He's the Father of My Children.

Yumari Samuels was madly in love with Niall Horan. So much that she gave herself to him. She ended up pregnant at 15, but broke up with him two weeks after. He was devastated. He loved her with all his heart, but she was pregnant. She didn't tell him. She didn't want to ruin his life knowing he would go places, places without her, places that will allow him to find somebody better and forget about her. She was right. Niall went on to go on The X-Factor, won third place, and become part of one of the most wanted, sexy, most irresistible boy bands out there in just 4 and a half years later. Now with 3 year old triplets, Yumari gets offered a job to be a wardrobe girl for a boy band. When she meets the boys, she regrets her decision and tries to be discreet. Niall finds something weird about the new wardrobe girl, but will he ignore his suspicions or will he find that the new girl is his old love of his life, Yumari, and find out that she bore three children that are his?


6. Comforting Her

Harry's P.O.V


Seeing her kiss Niall broke my heart. I was really starting to like her, but why'd she run away? Did she see me? Niall got up from the couch and ran upstairs. He didn't see me, so I left the house quietly for a ride.


Niall's P.O.V


"Why did I kiss her? I probably made her upset." I thought, running up the staircase. I was about to check her room, but I then heard sobbing coming through another room. I checked in every room. The sobbing was getting louder and louder. I then checked the bathroom.

"Damn, locked." I whispered. I knocked on it. 

"Lexi?" I asked. I heard a small gasp. "Lexi, love. Please open up. I heard the door being unlocked, but not opened. I twisted the knob slowly and poked my head in. "Lexi?" I called. I saw her on the counter. "Lexi, are you alright?" I asked her, sitting beside her. She gave me a simple 'yeah', but I didn't believe her. "Lexi, what's wrong? I-I thought you wanted to kiss me? All those close encounters. Was it just me?" I questioned.

"Oh god no, Niall. I wanted to, but I mean we just met a day ago and we are kissing. This can jeopardize my job and our relationship with the boys." she spoke. 

"The boys will understand. We have so much chemistry. They'll be bound to understand how much you mean to me." I said.

"Mean to you? It's been a day. A day!! How can you get so much feelings for me in a short period of time?" she asked me. 

"You're different. I feel like I met you before and that I will do anything for you." I told her, wiping her tears away. "And there's nothing you can say to change that." I hopped off the counter and lifted her up from it. I led her to the bedroom hand in hand where the kids were playing in and started talking. 

"How about I take you and the kids somewhere to eat?" I asked her, about to open the door.

"Yes. Let me and the kids get dressed and I'll meet you downstairs." she told me. She kissed my cheek then bit her lip opening the door and closing it. I walked away and got into my room. I found a casual tux. I decided upon taking them to restaurant for fine dining. The only one that I thought of was 'Aldea', but it need reservations, so I called them. After minutes on the phone we got reservations to the restaurant. I started to get dressed for the date. 

"Wait, is this a date?" I thought to myself. "Nah. I don't think so." I said whispered. I continued getting dressed.


Yumari's P.O.V


I was still shocked what I did. I flirted with Niall and I never flirted with him. Not even before we dated. I got the girls' dresses out of the closet and a tux out for Isaac.They have gotten dressed and so did I. It took a while to do the girls' hair, but we finished by the time Niall knocked on the door. 

"Knock, knock." I heard his voice while the mahogany door opened. His eyes were covered. "Anyone getting dressed?" he asked. 

"No, you could uncover your eyes." I said while putting on my earrings. He uncovered his eyes. 

"Wow, you guys can really clean up. Especially you." He twirled me around to catch a glimpse of what I was wearing. He flirted once again. He sure did have more confidence than last time I saw him. 

"Well, you don't seem so bad, either." I said.

"We should go." Niall said. 

"Are the boys downstairs? We should invite them." I said, pushing a strand of hair.

"Harry hasn't came back and the other boys already made dinner reservations with the girls." Niall cooed. "Ready to go?" He held his hand out. I gladly obliged to hold it. 

"Ready." I smiled, holding hands with the kids.

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