Tydraa is a Veela from her Mutherss side and is aslo a witch but her father is the dark lord she stays with Severs and is starting her first year at hogwartswere she meets Potter, Weaslys ,Granger ,and MAlfoy and on the way a few others Join her .. Also a Love story she is in love with not only Draco but also Fred WEasly but Gorge likes her two .. See wich house shes in and well expor. TYdraa lives with her father over brake and half of summer but is a only child o Voldamort and he loved her more then anything even though Belltrix is trying to stop it...


5. The Time Agen (Voldamort)

How Dare he tuch Riddle blood I cant belive she says this will work though so i trust my daughter "so DRACO you say you love her why have you never noticed her " he looked at me and dint speek "AWNSER ME" i yelled and  lost my cap I Pouinted my wand to my daughter and yelled "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA" and she started floting high in the air i could see the worry iin his eyes "PUT HER DOWN" He screamed and pulled out his own wand and yelled "EXPELLIRMUS" he yelled at me and my wand was out of my hand and my baby was falling in the air i went to my want and screamed my spell agen so she would be safe she reached the ground nd i put down the wand and she ran in to my arms baring her face dep in my cloke wispiring just wispiring "now now my pricess" i stroked her hair then she ran over to draco and almost looked like she was going to slap him buut she dint and huged him wispering ageen...This should hold you all over till i get my next chapter im in the middle of wrighting 5 fan fictions so give me some time ...

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