Beast Girl

Marabell Vela as you can see an is ordinary 18 teenager but there is one big secret Marabell is hiding from everyone. She is a werewolf from blood. When her father died a couple of years ago and when Marabell turned 14 she was turned into a werewolf. Marabell isn't popular in school and is made fun of because she is a loser even though she is total rich. Marabell hasn't fallen in love before but what happens when she meets 18 year old Harry Styles? Will she fall in love with him? Or will the monster inside of her take over her when she becomes close to Harry? Read and find out! (1D NOT FAMOUS)


8. Chapter 7

Marabell's POV 

I woke up the next morning remembering what happened last night. I put my head in my hands,"fuck Harry must hate me." I mumbled. I decided to go over to Harry's house later today and to apologize. I got up and went to the bathroom I saw myself in the mirror my eyes were okay and I looked fine. I did my business,brushed my teeth, and than took a quick shower.

When I got out I changed into blue skinny jeans and put on a blouse with a jean jacket than I put on my black TOMS and my beanie. Than I put my phone in my back pocket and headed downstairs. I passed by the kitchen and I heard noises that sounded like mum and Dave I quietly tip toed away from the kitchen door so I wouldn't get caught by then the wooden floor creaked. "Marabell get in here now." My mum sounded extremely serious "fuck." I mumbled I opened the kitchen door and I saw my mum with her arms crossed and Dave taking a sip of his coffee I smiled innocently,"yes mother?" I say looking into her eyes "your behavior last night was disrespectful,rude,immature,sassy, and downright embarrassing." she scolded I looked down she continued,"not only did you embarrass yourself but in front of your boyfriend and Dave also the fact that I found out you had a shout at the bar upfront? I don't know what's wrong with you these days Marabell but I'm not liking it so drop the attitude and go back to being Marabell not someone I know who is deep inside of you.. your grounded for a week go upstairs to your room now I'm disgraced by you right now," I held back tears and looked up,"I hate you I wish I had died and not dad and at least I don't break promises when you swore you would keep I hate you." I growled "I'm sorry Dave about how I acted last night and I'm sorry that you have to deal with my mother." I just turned around and ran up the stairs to my room and slammed the door I started to cry I fell to the ground. "I hate her! I wish I was dead!" I growled/yelled. I heard the door close that meant Dave left and now I was alone with my mother I heard footsteps come up the stairs someone knocked,"Go the fuck away mum I don't w-want to talk to you I hate you!" I yelled through the door "Bell open up it Sam,,, and Lou." I gasped I quickly went in the bathroom and saw my eyes they were red I put on sunglasses and opened the door I sniffled,"hey gys I thought you were my mum I'm mad at her come in." I explained. They both walked in and sat on my bed Lou looked at me kind weird almost as if he was scared,"Marabell I need to tell you something>" Sam looked down "what?" I asked "well last night when you called me I went outside but Lou here heard us...and Marabell I just couldn't lie to him-" "YOU TOLD HIM MY SECRET!" Iyelled at her she nodded I took my sunglasses off and threw them showing my bright red eyes Lou took a step back,"it's okay Lou I don't kill humans like fucking vampires I just rip something apart when I get mad.. or hungry but I don't kill a human once in a while if they get in my way when this monster comes out well than that's a different story." I chuckled "I can smell fear so relax too Lou I won't hurt you I'm just mad and starving." I wrapped my arm around my stomach "Listen Bell I'm so sorry but Lou promised that he wouldn't tell a soul so your good." she put a thumbs up I nodded "listen Marabell Haz talked to me this morning and told me what you did last night...was that the beast inside of you?" he asked I nodded "yeah... I don't know what happened someone took control over me I-I couldn't control my actions I promise you Lou I would never act like that and I feel so guilty that this thing inside of me took control... but now I realize that I don't believe in hope and I don't believe in promises that people say to me but I believe you guys and there's also this constant screeching-" "wait! Marabell this is it! What if this is all behind the guy that killed your father!" Sam told me standing up I looked her in the eye "oh my God he's been talking to me in my head controlling me torturing me by that sound I'm pissed now." I growled "It's okay just hold tight Bell it will be okay you can trust us." Lou said giving me a hug I looked into his blue eyes and I could tell he was telling the truth I smiled and nodded "okay we have to go I will see you tomorrow at school?" Sam asked I nodded I said my goodbyes to them than laid down on my ned taking a nap letting all of my thoughts sink in.

"He will never love you Marabell.. you are monster that kills everyone just do it kill yourself or someone that you love." 

That voice...I opened my eyes quickly and looked around my heart was beating crazily but I just relaxed again and soon fell asleep again,

"Harry will never love you Marabell,"

Just stop please..please.



What do you guys think about Marabell and Harry?? What do you think about about the story so far? Comment below of what you think I'll update later! Thanks for reading!


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