Tydraa is a Veela from her Mutherss side and is aslo a witch but her father is the dark lord she stays with Severs and is starting her first year at hogwartswere she meets Potter, Weaslys ,Granger ,and MAlfoy and on the way a few others Join her .. Also a Love story she is in love with not only Draco but also Fred WEasly but Gorge likes her two .. See wich house shes in and well expor. TYdraa lives with her father over brake and half of summer but is a only child o Voldamort and he loved her more then anything even though Belltrix is trying to stop it...


3. Chapter 3 (Tydraa Riddle)

I got off of Dracos lap as he pulled me threw the crowed to a tall man wich led us to bouts me Draco a pig faced girl was looking at him i felt a pang of hatred for this girl. (SORTING) We were led to the Great Hall Profaser MaGonaglle held up a peice of Partchemt "WHEN I CALL YOU NAME STEP UP TO THE STOOL" she yelled so we all could hear i tryed to keep Draco close but it went diffrent "Riddle,TyDraa" she yelled my name and stoped and stared at me in horroer as i walked up no one said anything  i steped up to the stool and she put the hat on my head then i heard a faint Voice(Ohh Brave i see great for giffindor clever and smart RavenClaw BUt aslo Loyle like HufflePuff but a great Leder and wants to be seen SLTHERNE) the hat yelled the last part and I heard Clapping All the way from the other side when i walked down Draco smiled at me and i blushed next was some poeple i dont care about then Harry potter was put in Griffendor and the Dracos turn the hat berly tuched his head when it screamed Slythren  I claped and he made his way over to me a bunch more went on then the last person "Lovegood,Luna" the Hat Screamed RavenClaw and that was all the head master stood up and said a few words then the feast began i took very little.(in The doratory after the feast) "Draco" I heard him comeing and i huged him "CONGRATUS" he said i looked down "do you want to a conmpony me to the mannor " he smiled and befor we left i gave him a kiss "thats you prezint" I smiled and he blushed...

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