When I thought I lost every thing, you found me.

Sohpiea is at the top of her class. The coolest kid in school. She's dating the star football quarter back of her school. If you're not her friend then you wish you were. But all of that is about to change. Her mother has warned her, but she never listened. When every one she thought she loved abandons her she lets her world fall to pieces. Though unlike most girls who fall in love with what they hear Sophiea finds a new love. Her true love with what she feels. No lies. No tricks. Just true love.


17. Chapter fifteen


I woke up and found that I was laying down in my bed. I roll over to face the wall when I find Liam asleep next to me. He looks so sweet sleeping. I don't want to wake him so I slowly get up from my bed and walk to the door. I pull my hearing aids out of my ears and shove them in my pockets. sleeping with them in really hurts. I walk up front bypassing they boys and straight into the kitchen. I open the door to the kitchen and engulfed with the smell of pancakes. I flicker the light to let my brother know I'm up. Derik turns around, and signs to me.

"Good morning! Mom's in her room, and I'm cooking pancakes!"

I roll my eyes at him, "Thanks Sherlock."

I walk out of the kitchen and put my hearing aids in. Something comes flying past my head and lands on the floor in front of me. I look on the ground to see what was thrown at me. I turn back to the kitchen.

"A pancake, really?!" I yell at my brother.

"Yes!" he yells back.

I turn back around to find the pancake missing. I walk back into the living room to find Niall eating the floor pancake.

"You know that was on the floor?" I ask him.

Niall nods his head while still chewing on the pancake.

"That's gross."

I walk off down the hallway. I stop at my mom's room. I knock and walk in.

"Morning!" I chirp jumping onto her bed.

"Well someone's in a good mode." she laughs.

"It would be better if I didn't need a these to help me hear." I say pointing to my ears.

"we'll talk about those later, but you do know you have school today." mom reminds me.

"Ugh!" I fall back on her bed.

"But its the last day of school."

"Do I have to go?" I whine.

It's half a day and you're already late. yes you have to go."


I walk out of my moms room and back into mine. I walk in and see Liam still asleep. I take my hearing aids out and walk in to my closet to get some closet. Lets see how far I can push the teachers today. I pull out a strapless shirt that doesn't have a middle to cover my stomach. The "shirt" is plain black. I grab my blue jean vest and walk out of my closet over to my dresser. I grab my hot pink skinny jeans and put them on. I pick up my hearing aids and walk out of my room. I walk into my bathroom. I grab my brown eyeliner and apply it then put mascara on. Pretty but not over done. I take my hair out of the messy bun it was in and let my natural curls fall around my face. I fix my bangs out my face put my hearing aids in and apply some lipgloss and walk out of the bathroom. I walk back to my room and grab my black dcs and find my bed empty. I walk back up front grab my school bag then walk towards the door.

"Hold it!" I hear my brother shout on the couch.

I freeze where I am, "Turn around." he orders.

I turn and face him, "No go change."

"I can't. I'm already late." I say.

Louis harry and zayn wolf whistle and I walk out the door throwing a glance at liam to see his facial exspression for my outfit.

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