied, knowing I was actually from Mullinger.

"Wait. You're from Dublin?" Niall asked.

"Born and raised." I answered.

"Stop lying and tell the truth. It'll blow up in your face." my conscious whispered, but I chose to ignore it. I now felt a brisk breeze that made me shiver. We were out of the airport, now in the parking lot, looking for the car.


"So, how does your car look like?" I asked the lads.

"Car?" Liam said. They all laughed.

"We are not going in car, Lexi." Harry said.

"We aren't going in car?" I asked, holding my children's hands. They all shook their heads. I looked towards me and saw what we were going in.

"Woahhhh..." Isabella, Isabelle, Isaac, and I said in unison.


(A/N) Well I'm back guys. Well Yumari got herself in quite a bind. Niall's suspicious and found the similarities between 'Lexi' and Yumari. How long will it take for him to figure it out? I'm done. So... good night, afternoon, or morning.

~Vanessa xx.

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