Day to day.

Story of a man who has a slight problem which takes up a lot of time in his day to day life.

Strong sense of humour needed for this one.


1. Day to day

                                                                                                                                                       I'm a regular guy and yes I got a dick, and like most other guys a like to play with it . Wake up with morning glory and I tug away . Mother fucker there aint no better way to start the day. I don't clean it with a tissue I use my mother fucking pillow, makes me dick a little dirty but that's just how I roll. Walk down stairs to get my self some mother fucking food , but by the time I'm in the kitchen I'm back in the same mood. Lay on my fucking kitchen floor and start playing with my cock, squeeze it real damn tight till I gets hard as a rock, this time it took less time than u might think, so I spaff my fucking juices is the fucking kitchen sink, no time to wash my hands coz I'm gonna be late , but I have just enough time to quickly masturbate. This time its taking longer than I had fucking wished for , trench coat on , cock in hand , I walk out my front door. Continuing to wank my self as I walk to catch the bus , there's people everywhere this is giving me such a rush. Still not finished I board the bus, sit at the back , the bus is prety empty so I continue to jack. I'm almost about to shoot as the bus nears my stop , so still with cock in hand I'm forced to get off . I head to the nearest ally and plant my seed on the floor, my dick doesn't think he can take anymore. I walk towards my school but on the way, fucking hell you know what I'm about to say , wank my self of again , that's the fourth one so far , this wouldn't be a problem if I drove a fucking car. So yeah anyway I get to the mother fucking school , my hand is prety moist but man do I feel cool(oh fuck, sorry, did I not mention I'm a teacher?) , I walk to the teachers lounge sit down with a cup of tea, I am greeted by other staff who are always pleased to see me . I see a newspaper on the table , pick it up , turn to page 3. Fuck man this wasn't the best idea for me . So as you guessed it , its now time for to go fondle my cock , wank number five today and its not even 9 o clock. After finishing off I go to wait for my first class , waiting for my students to arrive while I dream of childrens ass. But its not my students that I'm greeted by, two big scary dudes from the F.B.I. Goodmorning sir is there anything you'd like to say , but I just panic so I try to run away , as soon as I move they pounce of me, they lock the door, turn out the lights so its difficult to see. Today I was raped by two fbi officers on my classroom floor . And this is why I don't wank myself off anymore

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