Tydraa is a Veela from her Mutherss side and is aslo a witch but her father is the dark lord she stays with Severs and is starting her first year at hogwartswere she meets Potter, Weaslys ,Granger ,and MAlfoy and on the way a few others Join her .. Also a Love story she is in love with not only Draco but also Fred WEasly but Gorge likes her two .. See wich house shes in and well expor. TYdraa lives with her father over brake and half of summer but is a only child o Voldamort and he loved her more then anything even though Belltrix is trying to stop it...


2. Chapter 2 (Draco Malfoy)

I went in and got Ty "Ty Wake UP well be late" i said in her ear she looked so beautiful her Dark Chestnut hair in curls and her long dark eyelashes cascated over her eyeslides and her cheeks a perfect pink then she woke up me so close to her lips she almost screamed but insted smiled "Hey" she wisperd I smiled my BestFrined "Hi" I went a light pink "are you showing amotion"  she giggled the my face whent back to its regular colour "No now get up you big Prat" she said jokeingly of course i moved off of her .(The Train) "Hurry children" my mum said and I went first being quick with Nightmare and my trunk then once i was through i see a red haird boy with a dark one standing beside eachother but befor i can think anymore Tydraas behind m and eging me to go her cat with its long white fur in a cage and Halo in a cage two we hurred to the train she dint give the person eather of her pets decideing to keep them with her "DRACO GO" she yelled in my ear i glaned behind me and she was smileing "okay Dame" i hissed at her and she feel back looking hurt "IM SO SRRY TY" she had tears forming in her eyes as we got to a empty conpartment i pulled her in and put her head on my chest so she could cry in to it but being lord voldamorts child she dint cry at all just sat there her head in my chest then she out her whole body on my lap and sat there lookeing in two my eyes her green snake eyes made me love her Oh yea shes also an Animaga she transforms in two anything a grim a big dog and her fur is Black and her eyes stay green sea fome green"Draco" she put her head on my shoulder nuzziling up i put my arms around her like i alwasy do "Yes" i wisperd in her ear "I Love You" she said befor driffting off to sleep i sat there  stund  at what she said finaly some one came in "Hello can i sit here" it was a pig faced girl i nodded shee looked at Tydraa and then a boy followed after finaly Crabbi and Goyle got there "hows the girl Draco the boy who followed the girl asked "My BestFrined iv knowne heer since we were born" I said afincavly  "shes hot" I staerd at him in anger "Well shes a Veela" I snaped then she woke up and looked at the full cart "Ops Sorry" I held her tighter to me "Draco pplz let go " she wimperd i must have held her to tight i let her go and she slid beside me puting her head in my lap then Hogawrts castle came in two veiw and we stoped you could hear "First YEARS" I got off with the reast off the first years tydraa close beside me...

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