He's the Father of My Children.

Yumari Samuels was madly in love with Niall Horan. So much that she gave herself to him. She ended up pregnant at 15, but broke up with him two weeks after. He was devastated. He loved her with all his heart, but she was pregnant. She didn't tell him. She didn't want to ruin his life knowing he would go places, places without her, places that will allow him to find somebody better and forget about her. She was right. Niall went on to go on The X-Factor, won third place, and become part of one of the most wanted, sexy, most irresistible boy bands out there in just 4 and a half years later. Now with 3 year old triplets, Yumari gets offered a job to be a wardrobe girl for a boy band. When she meets the boys, she regrets her decision and tries to be discreet. Niall finds something weird about the new wardrobe girl, but will he ignore his suspicions or will he find that the new girl is his old love of his life, Yumari, and find out that she bore three children that are his?


4. First Night

Yumari's/Lexi's P.O.V

"A limo?!" I yelled. The boys looked at me and grinned. 

"Yeah... Haven't you ever been in one? I would've thought with all the celebrities you worked for, at least one would taken you in one." Liam spoke out.

"Yeah... I would've thought so too." My voice trailed off.

"Mommy, can we get in? I'm fweezing." Isabella asked. I looked upon Isabelle and Isaac and they were rubbing their arms, causing friction between their sweaters and jackets. 

"Can we?" I asked the boys, with the warmth of my voice colliding with the below-freezing temperature, causing a small, visible, white cloud. They nodded. We finally start adjusting to the seats. My children and I were absolutely astonished from the inside of it. Cordials, wine, food. It was paradise. Niall sat next to me and started having small talk, but Isaac interrupted by whispering my ear.

"Mommy, isn't that the boy in the pictwa in the fwame at home?" he asked. I forgot about the picture I had of Niall. 

"No. Don't say it out loud, ok?" I told him.

"Ok." He said unsure. 


Niall's P.O.V

"Lexi, have you ever been in Mullinger? It's really nice this time of year." I asked. She seemed to hesitate, like she was trying to come up with a lie. 

"Um, I've been there once. Just with my friend, Eleanor." She explained unsteady. The boys looked at each other.

"Wait. You lived in Manchester AND you knew a girl named Eleanor?" Harry asked. 

"Yes..." She spoke.

"I have a girlfriend named Eleanor and she's from Manchester." Louis said, barely audible.

"Oh. Probably a coincidence." She smiled. We all nodded in agreement, but I wasn't so easily fooled. The limo came to a complete stop and we all moved a bit forward, but Lexi fell off her seat. We stayed quiet until she started laughing. Her laugh was very contagious. I came forward to her.

"You OK, love?" I asked her, grabbing her hand. I felt this weird feeling. It was very different, I've never felt this feeling. We both were inches away from each other's face. 

"Niall." A voice snapped me back into reality. We both turned to the voice and let go of our hands. I now had an empty feeling swirling inside me. They laughed, but me and Lexi just blushed and bit our lips simultaneously. 


Harry's P.O.V

We all got out of the limo and the boys entered into the house. Lexi was probably used to seeing one of these before. I kept walking, but then turned around and she was getting her luggage out of the trunk. None of the boys noticed that she had 15 carry-ons and 7 heavy suitcases. I ran towards her. One piece of luggage was stuck and she was pulling it out with all her strength, but no hope. 

"Lexi!" I yelled, probably 20 feet away from her. She turned her head. Everything went in slow motion. Her whipped hair went down to show her beautiful facial features. I slowed down and gave her a small smile. I was closer to her. I cleared my throat. "U-um, need a-any help, l-love?" I stuttered.

"Damn, I'm stuttering. Why am I nervous?" I thought.

"Um, s-sure, but you don't have to. I can do it myself. It's really not heavy. I can do this..." She babbled once again like she did in the airport. She's nervous, too. She put her head down. "Sorry." She said barely audible. I smirked at her. 

"It's fine, babe." The words danced off my tongue. She lifted her head and gasped softly, trying to process the words. I was pulled the suitcase out of the trunk. She thanked and we took all the luggage. I had 7 carry-ons on my neck and 2 suitcases. Isabelle had her carry-on and a small Disney princess suitcase as did Isabella. Isaac had 2 small carry-ons and an 'Iron Man' suitcase. Lexi had 4 carry-ons and 2 suitcases. My neck started to get a burn, but I ignored it and continued to walk towards the door. Lexi turned around and looked at me. We entered the 2 story house. I guess the boys kept it unlocked for us. Niall came out of the living room, shirtless. 

"Where were you guys?" 

"Just getting her luggage. I guess none of us noticed." I answered.

"Sorry!" The boys yelled from living room. Their eyes glued onto the TV, playing FIFA.

"Here, let me help you." Niall offered. Their hands touched and again, they started staring at each other with a kind of passion. 

"Niall, take her luggage!" I yelled to stop whatever was happening there. He grabbed it and we all went upstairs. We entered a room that had a really light shade of pink.

"This room only has one bed, so we were thinking the kids can sleep here and you can sleep in my room, since there are 2 beds." Niall told her. She looked at him with a "What the fuck! Hell no!!" look.

"I can just sleep on the floor." She told us.

"No, it's absolutely fine." Niall insisted.

"Ok..." she answered awkwardly. "But I'm changing in here!" She kidded. 

"Of course, babe." Niall chuckled. She just laughed. 

"Why did she not gasp or babble when he said 'babe'? Is there something wrong with me?" I thought.


Yumari's/Lexi's P.O.V

I put the luggage down in the room, with help from Niall and Harry. The children wanted to go play outside, but it was dark. They got upset at first, but then they decided to go to bed instead. I tucked them in and got into my nightwear and slippers. I finally went downstairs to join the lads. They were still playing FIFA, but lucky for them I love gaming. I sat down on the couch next to Liam. Louis won against Zayn and Louis was telling him to kiss ass. They're odd, but they're great.

"Lexi?" I turned my attention to Zayn. "Wanna go against Louis? None of us can beat him. I'm guessing you can beat him." He smirked.

"Ha! You wish!" He yelled in my face. I narrowed my eyes at him and put my arm out for the controller.

"Pass me it." I asked Zayn. The boys were yelling things like "Go Lexi!" or "WHOOO!". I picked Real Madrid and Louis picked Brazil. We acted like it was a fight to the death. Louis made a goal. The boys groaned, but I knew what I was doing. I need to fool him to think he was winning. He scored another and another, but then I paused the game and stood up.  "Please excuse I need to check on the kids. I'll be back in one second." I responded. They all nodded. I went quickly to the bathroom and started thinking about Louis strategy. I noticed he loves when people fake right and go left, but himself fakes left but goes right. I can use that against him. "I'm back!" I yelled.

"Oh there you are. I thought you quit." Louis responded. I gave him an eye roll and sat back down. The pause menu was now off the screen and now it was a free-for-all. I grabbed the ball and started moving down the field I faked left and went right. He was caught off guard and I made a goal. I did it once more and scored once again and then once more. The boys cheered. Once I knew Louis knew that I used that move before I faked right then went left and once again was caught off guard. The game ended and Louis stood up and shook my hand. "Good job. I think I will like you." We both smiled. 

"We should go to sleep now." Liam suggested. We all yawned and nodded. Liam, Zayn, and Harry patted me on the back and said "Good job." Me and Niall went into the kitchen for a snack. I got a piece of toast with Nutella and peanut butter. Niall got cereal. I finished first. I told him good night then went off to bed. I entered and found my bed in the pitch black. I laid onto it. I slowly fell asleep.


Niall's P.O.V


I was finished with my 2 bowls of cereal and went off to bed. I heard 'Lexi's' soft snoring and shuffled my way to her. I bent down and kissed her cheek.

"Good night, Yumari." I said and went onto my bed and fell asleep, awaiting for the next day.


(A/N) Hey guys. Sorry for the wait. I had major writers block, but I made this chapter really long. I hope you enjoy it. So Harry is getting awful cozy with Yumari or Lexi, whatever want to say it and Niall just kissed her. What do you think is going to happen?

~Vanessa xx.


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