Tydraa is a Veela from her Mutherss side and is aslo a witch but her father is the dark lord she stays with Severs and is starting her first year at hogwartswere she meets Potter, Weaslys ,Granger ,and MAlfoy and on the way a few others Join her .. Also a Love story she is in love with not only Draco but also Fred WEasly but Gorge likes her two .. See wich house shes in and well expor. TYdraa lives with her father over brake and half of summer but is a only child o Voldamort and he loved her more then anything even though Belltrix is trying to stop it...


4. Chapter 4 (Draco Malfoy)

I smiled at her "Of course" I smiled adn she took out some floo powder and threw it in the fire place "Riddle Mannor" she said and then you felt a tug and then we were in another fire place.She steped out and I followed her out then I saw LOrd Voldamort and BellTrix "Hello BabyGirl" Belltrix Huged her "Hi Muther Daddy" she squeld and huged Voldamort "Dont tuch me belltrix" he said she bowed her head "you were only to give me a pureblood chiled and then she wouldnt be with any of the MALFOYS SHE ISNOT YOU CUSOIN DO OU HEAR ME DRACE" I nodded but stood were i was Bella Huged me "Hello Draco" she huged me "Sir why dose she have the dark mark but it dosnt look like mine" i asked "Because thats her birth mark" he smiled "so no one can see it but death eaters" he smiled "the birth mark everyone can see is this one "she lifted her hair and showed me a a birth mark that looked like a arrow "oh cool" I said i put my hand on her hand "YOU DARE TUCH MY DAUGHTER" he yelled and i moved my hand then she wisperd somethin in her fathers ear "oh okay my sea" she smiled at me and put her hand in mine "you see" she smiled and kissed my cheek her fathers eyes peirced me in the face "OKay lets get this with the way"....


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