When I thought I lost every thing, you found me.

Sohpiea is at the top of her class. The coolest kid in school. She's dating the star football quarter back of her school. If you're not her friend then you wish you were. But all of that is about to change. Her mother has warned her, but she never listened. When every one she thought she loved abandons her she lets her world fall to pieces. Though unlike most girls who fall in love with what they hear Sophiea finds a new love. Her true love with what she feels. No lies. No tricks. Just true love.


6. chapter five

The nurse comes back into the room with some papers. She hands them to me along with a pen.

"You can go home once you sign these papers. And if you have any pain or dizziness just call your doctor and he'll prescribe something for you." the nurse says waiting for me to sign the papers.

I sign them then hand the papers back to the nurse. She turns and leaves the room. Louis comes up to me and puts my shoes down infront of me. I put them on the get up and walk towards the door when someone grabs my arm. I turn around and see it's Harry.

"Can we at least take you home? Don't want someone as pretty as you getting hit again." he laughs

I nod,"ok"

"Great Li you drive!" Louis shouts running towards the door

Liam shoots him a dirty look and we all try to ignore it. We all head out to their van. While walking to the parking lot I start to fiddel with the bandage around my head, and by the time we reach the van I have taken it off of my head. Liam gets in the drivers seat and makes Louis sit in the passengers seat. In the middle is Harry and I and in the back is Zayn and Niall. We get in and buckle up. Liam ask form my adress while Louis puts it into the GPS.

Liam and Louis are lost in their own little conversation while Zayn and Niall are lost in their own too, and I'm just sitting next to Harry freakin Styles and have no clue what to say.

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