What happens after?

My name is Zoe… I have always wondered about the after life. What happens? Is there hell or heaven or both, or is it something totally different? This is just a story, maybe a dream, of the after life, this is not meant to offend anyone or anyone's religion… please enjoy


2. In heaven

After the video a stack of papers appeared on the floor. It was my list of things I want to do. I looked at it and suddenly really wanted to meet Martin Luther King Jr. Then I felt a weird swishing sensation (felt good) and I was standing in front of Martin Luther King Jr. A bunch of people that have previous died (everyone that has ever died in the whole world). They stood in a really long line, waiting for someone to talk to them. I was not necessarily right in front of Luther either. there was a line. but it wasn't very long, and i was in no hurry. there was no time in heaven... i didn't want the line to be shorter or the people to talk faster because in no time, i would be there. and soon enough i was. 

"hello... whats your name?" King asks.

"Zoe... i-i admire you, always have..." and then everything i ever wanted to say to him spilled out of me like a cup. i talked about how my best friend was black (i am white) and how we all go to the same school and how he has been a role model. then i suddenly realize that he has probably heard this all before from other people. i blush and say i'm sorry.

"its quite alright darlin', i love hearing everyone excited 'bout there rights." he smiled kindly. 

"i am going to move on." i imagine myself in front of Oskar Schindler and it all begins... 

i went to everyone, even old family members that i haven't even met before, but visiting those people were fun and we had good conversations. Heaven was... Heavenly. it was my the best thing that ever happened to me. but then i remembered that i had died... my family members that are still alive must be heartbroken. Josh from history class whom had a crush on me must regret never asked me out (i would of said yes). the popular girls who would pick on me, they would have no one to prove there popularity on now and would probably feel so guilty. i felt horrible. suddenly a mirror appeared, it showed images of my family, the few friends i had, people who were affected by my death, all mourning me, live, like it was seriously happening at that exact moment in real life.my room was slowly becoming a room. the tv was in the corner, replaying my death over and over again (it was strangely comforting), the mirror, showing my friends and family,  a bed was in the corner and against the wall was a wooden desk with some things on it, my lists, a lamp, some pencils and paper that never seemed to run out, and the daily heaven, the heaven newspaper, it had the daily list of people that have died ( i always scan it to see if i knew any of them), most popular person to talk to, (today was Abraham Lincoln), also an article about the most dramatic death (depressing i know, but that is the type of stuff that we like to read, it makes us feel better about ourselves), and finally, a message from god. sometimes its words, other times its smells or feelings or noises that he sends to us. Today it was a smell, it was a sweet, refreshing, reassuring,i couldn't stop smelling the paper. it was so pure... i go to bed with the newspaper pressed against my face. when i wake up i discover several things that are just so cool. 

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