When I thought I lost every thing, you found me.

Sohpiea is at the top of her class. The coolest kid in school. She's dating the star football quarter back of her school. If you're not her friend then you wish you were. But all of that is about to change. Her mother has warned her, but she never listened. When every one she thought she loved abandons her she lets her world fall to pieces. Though unlike most girls who fall in love with what they hear Sophiea finds a new love. Her true love with what she feels. No lies. No tricks. Just true love.


15. aurthors note

sorry i havent updated in a while ive been super busy. ive been volunteering at saint tammany hospital and I made it to states for swim! yay! for me! promise to update today. if anyone has ideas of what should happen next please tell me.

Oh! and ps im going to call yall my little turtles!

ya im a Liam girls hehe. well gtg bye my little turtles!


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