He's the Father of My Children.

Yumari Samuels was madly in love with Niall Horan. So much that she gave herself to him. She ended up pregnant at 15, but broke up with him two weeks after. He was devastated. He loved her with all his heart, but she was pregnant. She didn't tell him. She didn't want to ruin his life knowing he would go places, places without her, places that will allow him to find somebody better and forget about her. She was right. Niall went on to go on The X-Factor, won third place, and become part of one of the most wanted, sexy, most irresistible boy bands out there in just 4 and a half years later. Now with 3 year old triplets, Yumari gets offered a job to be a wardrobe girl for a boy band. When she meets the boys, she regrets her decision and tries to be discreet. Niall finds something weird about the new wardrobe girl, but will he ignore his suspicions or will he find that the new girl is his old love of his life, Yumari, and find out that she bore three children that are his?


1. Introduction

I'm Yumari Samuels. I have dirty blond hair, with a petite figure, and a light complexion. You positively, absolutely will not know me as Niall's ex-girlfriend. Yes, THE Niall Horan of One Direction. Yes, I dated him. The only ex you may know from him is named Holly Scally. When Niall talks about his ex-girlfriend and says "She was great" or "I loved her". He was talking about me. Holly was just a girl he met a couple weeks after me and broke up before X-Factor. I'm now 19. I turned 19 about 4 months after Niall did. Niall and me were in love for 3 years. So in love, we had sex. I was scared after that night. We forgot to use a condom. In the heat of the moment we just forgot. I was upset knowing that Niall may be a father and I might be a mother. We were 15. Either of us were ready. I broke up with him. He wanted to be a professional singer and go X-Factor UK the year later. I didn't want to delay his dream or even destroy it. I loved him too much. He was absolutely devastated. He tried to find out why I broke our perfect relationship off, but just pushed him away. I moved to Manchester and met a nice girl named Eleanor Calder. She helped me throughout the pregnancy. My parents kicked me out and I lived with Eleanor. I gave birth to 2 beautiful baby girls and 1 handsome baby boy. My daughters' names are Isabelle and Isabella. My son's name is Isaac. Isabelle has brown hair like Niall's, so does Isaac. Isabella has strawberry blond hair. They all have a mixture of Niall's ocean blue eyes and my piercing green eyes. They remind me so much of Niall, which hurts so much. They are now 3 and a half years old and adorable, if I say so myself. Eleanor became a model and started touring with her superstar boyfriend. I don't remember his name, but I do know he is very known around the world. I moved back to Mullinger at 18, but then moved to Dublin recently. I've been living in a beautiful studio apartment with a great view. I've been doing great for a single mother. I've been working as a wardrobe or make-up girl for the most known superstars, such as Little Mix, JLS, R5, Mindless Behavior, Cody Simpson, etc. I've been offered a job from a boy band. I don't know which one, but I have been told they are super popular. Hope it all goes well.



(A/N) I'm the author of Little Miss Not So Perfect and Nothing Will Tear Up Apart, Louis Tomlinson. Thank you for reading this. And thank you in advance if you read my other books. Y'all are awesome for taking a chance on this book or the others. As I said before I write other books, so I also need to update the others, so I made a schedule and will try to update, but there is a 40% that I will update each story according to this schedule.

Monday and Thursday: He's the Father of My Children

Tuesday and Friday: Little Miss Not So Perfect

Wednesday and Saturday: Nothing Will Tear Us Apart, Louis Tomlinson

Sunday: My Day!!

I can't update on Sunday because my parents don't know I write this kind of stuff and to write I have to wait till 11 pm to write because I'm shy and scared that my older brother or parents will read it. Thank you.

~Vanessa xx.

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