~The Only One~

Summer is the sister of Louis Tomlinson . summer and her bff Danielle have been dancers scenes they where 5. what will happen when summer and Danielle get put as dancers for one direction. . will she fall for one of her brother's band mantes? or will her over protect of brother get in the way.


1. chapther 1

Summers P.O.V

Hey guys I'm Summer Tomlinson! I have waved brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm 17 yeas old. . I'm waiting for my best friend( we are like sisters) Danielle so we can go to  dance prates. Danielle hurry up we are going to be late!  called to Danielle. I'm coming summer! Danielle called back. A few minutes latter  heard Danielle coming down stairs. About time you got done I sad and grabbed my car keys. What ever summer you take longer. We got into my car and dover to prates. We got there and stared warming up. Danielle and I where in  the middle of prates when our manager came over to us. Summer Danielle I need to talk to you. Me and Danielle walked over to her. I have grate news for you two! she said with a smile. You two are going to be dancers for One Direction! she handed us the papers and left. After prates I dropped Danielle off at her house and drove back to mine . LOUIS IM HOME! I yelled to my brother. OK IM IN THE LIVING ROOM! he yelled back. I walked into the living room. Louis guess what im going on tour with you. What!? he said. yeah me and Danielle we are your backup dancers I said and hand him the papers. umm ok we live tomorrow he said . Hey summer you can call Danielle to stay the night if you wanted. ok!  said running up satires to call Danielle. Ring Ring Rn. .. HEY SUMMER! HEY DANIELLE! what's up? nothing.... hey want to stay the night? Louis said that we are living tomorrow. yeah. ok I will be over to help you pack. ok. bye. bye.  LOUIS IM GOING  T O DANIELLES TO HELP HER PACK! I yelled to Louis while getting my car keys. OK THE BOYS WILL BE OVER BY THE TI... OK LOUID BYE! I said and walked out. I got to Danielles and nocked on her door. Hey Summer! Hey Danielle! we went  to her room and stared pacing.


After summer left I sat down and waited for the boys to come. a few scents latter the boys where here. We went to the living room and talked. Buzz Buzz my phone went off it was a message form summer. we are on our way back home. ok I replied back. Hey guys I need to talk to you guys. Ok summer and Danielle are coming with us on tour as our back up dancers. there are some rules 1. my sister is OFFLAMENTS! 2. if you hurt my sister or her friend we are going to have some problems. ok They all said. LOUIS WHERE HOME! I hared summer yell. IN THE LIVING ROOM! I yelled back. I here'd summer and Danielle walking down the hall way. Hey Summer! Hey Danielle!  they boys said and got up to give them a hug.


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