"Babe, you're gonna be fine, okay?" Harry whispers back in his raspy tone. "Promise?" You cry softly. "I promise sweetheart." You can feel Harry smiling even though he's hundreds of miles away. The sound of glass shattering comes from the kitchen. "Oh my god Harry, someone's inside the house." You begin to bawl and the other line comes silent. "Go lock yourself in the bathroom & be silent, don't hang up baby, I'll call the police okay?" She nods frantically, running to the bathroom locking herself in the bathroom, sitting in the bathtub. "They're on the way, keep talking to me okay?" Harry keeps talking nonsense while Michelle is breathing in and out heavily, "Harry, the police are here," She sighs of relief when she hears the sirens. Harry chuckles, "I told yo-" Before he was cut off by a hand going over her mouth, she muffles a scream dropping the phone. "Oh my God, Michelle?" Harry's screams into the cellphone. Little did Harry know, that may be his last words to his girlfriend. ∞


2. chapter two

Michelle POV :

I walked into the warm china restaurant and walked to the front counter. "Can I help you?" A young girl politely asked.

"Er, yeah. I placed an order an hour ago my-"

"Michelle?" She cut me off. I smiled at her, "Yep that's me." The blonde girl handed me a bag full of food. I haven't eaten since 8:46 AM & it's now almost ten pm. My mouth began watering. "Thank you," I paid for my food, left her a generous tip, and walked out. I honestly get excited about the dumbest things, I couldn't wait to get home and dig into my chicken.

As I came upon my car, someone was sitting on the curb next to it. He had a little stubble on his chin and bright hazel eyes. He was smoking a cigarette and wore a navy blue shirt with loose jeans. Not even going to lie, he was quite attractive. "Can I help you?" I asked, not meaning to sound rude but that's how it came out. He removed the tobacco out of his mouth and crushed it against the gravel. I would have left by now, but this idiot sitting here is preventing me from that.

"Yes, actually, I'm lost." He chuckled. My eyes lost its harden as I sighed. "Okay, where are you trying to get to?"

"Um, 167 on Grain Street?" He said, but it sounded more like a question.

"Oh, that's right down from my house." I smiled, attempting to make small talk. "Well, anyway, you're just going to take a right down McDonalds, and keep going straight until the road turns narrower and narrower and then take a left once you reach the stop sign and that's your destination."

I looked around, "Do you not have a car?"

He sighed, "Unfortunately no. I got into a divorce with my wife and she stole everything from me. My money, my house, my god damn truck." His accent was a tad bit southern.

Conflict was going on in my head. Should I be a good samaritan or just leave him. "Well, it's not far from my house, I could give you a ride?"

His golden eyes looked up at me, "Would your boyfriend be okay with that?"

"Why do you suddenly assume I have a boyfriend?" I crossed my arms, jokingly.

He smiled, raising his eyebrows.

I sighed, "He's on a trip, it's fine. C'mon." The man stood up sticking his hand out, "Travis."

I shook his hand, "Michelle."

We both sat down in the car, I turned to the radio as I was previously listening to Journey. "Are you cold?" I asked as I saw him shiver. North Carolina weather can be unforgiving in the winter time. Travis nodded and I turned the heat up high.

We made small talk and he turned out to be a pretty cool dude. Turns out we both like Journey and sang along on the way home. "So, what's a pretty girl like you having their boyfriend go on a 'trip'?" I blushed. "If I was your boyfriend, I would never leave you out of my sight." I chuckled politely, trying not to give a hint of me actually being uncomfortable.

"So are you saying I should have left you on the curb?"

"No, not at all." He smiled at me, and I kinda felt at ease again. We pulled into the drive way, and I unlocked the doors. "It was nice meeting you Travis."

"Same to you. I hope we meet each other again."

"Who knows? It's a small world." I shrugged.

"Goodnight." He said, walking into the house.

I reversed out of the driveway and began driving to mine and Harry's house, which was only down the road. Who would have figured? Literally as soon as I stepped inside the house, my phone began ringing. "Oh my gosh, am I never going to be able to eat my food?" I rhetorically asked no one.

I answered without looking at the caller ID. "Hello?"

"Hi baby," his smooth voice melted my heart.

I sighed in relief, thanking The Lord it wasn't my mother calling. "Hey babe. What's up?" I asked, resting my phone on my shoulder as I began to take out my boxes full of food.

"Nothing, just wanted to hear your voice again," I laughed. "Stop being so cheesy," which made Harry laugh as well.

"I hear boxes." Harry stated the obvious. "Yeah, well that's what happens when you have ears." I sarcastically remarked.

I could literally hear Harry's eye roll. "What's inside?"

"I ordered take out, I met someone there."

"Ah, how old was she," Harry asked.

"He. It was a boy, his name was Travis, & I actually didn't get his age." I said, sticking chicken in my mouth.

"A boy? You met a boy?" The jealousy in his thick voice made me laugh. "Stop being so jealous." I scolded, bringing my food into the living room, turning on the TV.

"So what did you and this 'Travis' do?" Harry asked.

"We made out," I teased.

"Shut up, no you didn't." Harry laughed. "Seriously, what happened?"

"Okay daddy," I began but Harry cut me off. He groaned, "Oh my god, say that again."

I was confused at first, but caught on quickly. "Okay daddy," I purred through the phone and Harry moaned again. "Harold are you palming yourself to my voice,"

"Depends, would you be flattered?" He asked, his voice rough now.

"I don't know, daddy." I teased, giggling at the end. "If you say daddy one more time, I am going to book a flight and fuck you senseless." I gasped. "Naughty," I scolded.

I could hear banging in the back ground, "Okay baby, I have to go. I'll call you in the morning princess. I love you so so much."

"I love you too," I made a kissy noise at the end before hanging up. I felt very honored that I made Harry Styles masturbate just by hearing my voice. I never knew how to "dirty talk" whenever he made love, but now all I had to do was say daddy, and he would be wrapped around my finger.

I began to watch re runs of full house, checking my instagram. I posted an old selfie of Harry and I when we were shopping last week. "Miss you. xx" I added before posting. I threw my boxes away and hopped into the shower, letting the how water sting my skin.

"I can't liiiiiiive, if living is without you, I CANT LIVE, I CANT LIVE ANYMORE!" I sang along to the speakers as I washed my body. As the water began to turn cold, I quickly got out and changed into a pair of booty shorts and a baggy sweater that had the Pink Floyd logo on it. I had mild insomnia, so I had to take medicine to make me go to sleep, which was the worst considering it took about an hour to kick in.

I took my medication and began to clean my face, put lotion on, just my usual night routine.

Since Harry wasn't home, I went into the kitchen and made a guacamole mask, painted my face with about two layers, turned up my speakers, and began cleaning the house.

Now, in all honestly, my dancing ranges from dad moves to stripper who's rent is due tomorrow. And listening to Partition by Beyonce definitely made me look beyond a stripper. I was singing, and dancing as I swept, cleaned and dusted the book shelves, and finally changed the lightbulbs in the old chandelier in the front room.

Wiping the face mask from my face, I put away the cleaning supplies, turned off the music, and turned off the lifts downstairs. The only sound in the house was my feet pitter patting up the steps to our master bedroom. There was a huge flat screen that I turned on and put on Netflix. I watched P.S. I love you, aka the best chick flick ever.

I laughed and cried, until I felt the medicine begin to kick in, almost knocking me out instantly. I fell asleep on Harry's side, imagining that he was laying in bed right next to me.


I know this chapter sucked, but I'm updating a bunch of chapters tonight. xx

-reagan 🎀💘🌙🌀🌈💖☔️💜💋💫

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