Beast Girl

Marabell Vela as you can see an is ordinary 18 teenager but there is one big secret Marabell is hiding from everyone. She is a werewolf from blood. When her father died a couple of years ago and when Marabell turned 14 she was turned into a werewolf. Marabell isn't popular in school and is made fun of because she is a loser even though she is total rich. Marabell hasn't fallen in love before but what happens when she meets 18 year old Harry Styles? Will she fall in love with him? Or will the monster inside of her take over her when she becomes close to Harry? Read and find out! (1D NOT FAMOUS)


1. Meet Marabell Vela

Meet Marabell Vela

My name is Marabell Sarah Vela. I'm an 18 year old student that goes to Homes Chapel in Cheshire, England . I live with my mum in our huge house; yeah when my dad died when I was 10 he was killed because a silver bullet went through his heart. Yes, I know what is that suppose to mean? Well here's my big secret when I turned 14 I was transformed in a beast...a werewolf. It comes through my blood because my father was one and it passed on for generations in the Vela's family my mum is not one but when my dad fell in love with my mum he said that she didn't care what he was unless that he loved her is all that mattered. My dad was the owner of many companies and when he died he left his will for my mum but my mum kept the house and isn't spoiled with the money we use it when we need to. Anyway, let me tell you about me. I have long brown/black hair I'm 5'6, skinny, unpopular, get's bullied, I only have one infinity best friend and her name is Sam and I told her about my secret and she still hasn't told anyone, and mostly people said I have amazing eyes because they say the change color like my mood. My mum told me that my father had the same thing but, my eyes will soon change color often as I grow more now a days they are just teal with sometimes green or brown specks in them. When it's a full moon my eyes become dark bleeding red and I have no control over myself but I don't harm my mum so she keep's me locked up in the basement for the night and makes sure that none of the moons sunlight shines through the house. I do kill humans sometimes not like a blood cold killer but only if they get in my way but I just kill animals and I do eat meat. When I'm at school my mum packs me usual lunches but I don't eat them. When someone get's me mad my eyes start to go red and then I have to walk away cover my eyes and go into the woods to let my anger out it has happen plenty of times. And finally, I have never ever been in love or in a relationship with anyone ever I think sometimes that I will find someone that will love me for who I am one day like my mum and dad but then I think,'who would date a monster like me.' then I cry and go into the woods and think about my dad. 

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