Can this be true?

Ayrika was just a small town girl, and she never thought anything special could happen to her. Until one day she finally decides to make a life changing decision. Can someone stop her from the tragedy that'll happen if she does it? Just when she thinks about ending her short lived life, someone comes to her rescue but who could it be? The love of her life without her even knowing?


5. First time.

He smiled as he was on top of my sweaty body. He thrusted in and out, I moaned loudly, then I suddenly screamed, "HARDER NIALL FASTER.". And he did do it harder and faster. The feeling was the best in the world. He said switch spots. So I got on top, and I stuck it in. I rode his dick hard and fast. He said "Ayrika omg harder baby harder." -groan. It was done our hot body slid on eachother. 

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