When I thought I lost every thing, you found me.

Sohpiea is at the top of her class. The coolest kid in school. She's dating the star football quarter back of her school. If you're not her friend then you wish you were. But all of that is about to change. Her mother has warned her, but she never listened. When every one she thought she loved abandons her she lets her world fall to pieces. Though unlike most girls who fall in love with what they hear Sophiea finds a new love. Her true love with what she feels. No lies. No tricks. Just true love.


9. chapter eight

"Soph? Is that You?" Someone on the other line ask

"Um It depends who is this?" I ask uncertain.

"It's derik."

" OH MY GOD!!!!! DERIK!!!!!!WHERE ARE YOU!!!!" I squeal into the phone

Derik is my brother! My only sibling and he use to write to me every week then they started coming in less and less and then they stopped.

"Well first of all can you calm down?" he ask laughing

"Ok I'm breathing. Now where are you?"

"Look out the living room window."

"Can't. In the back room."

"Well then I guess you don't want to see me that bad..." he trails off



"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I drop the phone and run to the front door my bare feet slapping the tiel floor.

"Where are you going" Louis ask me as I run past them to the front door.

I don't answer and grab for the door knob. I fumble with it for a second or to then realize it's locked. I unlock it and fling it open. I see my older brother standing on the other side of the road leaning against his war vehicel dressed in his uniform. My smile gets even bigger than it was. I run across my lawn, across the road, and jump into my brothers arms. I burry my face in his neck so he doesn't see me cry, while he picks me up and spins me around.

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